A Memory of Light: Chapter 3

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A Dangerous Place

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Points of View: Androl, Rand, Pevara


Welyn tells Androl that Logain has taken Taim to Rand and that Rand agreed to Androl's demotion to soldier. They decide to rescue Logain.


Androl's Point of View:

Setting: The Black Tower

Characters: Androl, Canler, Coteren, Evin, Jonneth, Lind, Mezar, Mishraile, Nalaam, Pevara, Welyn

Androl and Pevara visit the Great Gathering where Welyn is talking to the men, including many newcomers who haven't yet sided with either Taim or Logain. He tells them that he met with Rand and that the Last Battle is coming, so there will be many new Asha'man and Dedicated raised. He also claims that Logain and Taim have reached an agreement and that with the Last Battle so close, there is no time for infighting. Jonneth doesn't believe him and starts to question, much to the dismay of Pevara and Androl. Lind tells him she doesn't trust Welyn and that she is considering having her husband, Frask follow him, but Androl persuades her it is a bad idea and that she should just report on what Welyn says. He also advises her to hide in the cellar that night. Mezar and Atal arrive, having overheard, but Androl puts them off. He tells them he is going out as he has work to do but they aren't keen on him leaving until Coteren appears. He shoves Androl as he walks past, and Androl seizes saidin, being confronted with lengthening shadows as part of his madness and drops it again. Coteren tells him he has been demoted to soldier and Welyn confirms that Rand approved, so he seizes saidin again. He feels Canler do the same, and tries once more to form a gateway, but fails. He steps into the night, followed by Nalaam, Canler and Pevara. Nalaam says they should have fought, but Androl responds they must pick their own battles and they are going to rescue Logain that night.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Field of Merrilor

Characters: Rand, Aviendha

Rand thinks on how he has changed and what more he can do, such as learning Healing from Damer Flinn. Aviendha arrives and tells him he is to bed her.

Pevara's Point of View:

Setting: The Black Tower

Characters: Pevara, Androl, Dobser, Leems, Welyn

Pevara tells Androl she suspects Taim has a ter'angreal that prevents gateways. As they talk, she realises she can sense a little of what he is thinking, but that he is much better at sensing what she is thinking. Dobser arrives, lured by Evin and is shielded by Pevara. Leems and Welyn come in, and try to shield Pevara, who is able to slice Leem's weave. In his shock from the recoil, she also shields him. Welyn runs, but she trips him and Androl knocks him out with a cudgel.


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