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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

BOHD-wihn CAW-thon


Bodewhin Cauthon is a young woman from Emond's Field. Her parents are Abell and Natti Cauthon and her siblings are Mat and Eldrin (TEotW, Ravens Prologue). She is plumply pretty, wears her hair in a braid, and has a grin similar to her sister's (TSR, Ch. 45). She doesn't look much like Mat except for the mischievous cast about her big eyes (LoC, Ch. 10).

Because of her ability to channel, Verin and Alanna take her and some other girls out of the Two Rivers to go to Tar Valon (LoC, Ch. 10). When the girls join the rebel Aes Sedai, Bode is enrolled as a novice (TPoD, Ch. 30).

Early in the summer of 999 NE, she was 17 (TSR, Ch. 13).


  • The prisoners are rescued by Perrin and the others. On their way out, Natti whispers calming words to Bode and Eldrin (TSR, Ch. 33).
  • Mat thinks he wants to go home to see if his sisters and parents are still alive (TFoH, Ch. 3).
  • Verin and Alanna take her and some other girls out of the Two Rivers to Tar Valon. On their way, they stop at Culain's Hound in Caemlyn, where Rand meets them. She is astonished to see him, but quickly recovers to ask if Mat is well and if he is around. Rand inquires whether Verin and Alanna are taking the girls to the rebels and where they are. Since they don't seem to know, he orders them to stay in Caemlyn a while longer. When Bashere appears, Bode and some of the girls question the man and she claims he says awful things about Rand. She doesn't believe Rand when he says that he is the Dragon Reborn, so he wraps her and Larine Ayellin in flows of Air to pick them off the floor and make a point. She starts sobbing and as soon as Rand releases them, Bode and Larine run to the other Two Rivers girls (LoC, Ch. 10).
  • Alanna and Verin send the girls to their rooms and have Azril, a serving girl, bring them tea with honey and brandy in it to calm them down (LoC, Ch. 10).
  • The Two Rivers girls join the rebel Aes Sedai and are enrolled as novices (TPoD, Ch. 30).
  • She tells Egwene about the changes in the Two Rivers (WH, Ch. 26).
  • Bode and Althyn Conly want to see what happens when two items are turned into cuendillar simultaneously and try it out with two cups, which fuse together in a solid lump (CoT, Ch. 17).
  • She is turning a bracelet into cuendillar when Egwene enters the tent. Sharina sends Bode off, because her next class in starting soon (CoT, Ch. 17).
  • Egwene thinks that the less time Bode has to think about what she has to do (turn the harbor bridges into cuendillar), the less she will panic. Two hours after Leane and Bode ride out, Egwene comes after them to replace the latter. When she arrives at her destination, she tells Bode to stay ashore. The younger woman is astonished yet determined to do what she has been sent to do, but Egwene uses her authority as Amyrlin Seat (CoT, Ch. 30).


She used to watch Mat twice as hard as her mother did (TEotW, Ravens) and was always very quick to tell on Mat when he was about to do something (TSR, Ch. 13). In Mat's view, she and Eldrin have done everything to make his life miserable (LoC, Ch. 33), but still, he doesn’t want anything to happen to them (TSR, Ch. 13). After Mat leaves the Two Rivers, Bodewhin is concerned about him (LoC, Ch. 10) and he thinks she and Eldrin won't know whether to laugh or to cry when they find out Mat saved the world (TEotW, Ch. 43). He is surprised almost to the point of disbelieving when he hears Bode is going to train to become Aes Sedai (LoC, Ch. 33). He later wants to talk to Nynaeve about Bode, because she would know what his sister is going to face on her way to becoming Aes Sedai (LoC, Ch. 47).

Perrin promises Mat that he will look after his sisters when he returns to the Two Rivers (TSR, Ch. 31). When Perrin hears about the Two Rivers girls in Caemlyn, he wants to see them again (LoC, Ch. 45).

She is attracted to Aram's good looks and once feeds him with her sister, grinning. Aram smiles at them sometimes; Perrin thinks he would be blind if he didn't notice both Cauthon girls are pretty. Bode cries when Ila abandons her grandson (TSR, Ch. 45).

When Rand sees her again in Caemlyn, he wonders when she had gotten old enough to wear her hair in a braid. She is also astonished to see him and appalled when he admits to being the Dragon Reborn. She thinks he is joking and tells him to stop this foolishness. She is frightened when he proves it, though (LoC, Ch. 10).

Egwene doubts that Bode was allowed to braid her hair back in the Two Rivers. Bode does not understand why she cannot just chat with Egwene, since they've both grown up together. Egwene would have loved to, but thinks it is better to stay indifferent toward her and the other Two Rivers girls, as it would do them no good to be marked as the Amyrlin's favorites (CoT, Ch. 17).

Tiana thinks Bodewhin is a good girl, although she spends too much time "giggling and playing with the other girls" when she is not watched (CoT, Ch. 17).

Romanda considers her to be intelligent, although the girl sometimes thinks like her brother. Romanda is sure Bode is striving to become Green or Blue (KoD, Ch. 23).


  • After he has been gone from home a while, Mat cannot remember the faces of his sisters clearly anymore (TSR, Ch. 13).
  • Bode is delighted at the prospect of becoming Aes Sedai, like Egwene and Nynaeve (LoC, Ch. 10).
  • When Erith asks about Loial, Rand tells her that he was well the last he heard of him. Bode and the girls from the Two Rivers told Rand much of what had happened in the Two Rivers (LoC, Ch. 20).
  • Fain considers burning Culain's Hound down with the "nattering chits" in it, but thinks better of it, because he thinks Rand certainly wouldn't care as he also didn't come to rescue the Two Rivers (LoC, Ch. 28).
  • When Rand gives his blessings on Perrin and Faile's wedding, Perrin is surprised he knows. Rand tells him Bode and the Two Rivers girls told him about it as well as all the changes occurring back home (LoC, Ch. 45).
  • Bode is quite good at making cuendillar; Janya thinks she might even catch up to Kairen’s skill (CoT, Ch. 17). After Kairen's death, Egwene has to consider Bodewhin for her plan to turn Tar Valon's harbor chains into cuendillar. Bode knows she can do this, but Egwene replaces her last minute (CoT, Ch. 30).
  • She wants to live adventures, not just read about them (KoD, Ch. 23).


They would be sixteen and seventeen, now. Probably thinking of marriage before too much longer, already with some dull farmer picked out whether the fellow knew it or not. Had he really been gone so long? It did not seem so, sometimes. Sometimes he felt as if he had left Emond’s Field just a week or two past. Other times it seemed years gone, only dimly remembered at all. He could remember Eldrin and Bode smirking when he had been switched, but their faces were no longer sharp. His own sisters’ faces. (Mat on his sisters; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 13)

Bodewhin Cauthon was quite pretty, but she was an intelligent girl even so, though she had something of her brother around the eyes and rather more of him in her head than she was willing to admit. Undoubtedly she was already hard on the path to the Green, or perhaps the Blue. The girl wanted to live adventure, not just read about it, as if an Aes Sedai's life would not bring her more adventure than she wished without searching for it. Romanda felt no regret over the girl's path. The Yellow would have plenty to choose from among more suitable novices. (Romanda; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 23)