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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion. Other information about the character is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.

Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Merean Redhill was Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah, though she posed as Blue. She was the Mistress of Novices under Tamra Ospenya. (NS, Ch. 6; NS, Ch. 26)

Merean was ordered by the Black Ajah to kill any man or boy who might be able to channel. She ordered Ryne Venamar to kill al'Lan Mandragoran and Bukama Marenellin. She killed Brys and Diryk, Prince Consort and son respectively to Queen Ethenielle of Kandor, and Iselle Arrel. She was killed by Moiraine Damodred in Chachin; Moiraine stabbed Merean with her belt knife. (NS, Ch. 26; NS, Epilogue)

Merean was tall and plump with grey hair. She had a motherly face that allowed novices and Accepted to feel comfortable about crying on her shoulder. (NS, Ch. 5)



To novices and Accepted she was understanding and kind, unless they broke the rules. (NS, Ch. 5) She was never sharp with them, even when giving out punishments. (NS, Ch. 6)

Moiraine had thought that Merean did not get on particularly well with Larelle Tarsi of the Grey Ajah until she met the two of them in Canluum. This may be reason enough to suspect that Larelle was Black Ajah and that Merean knew it. (NS, Ch. 17)

Merean is not comfortable around Cadsuane Melaidhrin. (NS, Ch. 17)

Strengths and Talents

Merean was stronger in the One Power than Siuan and Moiraine when they were in the Tower. However, they would be stronger when they reached their full potential. (NS, Ch. 17)

Merean was equal in strength to Larelle Tarsi but stronger than Felaana Bevaine. She was weaker than Cadsuane Melaidhrin. (NS, Ch. 17)

Merean had significant skill in Healing. (NS, Ch. 8; NS, Ch. 26)


  • Merean had a habit of finding out secrets that novices and Accepted tried very hard to keep hidden. (NS, Ch. 5)
  • When Merean said that an Accepted was ready for testing she was invariably tested within the month. (NS, Ch. 6)
  • Merean disapproved of sending Accepted to the camps outside of Tar Valon to collect names for the bounty for new born babies. (NS, Ch. 6)
  • Merean would raise one finger to novices and Accepted to warn them not to argue. (NS, Ch. 6)


"Many of the novices and Accepted visited that room to cry on Merean's shoulder when homesickness or the strain of learning grew too great." Moiraine about Merean (New Spring, Chapter 6)

"Merean had a positive Talent for finding out what you most wanted to keep hidden." Moiraine about Merean (New Spring, Chapter 6)

"You appear too often, Moiraine I fear I must ask you how and why Don't worry, child. I'll Heal you to answer my questions. And answer, you will. Out here, no one will hear your screams." Merean to Moiraine (New Spring, Chapter 26)

"It had to end now! Stumbling, Moiraine drove her belt knife into Merean's back to the hilt, blood spurting over her hands." (New Spring, Chapter 26)

"Carefully she floated Merean's body over that rail on flows of Air, and down a little, close to the stone of the mountain. Flows of Fire, and flame enveloped the Black sister." (New Spring, Chapter 26)

"Merean had a fine position for watching novices and Accepted, but many sisters teach. Some do little else, but others take turns at it for various periods, so Merean was not necessarily the primary recruiter during her time as Mistress of Novices, not even among those in her charge." (Reference: RJ Question of the Week, Week 4)