The Path of Daggers: Chapter 10

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Points of View: Perrin, Faile


Elyas joins Perrin. Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan pledges fealty to Perrin. Faile persuades Alliandre to ride with Perrin. Perrin gives orders for some Dragonsworn to be hanged for burning a farm with the people still inside it. It starts raining.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's camp near the town of Bethal in Ghealdan

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Gaul, Elyas, Berelain, Alliandre, Annoura

When Perrin leaves the Wise Ones he is unsure if he gained anything. He sees Gaul returning with Elyas, who greets him and tells him 'mutual friends' told him that Perrin was in the area. Gaul admits in front of the Maidens that Elyas was the one who found him and then leaves.

Elyas asks to talk elsewhere. Once a Warder, he is not too eager to make the acquaintance of the Aes Sedai in Perrin's company. Elyas is somewhat surprised to see Perrin in charge of this small army. The wolves hadn't told him that. He's also surprised and slightly amused by the fact that Perrin married a Saldaean. Elyas' advice that Perrin should raise his voice more often to Faile seems very strange to him.

Berelain returns to the camp and Perrin excuses himself. After everybody is gathered, Berelain introduces Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan to him. Alliandre tells him that Rand took Illian and the Seanchan have Ebou Dar. Perrin wants to know if Alliandre is ready to declare her support for the Dragon Reborn. Alliandre dances around that question. Then she catches Perrin totally by surprise by pledging fealty to him; he hesitantly accepts. Perrin wants to know where he can find the Prophet. Alliandre says that he is in a town called Abila in Amadicia. Faile obviously wants a word with Alliandre so Perrin excuses himself. There is something happening in the Mayener camp anyway.

Faile's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's camp near the town of Bethal in Ghealdan

Characters: Faile, Berelain, Alliandre, Annoura

Faile, Berelain and Annoura take Alliandre where they can have a word with her. Faile still hates Berelain with a passion, but has to admit the woman knows when to put their games aside for the moment. Alliandre is obviously hoping for some tangible support from Perrin or Rand. Faile explains to her that it would be in her interest to ride with Perrin to bring the Prophet to heel. Alliandre resists at first but when Faile reminds her of the oath she took, she accepts. When Faile explains how she wants to confuse the Prophet and the Ghealdanin nobles about her whereabouts and activities, Alliandre begins to like the plan. This part is a success for Faile. Now to contact her people in Bethal.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's camp near the town of Bethal in Ghealdan

Characters: Perrin, Gallenne, Aram

When Perrin and Gallenne reach the Mayener camp it takes a moment to find out what is going on. A Mayener patrol saw a group of Dragonsworn burn a farm with the people still inside it. They were too late to save the farm folk but they caught seven of the attackers. After hearing the report Perrin orders them hanged. After the last one stops moving a thunderstorm breaks and the first rain in months touches the ground. It stops as suddenly as it started but Aram thinks it is a sign of the weather changing. Perrin can only reply that everything changes. Even Perrin himself.

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