The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 34

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien

Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png

A Different Dance

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Remen

Characters: Perrin, Moiraine, Lan, Loial, Gainor Furlan, Lord Orban, Lord Gann, Gaul, Whitecloaks and Faile


Perrin frees the Aielman and the two fight Whitecloaks. They are forced to flee Remen.


The innkeeper talks to the group as he leads them to their rooms. He mentions that someone is "proclaiming the Dragon in Ghealdan". Moiraine thinks that he means a false Dragon but Furlan explains that the man is "preaching his coming". They realise that the man he mentions must be Masema; Moiraine becomes angry and storms to her room. Furlan shows the others to their rooms.

Perrin unpacks and then thinks about the black haired woman in the common room and the Aiel in the cage. Loial comes into his room a little later, excited that his bed is made of sung wood, to tell Perrin that it is time for supper. Perrin declines and Loial leaves, leaving Perrin to his thinking. Perrin is surprised that the young woman had stared at him when she had "an Ogier to look at, and Hunters of the Horn in the house, and a Lady visiting". He thinks about the Aielman and Min's viewing. Perrin believes that he should have stopped the children from throwing rocks at the man and decides that he should do something. He buckles his axe and leaves his room.

Perrin goes to Moiraine's room in search of Lan but finds that he is not there. He asks Moiraine if Rand caused the battle between the Aiel and the Hunters but Moiraine does not know. She mentions that she has to decide between taking a boat to Illian and another to Tear or continuing across land to Tear. The voyage by boat is quicker, "If I cannot catch him, I will be in Tear close behind him", and so they will probably do that. Perrin wants to know if either Moiraine or Lan can sense a Darkfriend and she replies that "very few humans are so far gone". Perrin leaves her room and heads outside to the village square.

Perrin walks to the cage holding the Aielman and lets it down onto the ground. He then opens the door of the cage and tells the Aielman to get out. The man does and tells Perrin that his name is Gaul and he is a Stone Dog. When Perrin asks what he is doing so far away from the Waste Gaul tells him that he is looking for He Who Comes With the Dawn. Perrin realises that he is talking about Rand and tells Gaul to head towards Tear. Suddenly Whitecloaks realise that Gaul is free and attack. Gaul and Perrin fight them off and Perrin realises that if all Aiel fight as well as Gaul then Lord Orban's tale could not be true. Gaul tells him that there were only two of them and that "Sarien and I were careless". He then runs off into the night.

Perrin looks round and sees a girl running towards the inn, obviously the black haired woman. Lan joins Perrin in the square and demands to know if "there is anyone who can connect it to you". Perrin mentions the girl and Lan tells him to head back to the inn and pack.


Character Development

  • Perrin is concerned that a woman is looking at him

Visions and Prophecy

Aiel Prophecies
  • When the Stone of Tear falls, the Aiel will leave the Threefold Land at last
  • The Aiel will be changed and find again what was theirs and was lost

Aiel Oddities

  • Perrin thinks Gaul speaks like a Borderlander - cool, with calm sureness
  • When Aiel introduce themselves, they say their sept, clan and society
  • Aiel call people on the other side of the Dragonwall 'wetlander'
  • Aiel are scared of crossing water


First Mention



This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


The Prophet
  • Masema has started proclaiming the Dragon in Ghealdan - he must have done it quickly enough to draw attention and for this to make it to Sidon ahead of Perrin and the others. This is also another example of information travelling faster than our characters
The Whitecloaks

Perrin fights Whitecloaks again, though this does not relate to his general issues with them Template:Prophecies

Aiel Prophecies
  • When the Stone of Tear falls, the Aiel will leave the Threefold Land at last

This happens - a few leave before, and help take the Stone, but Rand leads the majority of clans out

  • The Aiel will be changed and find again what was theirs and was lost.

What was theirs and was lost was the Way of the Leaf, which they find in the sense of becoming aware of it, but not in these sense of recommitting to it

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