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Chiad is an Aiel woman of the Stones River sept of the Goshien Aiel. She is also a Maiden of the Spear. Chiad has reddish-blonde hair, gray eyes, and is shorter than her first-sister, Bain (TDR, Ch. 38). Her hair is blonder than Bain's flame-colored hair (TSR, Ch. 3). Like most Aiel, she is wary of water. Egwene observed Chiad and Bain as they were retrieving water for Nynaeve to use to heal a dying Maiden, Dailin, and she thought they expected the river to reach up and grab them (TDR, Ch. 38).

Chiad was among a group of Maidens that crossed over the Dragonwall in search of He Who Comes With the Dawn (TDR, Ch. 39). She later stood guard outside Rand's chambers in the Stone of Tear as one of the six Maidens to do so (TSR, Ch. 3). When Perrin set out for the Two Rivers from Tear, Chiad accompanied Faile in order to see more of her lands (TSR, Ch. 18). Eventually, through her continued travels with Faile, she is taken gai'shain by the Shaido in Amadicia and does not attempt escape because of ji'e'toh (CoT, Ch. 9).


  • Chiad is a member of one of the last groups of Aiel sent out by the Wise Ones to cross beyond the Dragonwall and out of the Three-fold Land in search of He Who Comes With the Dawn (TDR, Ch. 39).
  • Soldiers thought the group of Maidens Chiad was with were bandits and attacked them, injuring a Maiden named Dailin and nearly killing her (TDR, Ch. 38).
  • Chiad helps rescue Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene from brigands and Fades (TDR, Ch. 39).
  • Mat meets Chiad and Bain in the Stone of Tear, but cannot talk to one without the other (TDR, Ch. 56).
  • Chiad and Bain become friends with Faile (TSR, Ch. 2).
  • Chiad guarded Rand's chambers at the Stone of Tear with five other Maidens (TSR, Ch. 3).
  • When Perrin, Gaul, Loial, and Faile go to the Dragonwall Gate to enter the Ways, Chiad and Bain go along with their friend, Faile - Chiad carries weapons, blankets, water bottles, and a cooking pot with her (TSR, Ch. 18).
  • In the Ways, Chiad and the rest of the traveling party were attacked by Trollocs and Myrddraal, which she fights. She is shaken by Machin Shin (TSR, Ch. 27).
  • Perrin, Gaul, Loial, Faile, Bain and Chiad camp near the Waygate (TSR, Ch. 28).
  • Chiad is among the scouts that go to the Whitecloak camp. Halfway there, they stop at Jac al'Seen's place, but Chiad, Bain, and Gaul wait away from the farm (TSR, Ch. 32).
  • Chiad, Bain, and Gaul warn Perrin of a band of Trollocs which turns out to be an ambush (TSR, Ch. 40).
  • Chiad, Bain, and Gaul sleep away from the Tinker camp that Perrin and others enter (TSR, Ch. 41).
  • As Perrin's band rides north of the Tinker camp towards Emond's Field, Chiad and the two other Aiel rejoin him (TSR, Ch. 42)
  • Chiad and Bain warn Perrin of a group of perhaps five hundred Trollocs coming their way from the Westwood (TSR, Ch. 43).
  • Chiad stays in Emond's Field with Gaul rather than accompanying Faile and Bain to Caemlyn in search of help (TSR, Ch. 53).
  • Chiad is with Perrin, Bran, Gaul, Loial, Verin, and Tomas as they lead the forces to defend Emond's Field at the north perimeter (TSR, Ch. 56).
  • Chiad fights alongside and back-to-back with Gaul against the Trollocs (TSR, Ch. 56).
  • When Perrin and his band arrive in Caemlyn, Chiad and Bain push through the Saldaeans and enter the city, with Gaul following them saying he needs to find his spear-brothers (LoC, Ch. 45).
  • Chiad discusses with Bain whether they should help Faile beat Perrin (LoC, Ch. 50).
  • Chiad and Bain stand guard outside the Grand Hall while Rand meets with the Aes Sedai (LoC, Ch. 51).
  • Galina Sedai tells Chiad and her sister that Rand disappeared while the Aes Sedai leave with him in a chest (LoC, Ch. 51).
  • Chiad is with the forces that rescued Rand (ACoS, Ch. 3).
  • Chiad and Bain follow as meek gai'shain back to the Shaido camp where Faile and the others are marched and then carried to (WH, Ch. 3).
  • Faile and the others march with the Shaido after Galina Heals their frostbite, then Faile, Maighdin, and Alliandre are separated from Chiad, Bain, Arrela, and Lacile (WH, Ch. 4).
  • Chiad and Bain help Arrela and Lacile escape, however, they do not try themselves because of ji'e'toh (CoT, Ch. 9).
  • Chiad volunteers to divert any men who try and interfere with Faile when Faile goes with Galina (KoD, Ch. 28).
  • Chiad and Baine force Dairaine to be silent so that she doesn't give away the escape attempt (KoD, Ch. 28).
  • She and Chiad prepare fresh arrows and spears for Gaul, claiming they were worried for his safety if he used the ones he prepared himself (ToM, Ch. 34).


