The Shadow Rising: Chapter 13

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Author: Inanna Landred

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Chapter Icon: Five dice, arranged in a ring

Point of View: Mat

Setting: A Tavern in the Stone of Tear

Characters: Mat, Perrin, Berelain


Mat finds out that Whitecloaks have gone into the Two Rivers and talks to Perrin, who has decided to leave


Mat sits alone in the tavern surrounded​ by barmaids serving beer and the sound of rolling dice. He is sitting with his back to the wall where he can still see all the doors, but for once he is not interested in the dice or the waitresses' ankles. He is going over the attack on the Stone by the Shadowspawn in his head. How a Gray Man had hunted him down, only to be replaced by a Myrddraal after he killed it. Just when he thought he was almost certainly doomed a group of Trollocs of all things came to his rescue. While his mind is recollecting what happened that night he finds that his finger has drawn an open door on the table.

While he is sitting there drinking his wine he catches a bit of conversation and makes his way over to the table it came from. They are talking about the Two Rivers and the merchant takes Mat for a noble. The merchant says he thinks there will be no tobacco coming out of the Two Rivers that year. When Mat presses him for the reason he learns that the Whitecloaks have moved into the Two Rivers in search of the "false" Dragon and a man with golden eyes. Mat demands to know if there are other rumours that they are hunting someone else, but the merchant says he hasn't heard anything of the sort. Mat makes his way back onto the muddy streets while he tries to process what he's just heard. He rushes back to the Stone to tell Perrin this terrible news only to find him already packing his bags.

Perrin has already heard the news and is wondering how to tell Faile he is leaving for the Two Rivers. He asks Mat if he wants to come. As much as he wants to, he cannot even bring himself to say he will go. Rand's pull on him is too strong. In the end he makes Perrin promise to take care of his family while he is there.

When he walks out of Perrin's room he has a little run-in with the First of Mayene. He calls after her for ignoring him, but she only gives him a look and walks on.


Character Development

  • When he learns of Whitecloaks in the Two Rivers, he can't even say he will go
  • He manages to kill a gray man that came for him
  • People are taking him for a Lord


  • Despite Rand taking the stone and Callandoor, there are still people who think him a false dragon

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