The Shadow Rising: Chapter 45

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Author: Val a'Shain

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The Tinker's Sword

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Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Emond's Field, the Two Rivers

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Daise Congar, Raen, Ila, Haral Luhhan, Luc, Marin al'Vere, Aram, Bran al'Vere, Dain Bornhald, Byar


The villagers from Emond's Field take in the remaining Traveling People from Raen's band. Perrin gets asked questions from the villagers, just like if he was a lord. The Whitecloaks agree to arrest Perrin only after the Trollocs are gone from the Two Rivers.


When Perrin gets to the other side of the village; he sees smoke in the distance. Farms and fields burning no doubt. The men guarding the Old Road seem excited but not afraid. They try to tell him all at once what happened. It takes Perrin a moment to figure out they have been shooting at the remains of Raen's group of Traveling People. He yells at the Tinkers they can come out now, nobody will harm them. When the Tinkers approach some of the Two Rivers people object. Tinkers steal, and not just things, children too as Daise Congar puts it. Perrin will have none of that and asks them if they want to leave those people to the Trollocs. Properly ashamed of themselves the Two Rivers people let the Tinkers in. Perrin is shocked at how few there are left. Raen seems to be devastated. Ila has to support him.

While Faile is distracted with getting the Tinkers settled Perrin considers sneaking away after Loial and Gaul. Before he has the chance however, Master Luhhan catches up with him asking him to help him with a problem in the smithy. When Perrin straightens that out there is another problem and another and another. It seems the Two Rivers can't do without leadership anymore. Shortly after midday Lord Luc rides into the village. He is mildly impressed with the victory in his own condescending way. An exhausted Perrin rides back to the Winespring Inn. Again more people bother him with things they should know perfectly well how to take care of until Mistress al'Vere chases them out.

Faile comes out of the kitchen where she has been helping Marin. They talk a bit about the future of the Two Rivers, his leadership and the Queen of Andor. Then Perrin sees Aram looking at the weapons in the inn. He wants to know who they belong to. Perrin tells him they are for anybody who needs one but that nobody is going to harm Aram with them. Aram looks around carefully and then picks up a sword. Perrin is shocked. This is not the way of the pacifist Traveling People. Ila comes in and tells Aram to put the sword down but he refuses. He wants Perrin to teach him. Ila cries that Perrin has taken her grandson and turned him into a wolf like him. He is now lost to the Tinkers. Perrin tells Aram to find Tam al'Thor to instruct him. He has a right to defend himself after all. It hurts Perrin more than he wants to admit.

Bran walks in and tells Perrin the Whitecloaks are approaching. Perrin suspects it is to arrest him. They are lead by Dain Bornhald. Perrin thinks he is the son of Geofram who died at Falme. He recognizes Byar as well. Bornhald wants to know why Emond's Field is closed to the Whitecloaks. Bran says Emond's Field is not closed to them but that they have decided to defend themselves. Quite effectively as the burning pile of Trolloc bodies shows. Bornhald is not impressed. He tells them Taren Ferry was destroyed last night. Luc wants to know if a man named Ordeith was in Taren Ferry. Perrin didn't know they knew each other. Bornhald evades the subject. He demands Perrin be turned over to him for a trial in Amador. The situation is turning violent fast. The Whitecloaks don't have a chance of getting to him but Perrin doesn't want to see anybody hurt. He proposes a deal. They help defend Emond's Field and Bornhald and Perrin will settle their differences after the Trolloc threat is destroyed. After all, the Whitecloaks may not make it back to their camp if they try to leave now.

Bran states his conditions for this deal. He wants no arrests without approval of the Village Council, no entering a house without being invited, the Whitecloaks will help defend Emond's Field how and where he tells them to and there will be no Dragon's Fang scribbled on doors. Bornhald realizes he doesn't have much of a choice. He agrees to Bran's terms. Until the Trollocs have been destroyed. Faile is not convinced Perrin should have made the deal but Perrin tells her he had no choice. He won't allow people to do the Trollocs' work for them.


Fulfiled Prophecies
  • Min's viewing around Perrin about a Tinker with a sword has been fulfilled.


First Appearance

Get Eldin, Nela al'Caar

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