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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Tamarla is one of the Knitting Circle of the Kin and a Wise Woman in Ebou Dar. She is bone-lean, olive-skinned, has more white than black in her long hair, and dark eyes. She is the only Kin Elder originally from Altara (ACoS, Ch. 37; TPoD, Ch. 1).

Sareitha called her a liar when she learned how old Tamarla is (ACoS, Ch. 37).


  • On their way to the farm, the Kinswomen and Aes Sedai took turns shielding Ispan, all the while trying to talk Elayne into releasing the Kin of the task and questioning her while it is still possible (TPoD, Ch. 1-Ch. 3).