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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Toral Delvar


Orban is a young Hunter for the Horn met in Remen. He is dark haired (TSR, Ch. 33). He believes the Horn may be located in the Great Blackwood (TSR, Ch. 33; Ch. 34)).

With Gann, he fought Aiel and lied about the number and success to impress the locals, claiming twelve of his group fought twenty Aiel, losing six and killing most of the Aiel, taking one of them prisoner. He doesn't like seeing Lan, recognising a fighting man (TDR, Ch. 33). Despite being a boaster and a liar, he is able to handle himself,' having once fought four men at once, killing two and making the other two yield (TDR, Ch. 34). Later, in the Two Rivers, Perrin teases Faile about Hunters being fools, using him as an example (TSR, Ch. 30).


“Where's that old woman taken herself off to with her herbs Furlan” (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 33). “Not all our fights have been with Aiel of course, but there are always those who would stop Hunters, if they could. Gann and I, we do not stop easily” (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 33). “Orban was quite loud in his disgust that his wounds would keep him from hunting down the Aielman personally” (Faile; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 34).