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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Val a'Shain

IHNG-tahr shih-NOH-wah


Ingtar is a Shienaran nobleman, Lord of the House Shinowa. He serves under Lord Agelmar in Fal Dara. Ingtar is also a Darkfriend of considerable influence. Like most Shienaran lords he is well educated in matters of history. When introduced to Rand and his company he is described as a Shienaran warrior, head shaved except for the topknot, wearing armor and a yellow cloak. His clothes prominently display his personal sigil and the Shienaran black hawk (TEotW, Ch. 46).

Ingtar is rather pessimistic about mankind's chances. The endless war with the Blight and the vast stretches of land unclaimed by any nation made him change his allegiance to the Dark One. Later he regrets that choice and sees the pursuit of Fain and the Horn of Valere to redeem himself (TGH, Ch. 45). He is killed at Falme in 998 NE.


  • Ingtar welcomes Rand and company to Fal Dara after their trip to the ways and takes them to Lord Agelmar (TEotW, Ch. 46).
  • Ingtar and a hundred lances escort Rand's company to the Blight border. Ingtar is not happy about this task because he may miss the battle that is about to take place at Tarwin's Gap, bitter even when he is not allowed to accompany them into the Blight (TEotW, Ch. 48).
  • Back in Fal Dara Ingtar takes them to see Agelmar again. It turns out he missed the battle at Tarwin's Gap (TEotW, Ch. 53).
  • At a meeting of Darkfriends Bors/Jaichim Carridin sees a Shienaran warrior thought to be Ingtar. He meets with Ba'alzamon to receive orders: "A man in a high-collared, sky-blue Shienaran coat passed him with a wary, head-to-toe glance though the eyeholes of his mask. The man's carriage named him soldier; the set of his shoulders, the way his gaze never rested in one place for long, and the way his hand seemed ready to dart for a sword that was not there, all proclaimed it. The Shienaran wasted little time on the man who called himself Bors; stooped shoulders and a bent back held no threat. The man who called himself Bors snorted as the Shienaran moved on, right hand clenching and eyes already studying elsewhere for danger" (TGH, Prologue).
  • Ingtar takes part in the fighting in the keep of Fal Dara (TGH, Ch. 6).
  • He is also the one who lets Fain out of his cell (confirmed by RJ in an interview with WoTmania, question 9). Ingtar is very upset when he finds out the Horn has been taken (TGH, Ch. 6).
  • Ingtar and his company set out to find the Horn and the dagger. They take a sniffer with them to track down Fain (TGH, Ch. 9).
  • The hunt takes Ingtar's company away from the Blight. He pushes hard to catch Fain. When Rand, Loial and the sniffer Hurin disappear he accepts Perrin's claim he can track down Fain. He doesn't tell the men how Perrin does that though (TGH, Ch. 10; Ch. 11; Ch. 14).
  • Ingtar's party and Rand's party are reunited in Cairhien, he is very frustrated to learn Rand had and then lost the Horn, the dagger is of lesser importance to him (TGH, Ch. 31).
  • Ingtar, Rand, Perrin, Mat and Hurin venture into Falme to find Fain. After the battle for Falme starts Ingtar confesses to Rand he is a Darkfriend. He will cover the retreat of the other four, knowing he will die doing so. Rand grants him the words said at a Shienaran funeral, in a sense forgiving Ingtar (TGH, Ch. 44-Ch. 46).


Lan and Moiraine know Ingtar from previous visits to Shienar (TEotW, Ch. 46).

Agelmar thinks Ingtar is a proud man (TEotW, Ch. 46).

He doesn't see Rand as a commoner but considers him an equal.


  • The sigil of the house Shinowa is a grey owl.
  • Like most Shienarans Ingtar respects Aes Sedai, but he has no problem keeping Hurin's talent hidden from them. (TGH, Ch. 9)


"When the War of the Hundred Years ended, a man rode from one nation into another without end from the Blight to the Sea of Storms. Now we can ride through wilderness claimed by no nation for almost the whole of the land. We in the Borderlands have our battle with the Blight to keep us strong, and whole. Perhaps they did not have what they needed to keep them strong. You say they failed, Builder? Yes, they failed, and what nation standing whole today will fail tomorrow? We are being swept away, humankind. Swept away like flotsam on a flood. How long until there is nothing left but the Borderlands? How long before we, too, go under, and there is nothing left but Trollocs and Myrddraal all the way to the Sea of Storms?" (The Great Hunt, Chapter 10)

"Humankind is being swept away everywhere. Nations fail and vanish. Darkfriends are everywhere, and none of these southlanders seem to notice or care. We fight to hold the Borderlands, to keep them safe in their houses, and every year, despite all we can do, the Blight advances. And these southlanders think Trollocs are myths, and Myrddraal a gleeman's tale." He frowned and shook his head. "It seemed the only way. We would be destroyed for nothing, defending people who do not even know, or care. It seemed logical. Why should we be destroyed for them, when we could make our own peace? Better the Shadow, I thought, than useless oblivion, like Caralain, or Hardan, or ... It seemed so logical, then." (The Great Hunt, Chapter 46)

"It is every man's right, Rand, to choose when to Sheathe the Sword. Even one like me." (The Great Hunt, Chapter 46)