New Spring: Chapter 17

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Ter'angreal Ornaments Chapter Icon.png

An Arrival

Chapter Icon: Spears, stars and crescent moon

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: Canluum, Kandor

Characters: Moiraine, Jurine Najima, Larelle Tarsi, Merean Redhill, Cadsuane Melaidhrin



Moiraine has been gone from Tar Valon for three months. She is at Jurine Najima's house, speaking to her and her two daughters. Jurine's husband and three sons, including the baby who was born outside of Tar Valon, were recently killed in a fire. Moiraine is relieved that the boy had been born in the wrong place by twenty miles, so he was not the Dragon Reborn.

Once she leaves, she begins to make her way back to her inn, The Gates of Heaven. There are at least five other sisters staying at the same inn, but none of them recognize her, until three new sisters arrive and see her in the common room. The first two to see her are none other than Larelle Tarsi and Merean Redhill. The third is Cadsuane Melaidhrin, who orders Larelle and Merean to bring Moiraine so that she may speak with her.

Once the four of them are in a private dining room, Cadsuane remarks that she is surprised to see Moiraine here, and asks what she is doing. Moiraine makes some vague remarks about how she has heard that Bordermen make good Warders. Moiraine lets slip that she intends to go to Chachin. After a fair bit of talking, Cadsuane decides that Larelle and Merean, who are also going to Chachin, will bring Moiraine with them, so that Moiraine does not come to any harm. Larelle, Merean and Moiraine all protest. After Larelle and Merean leave the room, Moiraine says to Cadsuane, "I agreed to nothing. What if I have affairs in Chachin that will not wait? What if I do not choose to wait here two or three days?" Cadsuane tells Moiraine that she will be checking her bed that night, and that if Moiraine is not there she will be very sorry. When Cadsuane also leaves the room, Moiraine wonders if Cadsuane is one of Tamra's searchers.

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