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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Lamelle was a Far Dareis Mai of the Smoke Water sept of the Miagoma Aiel (LoC, Ch. 26). She was nearly twenty years older than Rand, lean and strong-jawed with dark red hair (TFoH, Ch. 46).


  • Although not mentioned directly, she was among the Maidens Sulin had surround Rand's tent. They refused to move until Rand let them escort him to his log tower (TFoH, Ch. 43).
  • Once in Cairhien, Sulin chose twenty Maidens to accompany Rand into the Sun Palace. Lamelle was among them (TFoH, Ch. 46).


  • She could not cook at all, but insisted on making soup for Rand. She was one of those Maidens who treat him like their long-lost, ten-year-old son (TFoH, Ch. 46).
  • After Lamelle's death, Somara and Enaila bring Rand the soup she used to make for him (TFoH, Ch. 56).