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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


After the death of Artur Hawkwing in FY 994, nobles all over the Westlands began to struggle for power, attempting to take his place. The result was the War of the Hundred Years, which destroyed the empire that Artur Hawkwing had built. The war lasted from FY 994 until FY 1117. Because of the war, a new calendar was adopted -- during the fighting, errors had been made in dates, and even the date of the end of the War of the Hundred Years was in some dispute. A new calendar was adopted in the FY 1135 (which is the generally accepted date, though, as with the date of the end of the war, this was also in dispute).

The new calendar was not the only result of the War of the Hundred Years. The nations of the Free Era faded away, and during and/or shortly after the war, twenty-four new nations arose. By the year 600 NE, nine of these nations had faded away, while yet another was lost to the Blight by the year 957 NE. The others still remain, along with three city-states.

According to Ingtar Shinowa, at the end of the War of the Hundred Years, you could ride from the Blight to the Sea of Storms and just keep passing from one nation into another, with almost no unclaimed wilderness (TGH, Ch. 10).


The system of the government varies across the Westlands. Many countries are hereditary monarchies, but in others, the king or queen is chosen by a council of nobles. At the local level, most are ruled by the local noble, though many small villages will rule themselves through their Village Council and Women's Circle or equivalent, and towns where their is no ruling noble may choose a governor.

Current Nations

Main article: Altara

Altara is a nation on the Sea of Storms. It had previously been fragmented, with the throne having little control of outlying areas, but is now a more unified nation, as part of the Seanchan empire.

Main article: Amadicia

Amadicia was a monarchy, though the Power of the throne was severely limited due to the presence of the Children of the Light. When the Seanchan invaded, the Amadicians resisted, and the king, along with most of the leading nobility were killed.

Main article: Andor

Andor is a landlocked monarchy always ruled by a queen, who is usually followed by her daughter, though this technically must be ratified by a majority of the leading nineteen houses. It is a wealthy and expansive nation, though like most nations, it claims more land than it actually controls.

Arad Doman
Main article: Arad Doman

Arad Doman is a nation on the western coast. The king is chosen by the Council of Merchants, who also have the power to remove him if necessary. It fell into chaos with the Seanchan pressing when Graendal began abducting leading nobles and the White Tower secreted out the king, Alsalam.

Main article: Arafel

Arafel is one of the Borderlands. It is a monarchy.

Main article: Cairhien (Nation)

Cairhien is a landlocked nation adjacent to the Spine of the World. It has a history of wars with Andor and Tear, but is now ruled by Elayne Trakand, who is also queen of Andor.

Main article: Ghealdan

Ghealdan is a relatively small nation, lying between Garen's Wall and the Mountains of Mist. It is a monarchy, with strict rules about who the monarch may marry.

Main article: Illian (Nation)

Illian is a nation on the Sea of Storms that shares a common border with Tear, a country it has frequently been at war with. It is a monarchy, though there are two rival power bodies: the Council of Nine and the Assemblage.

Main article: Kandor

Kandor is one of the Borderlands, ruled by Queen Ethenielle Cosaru Noremaga. Like all the Borderlands, it has a highly martial culture.

Main article: Murandy

Murandy is a small, landlocked nation ruled by King Roedran. It has poor natural unity, and is united more by a fear of the surrounding nations than any sense of nationhood of the Murandians.

Main article: Saldaea

Saldaea is one of the Borderlands, famed for its cavalry. It is ruled by Queen Tenobia.

Main article: Shienar

Shienar is one of the Borderlands and as such has a martial culture, with the need for constant vigilance against Trolloc raids from the Blight to the north.

Main article: Tarabon

Tarabon is a nation on the Aryth Ocean that fell into chaos when the Seanchan invaded. It is now part of the Seanchan Empire, with the people seemingly accepting their changed status.

Main article: Tear (Nation)

Tear is a nation on the Sea of Storms. It has a traditional rivalry with Illian. Since its formation, it was ruled by the high Lords, but after being conquered by Rand al'Thor and the Aiel, it accepted Darlin Sisnera as its first king.


Far Madding
Main article: Far Madding

Far Madding is an island city that was once the capital of the nation of Maredo. After the collapse of Maredo, the city survived.

Main article: Mayene

Mayene is a small nation state south of the drowned lands ruled by the First, who claims descent from Artur Hawkwing.

Tar Valon
Main article: Tar Valon

Tar Valon is a city on the River Erinin, and the home of the Aes Sedai. It is ruled by the Amyrlin Seat.

Other Towns and Villages

There are a number of small towns and villages that do not lie within the currently claimed borders of any nation. Most of these are small, but some, such as Falme or Maerone have a population of several thousand.

Dead Nations