The Shadow Rising: Chapter 2

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Author: Asandra al'Terra

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Whirlpools in the Pattern

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Points of View: Perrin, Mat, and Rand


The Ta'veren are attacked by their surroundings


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: The Stone

Characters: Perrin, Faile

Perrin and Faile are in the Stone. They have become quite close, and Perrin had started growing a beard. Faile wants Perrin to leave Tear with her, but he insists that he is ta'veren, and that he is tied to Rand and cannot leave. Suddenly, Perrin's axe flies towards him, trying to kill him and Faile both. Perrin beats the axe away with the hammer he had picked up shortly before, then pushes Faile out of the room with one hand, whilst gripping the axe in the other. When she is safely out of the room, he lets the axe fly towards his head, then ducks as it came near him. It stuck in the door. Perrin panics when he realizes that he cannot hear Faile's protests outside. He opens the door, and sees Faile standing there, shocked, with the axe a couple of inches from her nose. Perrin believes that Rand may have caused it by accident.

Mat's Point of View:

Setting: The Stone

Characters: Mat, Reimon, Edorion, Estean, Baran, Carlomin

Mat, in a fine red Andoran coat he had made for himself, is gambling with a group of young lordlings, who had been drinking and are throwing around lots of gold. He is thinking about Thom, who has seemed to settle into the Stone quite well, and his plans for leaving alone, if need be, although not soon. Mat tells the lordlings about asking Bain and Chiad to play Maiden's Kiss on Rhuarc's insistence, and was nearly speared. It appeared that it was unheard of for men to ask to play Maiden's Kiss.

One of the lordlings, Edorion, mentions a rumour that Rand has been starting a war with Illian. Mat doesn't believe it. The Emond's Fielder is then dealt the five highest cards - he doesn't believe his luck. All of a sudden, the cards seem to come to life, the figures on the growing to near life-size. Time seemed to slow. He tosses knives at them, and time then seemed to rush back to normal speed. The cards had returned to normal size, and were pinned to the table by the knives. Mat suspects that the affair was Rand's doing.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: The Stone

Characters: Rand, Berelain

Rand is dreaming of Moiraine and the Amyrlin Seat trying to put a leash on him, while the Forsaken and Darkfriends lurk in the surrounding darkness. Moiraine is afraid. Rand tells them that he has to leave. He appears in the Waterwood, where Min and Elayne are undressing, wanting him to go swimming with them. Egwene appears, then leaves, furious for him being with her two friends. Min and Elayne call to him and he raises a hand to scratch at his face - it is wasting away.

The Dragon Reborn wakes up in his room, located in the Heart of the Stone, sweating. As he tries to get back to sleep, he hears the presence of someone else in his room. Jumping out of bed, he channels a sword of flame into his hands, before realising that it is Berelain. The First of Mayene tries to seduce him, but he refuses, although he finds her attractive. When she puts her arms around him he pushes her away with saidin and creates a wall of Air around her.

Abruptly, his reflections appear in all of the mirrors around the room, and start to exit them. Three get out before he can destroy the mirrors. Each one is holding a sword of fire, just like the one Rand has in his hands. They are beating him badly when small reflections of himself appear out of silver around the room. He picks one up, and absorbs it. When he lets his sword disappear, those of his opponents do, as well. They all tackle him at once and he absorbs them; it is a sickening feeling.

Bleeding from cuts from the swords and glass, he releases Berelain. She becomes meek and humble, calling him Lord Dragon instead of Rand, and stammers that she will never bother him again. She then flees the room. The only thing Rand wants is to go back to being just Rand, a shepherd in the Two Rivers. Although he thinks he may be going mad, Rand suspects that it might have been one the Forsaken.


Common Themes

Men and Women
  • Perrin thinks Mat would know how to deal with Faile

Character Development

  • Mat is comfortable playing cards with the young nobles, although he doesn't really like them.
  • Mat would like to leave, but is finding excuses not to
  • Again, he speaks the old tongue
  • Perrin and Faile are unambiguously together
  • Perrin has two week growth of beard because Faile likes it, though she has not asked him not to shave


First Mention

Astoril, Medore

First Appearance

Reimon, Edorion, Estean, Baran, Carlomin


  • The Lordlings are looking forward to Rand leading them to war

They seem to have lost their fear of a man channeling

  • After Mat is attacked by the playing card, the Lordlings with him refuse to acknowledge it
  • The mirror versions of Rand somehow take some of his strength


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


  • The attacks on the boys are due to "Bubbles of evil". This is soon explained

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