Chiad is first-sister to Bain of the Shaarad Aiel. The Shaarad Aiel and Goshien Aiel held a blood feud for over a hundred years and though they both wedded the Spear and became Maidens, they felt that the wedding pledge was not enough. They each went to the Wise Ones of their clans and asked to bond as first-sisters (TDR, Ch. 38).

Chiad is friends with Faile and accompanies her when she travels.

Gaul of the Shaarad Aiel wants Chiad to marry him, but as it is in the Aiel tradition, he must wait for her to ask him. Faile tells Perrin that Chiad is willing to be Gaul's lover, but does not want to give up the spear and marry (LoC, Ch. 45).

She is contemptuous of Sevanna for using Maidens as a guard as Sevanna was never a Maiden (KoD, Ch. 5).


  • When Perrin was going to see Rand in his chambers in Tear, Chiad and Bain would not allow him to enter. Chiad put her spear right on Perrin's neck and at one point was a breath away from cutting open his skin (TSR, Ch. 3).
  • Chiad and Bain tended to Gaul's injured leg when he and Loial returned from closing a Waygate in the Two Rivers and after having been chased by fifty Trollocs and a Myddraal (TSR, Ch. 53).
  • Chiad fought alongside and back-to-back with Gaul against the attacking Trollocs. Afterwards, as people were streaming out of Emond's Field, she walked hand in hand with Gaul (TSR, Ch. 56).


"Then why do you not speak the words before your Wise Ones?" Chiad asked. "Bain and I became first-sisters." (Chiad, The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 38).

"Or if she is chosen to go to Rhuidean," Chiad put in. "A Wise One cannot be wedded to the spear." (Chiad, The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 38).

"The Maidens do not dance the spears with one another even when our clans do, but the Shaarad Aiel and the Goshien Aiel have held blood feud between them over four hundred years, so Chiad and I felt our wedding pledge was not enough. We went to speak the words before the Wise Ones of our clans - she risking her life in my hold, and I in hers - to bond us as first-sisters. As is proper for first-sisters who are Maidens, we guard each other's backs, and neither will let a man come to her without the other. I would not say we do not care for men." (Bain on becoming first-sisters with Chiad, The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 38).

"How can that be?" Chiad asked slowly. "You are not wedded to the spear. And you are Wise Ones. Who would lift a hand against a Wise One? This confuses me. What need have you for guarding of backs?" (Chiad to Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve, The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 38).

"He will lead us out of the Three-Fold Land," Chiad added. "The prophecies say he was born of Far Dareis Mai." (Chiad referring to Rand, The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 39).

"Bain says they wish to see more of your lands, but I think it is the argument between you and Faile which fascinates them. They like her, and when they heard of this journey, they decided to go with her instead of you." (Gaul talking about Bain's and Chiad's accompaniment in Faile and Perrin's journeys, The Shadow Rising, Chapter 18).

"Do you mean to move like the wind then, Stone Dog? It will be diverting to see a Stone Dog try to move lightly. When my sister and I have rescued the prisoners, perhaps we will go back for you, if you are too old to find your own way." (Chiad, The Shadow Rising, Chapter 33).