The Path of Daggers: Chapter 11

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

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Questions and an Oath

Chapter Icon: Spear and Shield

Points of View: Sevanna, Galina


Galina swears to obey Sevanna and Therava as well as other present Shaido Wise Ones using an Oath Rod. Sevanna agrees to move the Saido to the mountains.


Sevanna's Point of View:

Setting: Ghealdan

Characters: Sevanna, Rhiale, Someryn, Meira, Tion, Alarys, Modarra, Efalin, Kinhuin, Galina Casban, Emerys, Norlea

Sevanna and the other Shaido Wise Ones question a Seanchan soldier, but he dies without having told them anything useful. Normally, Maidens or members of other societies question prisoners, but Sevanna does not want to risk letting the other Aiel know too much by spreading what the prisoners say. The Wise Ones fear the numbers of the Seanchan and that all of the Shaido might be destroyed.

Sevanna orders Efalin, the leader of the Shaido Maidens, to see that the body of the Seanchan soldier is buried. Then Kinhuin, a Mera'din, comes to the Wise Ones to ask them for judgment. Sevanna sends the others with him, so she can see to her own business.

Galina's Point of View:

Setting: Ghealdan

Characters: Sevanna, Rhiale, Someryn, Meira, Tion, Alarys, Modarra, Efalin, Galina Casban, Emerys, Norlea

Galina is hanging in a leather sack above a brazier of hot coals as punishment for slapping Belinde. When Sevanna shows up, the sack is taken down and Galina is ready to swear to obey. However, the sight of a "binder", a ter'angreal like the Oath Rod, is not at all what she expected. The other Wise Ones appear - they have cleared up matters sooner than Sevanna had thought - and Therava points out that Galina should obey the present Wise Ones, too, which Galina prefers to being handed over to Therava alone to be broken.

In the end, she swears to obey the Wise Ones who are present, but first among them Sevanna and Therava. The latter then tests if the oath works, and now that Galina is doubtlessly obedient to what they say, she is allowed to wear gai'shain white.

Therava keeps the rod and tells Sevanna that she, as a clan chief, is supposed to have a Wise One as advisor. The others have agreed to Therava, who advises Sevanna to move into the mountains away from the Seanchan. Sevanna agrees, but since she wants to keep at least a certain measure of power, she decides to move east, which is also away from the Seanchan.

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