Natti Cauthon

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

NAT-tee CAW-thon


Natti Cauthon is one of the village women of Emond's Field. She is married to Abell Cauthon and has three children, Mat, Bodewhin and Eldrin (TSR, Glossary).

Egwene thinks that Natti is a calm and collected women (TEotW, Ravens Prologue).


  • Perrin makes the decision to free the Cauthon women and the Luhhan’s (TSR, Ch. 30).
  • Perrin and the others rescue Natti, Bodewhin, Eldrin, Alsbet and Haral. Natti keeps her daughters calm as they escape (TSR, Ch. 33).
  • Natti and several other women help the Tuatha'an when they arrive at Emond’s Field (TSR, Ch. 45).
  • Although her name is not directly mentioned, it is presumable that Natti takes part in the big battle against the Trollocs, either fighting or protecting the children (TSR, Ch. 56).


  • Mat complains that his mother always knows exactly what he’s doing the minute he’s doing it (TEotW, Ravens Prologue).


“And ten paces off from the sheep shearers, watching the boys approach, stood Mistress Cauthon, Mat’s mother, flanked by her two daughters, Bodewhin and Eldrin. Natti Cauthon was a calm, collected woman, as she would have to be with a son like Mat, and at the moment she wore a contented smile.” (Egwene thinks about Natti; The Eye of the World, Ravens Prologue ).

“But they arrested Natti and the girls. And Harral Luhhan, and Alsbet, too. I think Fain might have hung them, except Lord Bornhald wouldn’t allow it. Not that he let them go, either. They haven’t been harmed, as far as I can discover, but they’re being held in the Whitecloak camp up at Watch Hill.” (Bran al’Vere to Perrin; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 29).