The Shadow Rising: Chapter 33

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Author: Val a'Shain

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A New Weave in the Pattern

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: the Two Rivers, Whitecloak camp near Watch Hill

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Lord Luc, Gaul, Bain, Chiad, Verin Mathwin, Alanna Mosvani, Tam al'Thor, Abell Cauthon, the Luhhans and Cauthons, a band of Two Rivers boys.


Perrin manages to persuade people to leave their farms and go to one of the villages. Him and his company free the prisoners, taken by the Whitecloaks.


Perrin despises Lord Luc immediately. The man has the arrogance of a nobleman about him. The Two Rivers' folk don't seem to notice his slightly condescending attitude though. They adore him. He claims to be from a minor House in Murandy and to be taking part in the Hunt for the Horn. He seems to recognize Verin for what she is and is not pleased to see her. Faile on the other hand he likes a lot. Much to Perrin's disliking she seems to be charmed by him.

Lord Luc has been telling the people to stand up to the Whitecloaks and the Trollocs. Giving them advice on how to defend their farms. The advice he has been giving makes no sense to Perrin whatsoever. He tells the Two Rivers folk that as long as they stay at their own farms, spread out in groups of twenty or fifty they'll be easy targets for both the Whitecloaks and the Trollocs. Lord Luc, clearly getting defensive now, wants to know what Perrin thinks they should do about that. He tells the people they should pack up and gather at one place. Watch Hill, or even better Emond's Field since there is no Whitecloak camp there. This triggers protests from the farmers who don't want to leave their fields behind. But, as Perrin points out to them, farms can be rebuilt and fields replanted. People are irreplaceable. Seeing the mood among the people change, Lord Luc decides it is a good time to leave.

When Perrin and company are ready to go, the people are packing up ready to leave for Emond's Field today. Four boys join Perrin's company to try to get the Two Rivers people being held by the Whitecloaks free. Faile is impressed by Perrin's performance and comes to tell him she shouldn't have tried to make him jealous. Of course she does it in such a way he is still left guessing at what she means. Verin is very interested to see a ta'veren in action.

On the way to Watch Hill they stop at a number of other farms to give them the same advice. Every time the people are packing before Perrin moves on. They pick up more young men as well. When they start bickering among themselves Perrin tries to imitate Uno and sets them straight on what it is they are going to do. It seems to work just fine. Verin is taking notes and both Faile and Tam nod approvingly.

When they get to Watch Hill Perrin goes to take a look at the situation. The prisoners are held in a tent in the middle of the camp. The Aiel, Perrin and Faile are going to attempt to rescue them. Without thinking Perrin gives Tam and Abell orders to settle down the other men but to make sure they are ready to go instantly. When he realizes what he is doing he tries to apologize to both men but they seem amused and tell him he is doing just fine. They agree on a hiding place for the freed prisoners so now all there is left to do is wait.

When the sun is down they get on their way. Perrin cautions the Aiel to try and not kill anyone. The Whitecloaks will be upset enough without that. Perrin and Faile sneak into the camp but one of the Whitecloaks sees them. He brushes Faile aside and tries to strangle Perrin. Faile knocks him out with a piece of firewood without making too much noise. Perrin takes the man's cloak, ties him up and gags him before they move on. They get near the tents just in time to see the Aiel Maidens take out the guards. They sneak in and wake the prisoners. When the prisoners are ready to go and the Whitecloak guards are tied up in the tent, Perrin and Haral and Alsbet Luhhan pretend to escort four prisoners, wearing the white cloaks they took off from the guards. They make it to the picket lines and get everybody on a horse before the alarm is raised. In a mad dash they race out of the camp towards the meeting point.

Perrin divides them into two groups. Tam, Abell, Faile, the Aiel, and the freed prisoners will ride for the hiding place Tam selected while the rest attempt to draw away the Whitecloak pursuit. Perrin asks Verin if she can help. She informs him she probably didn't do what he had in mind but that he can expect rain in about half an hour. Quite a downpour even. Making as much noise as they can, the Two Rivers band rides off along the North Road. With the prisoners freed it is time to hunt Trollocs.



First Mention

Jon Gaelin

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Ban al'Seen, Bili al'Dai, Hu Marwin, Jaim Torfinn, Kenley Ahan




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