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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Arlen Nalaam is a Soldier among the Asha'man. He is strong enough in the Power to weave a Gateway (TPoD, Ch. 23) and Androl believes he should have advanced (ToM, Ch. 46). He is one of the few trained loyal men that Logain left at the Black Tower (ToM, Ch. 46).

He claims his mother once infiltrated the Tuatha'an and that his father was a spy for Domani crown who once saved a Two Rivers man from drowning in Illian (ToM, Ch. 46). It is not known if this was Tam, or if he just made it up. He knows many obscure facts, such as how to make a Retashen Dazar and claims to be widely traveled (ToM, Ch. 46). He claims he and his father visited Shara and that they also fought down six Darkhounds (AMoL, Ch. 3).

Arlen has the look of a Domani, with copper skin, a thin mustache on his upper lip, and a small pearl in his ear (TPoD, Ch. 23). He is around 30 years old (ToM, Ch. 46).

He dies when an earthen room caves in at the Black Tower (AMoL, Ch. 2).


  • He appears through a Gateway to bring a captured sul'dam to Rand. Rand tells him to take her back to the carts, and then return to the fighting. Arlen takes the sul'dam back to the spot where his first Gateway was located, prepared to weave another Gateway to take her back to the carts. When Rand asks why he went back to the same spot, he tells Rand that it's easier for him to make a Gateway if he's made one in the same spot before. He also mentions that saidin feels strange (TPoD, Ch. 23).
  • Nalaam reports to Rand that the Seanchan are no more than five or six miles from them, marching east, and that they have scores of sul'dam and damane with them (TPoD, Ch. 24).
  • He is working on using the Power as a weapon when Coteren almost provokes a conflict. Androl talks him out of it (ToM, Ch. 46).

Strengths and Talents

He was as strong in the Power as Mezar (AMoL, Ch. 3)


The Soldier stiffened, saluting smartly. "Soldier Arlen Nalaam, my Lord Dragon," he barked, staring straight at Rand's saddle. "My Lord Dragon's orders were to bring any women captured to him." (Arlen Nalaam to Rand; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 23).

Nalaam half turned back to him, hesitating briefly. "It seems easier, here, if I use a place I've already made a gateway, my Lord Dragon. Saidin... saidin feels... strange... to me here." (To Rand; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 23).