The Gathering Storm: Chapter 38

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News in Tel'aran'rhiod

Chapter Icon: Dream Ter'angreal

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: Tel'aran'rhiod

Characters: Egwene, Siuan, Katerine, Barasine, Saerin, Verin, Marsial


Egwene makes Saerin try to stop the process against Silviana who is prosecuted for defending Egwene. Once in her room Egwene meets with Verin who tells her an obvious lie.


Siuan and Egwene talk in Tel'aran'rhiod, Siuan trying to convince her to flee her captivity. Egwene agrees to do so only if she is convicted of being a darkfriend. She is told that Gawyn has arrived in the rebel camp. Siuan isn't fooled by her casual response and tells her she thinks Gawyn is there because he heard about what happened to Egwene. Siuan leaves and Egwene visits the rebel camp to consider her options, including setting up a permanent second Tower, but realises that would be disastrous as neither could claim authority and there would be nothing to stop rulers setting up their own channeling schools.

She uses need to direct her and it takes her to a tuatha'an camp. She decides to bond Gawyn. Katerine and Barasine come into her cell and throw her to the floor. Katerine tells her that Elaida has decided to punish the one manipulating Egwene, Silviana and that Katerine is the new Mistress of Novices. Egwene thinks this will be a blow to the morale of the Tower. Katerine leaves and Egwene is taken to the novice quarters, but they are interrupted by Saerin who stares down Barasine and the other Red. Saerin tells her that the Red are not taking Egwene's release well and see it as a failure of Elaida. She tells her that Silviana was arrested after demanding that Egwene be released and Elaida deposed and that Elaida ordered her stilled and executed. The Hall had not made a decision. Egwene says they must prevent it, but Saerin argues that if it happens, the Red Ajah will crumble. Egwene tells her they can't afford to lose the Ajah and certainly can't afford to lose a woman of Silviana's caliber, so Saerin should rally support to stop it. Saerin is shocked and asks Egwene if she thinks she is in control. Egwene replies by asking Saerin if she wants to be, to which Saerin says no and agrees to do things Egwene's way.

They ask the two Reds their thoughts and they say they haven't been able to investigate because of the need to maintain Egwene's shield. They won't leave her, so Egwene sends Marsial for forkroot. The unknown Red leaves when Marsial returns and Egwene drinks the tea. Barasine takes her to her cell where Verin is waiting to greet her with a blatant lie.

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