New Spring: Chapter 14

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Chapter Icon: A wooden Triangle

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan, Mistress Dormaile, Tamore


Moiraine plans to leave and learns a Cairhienin has been trying to access her accounts


Now that Moiraine and Siuan have been raised to Aes Sedai, there is much for them to learn. This includes things such as the Warder Bond, the trick for ignoring heat and cold, and Ajah secrets. At the same time, Siuan is still working for Cetalia Delarme, something about which she complains a lot.

About a week after Moiraine and Siuan are raised to Aes Sedai, Ellid is summoned for her test, but does not return from the ter'angreal. Another week later, Sheriam is summoned, passes, and chooses the Blue Ajah.

A few days later, it is announced that Tamra has died in her sleep. Moiraine thinks that perhaps the new Amyrlin Seat will free her from the job of handing out the bounty, and then is immediately disgusted that that is all she can think about. As a penance, she forces herself to wear the lightest color of dress that Tamore sends to her, a blue so pale that it is nearly white. It is also snugly cut, and earns Moiraine stares from many of the other Sisters. At Tamra's funeral, many of the Aes Sedai, including Moiraine, speak.

The evening after Tamra's funeral, Sierin Vayu of the Gray Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin Seat. She is a very strict woman, but she does let Moiraine off from the bounty job. However, she also commands that Moiraine stay in Tar Valon.

Nevertheless, Moiraine still plans to leave. She says goodbye to Siuan and then heads out into the city. First, she visits Mistress Dormaile, her banker, where she takes out two hundred gold and silver crowns, as well as several letters-of-rights. Her next stop is at Tamore's dress shop, where she picks up her Cairhienin-style riding dresses. She hires porters and buys everything that she needs before buying passage on a ship named Bluewing. As the ship pulls out of harbor, she catches sight of a tall man staring after her. He fits Mistress Dormaile's description of the Cairhienin man who tried to get access to Moiraine's finances.

As the ship continues to sail away, Moiraine thinks about how she has now passed into disobedience to the Amyrlin Seat.



First Mention


First Appearance

Arrow, Ries Gorthanes, Carney

Character Development

  • As soon as she is raised, she goes back to her previous habits with language
  • Siuan gets on well with Lelaine, but not Anaiya
  • Lelaine makes her nervous, but she likes Anaiya because of her warmth


  • Blues are not allowed to wear red clothes
  • Blues and Reds oppose each other in the Hall
  • Greens and Blues have been aligned for centuries
  • Browns support the Whites against the Blues, but the Blues against the Yellows
  • The Blues have their own secret weaves
  • Moiraine had learned to channel before entering the Tower and had discovered her own weave she didn’t tell anyone about
  • We see the first time Siuan attempts to say something that is not true and is prevented by the Oaths

Was she intentionally lying here? It seems more like just hyperbole and exaggeration, but she was still prevented from speaking

  • The Aes Sedai seem to be raising people quickly, but are probably not raising anyone who isn't actually ready.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


  • Moiraine and Siuan consider bringing on Sheriam. It is not doubts about her commitment to the Light that prevent them, but the fact that Sheriam is a gossip and they don't believe she would be able to keep a secret that stops them. We don't know when Sheriam became Black Ajah, or if she was already a Darkfriend at this time

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