The Shadow Rising: Chapter 41

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Among the Tuatha'an

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Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The Two Rivers

Characters: Perrin, Bain, Gaul, Chiad, Faile, Ihvon, Raen, Ila, Aram, a band of Two Rivers men.


The Two Rivers young men reach a Travelin People's caravan. It turns out to be the band that Perrin already knows, and they take care of the wounded.


Perrin heads towards the camp of the Tuatha'an to spend the night there. The Aiel decide that they will sleep elsewhere and take off​ before they get to the camp. When the weary and wounded men approach the camp they are greeted by the Seeker, a man named Raen. Perrin has met him before and he remembers the ritual. Most of the people in his band are surprised about that.

Ila, Raen's wife, comes to greet him as well. She wants to know if Elyas is with them but Perrin hasn't seen him in a long time. Ila notices Perrin and a lot of his men are hurt and arranges their wounds to be tended. Perrin has to be helped off his horse by Ihvon. He warns Raen that he should move to Emond's Field so he'll be safe from the Trollocs but Raen refuses. He will move his people tomorrow, traveling is safety for the Tinkers.

Perrin is taken to the wagon Raen and Ila inhabit. They will sleep under the wagon tonight so Perrin can sleep in a bed. While Ila gets the stuff she needs to look after his wounds Perrin and Ihvon discuss the fight. Perrin feels he has failed but the Warder tells him this could happen to any commander. Ila looks at the arrow and says she is not competent to remove it. The arrow is most likely barbed. It'll have to stay in until they get to Emond's Field. Ila sends everybody out of the wagon before she makes something to stop the infection and brews a tea for the pain. Perrin refuses the last one. After that she leaves them.

Perrin tells Faile he still feels like he has failed the men and that twenty-seven are dead now because of it. Faile tells him her father always said that a general can't mourn the dead and look after the living at the same time. He can't abandon this cause because of one setback. Aram, one of the younger Tinkers in the camp, pokes his head in to ask if Egwene is with them. He makes a comment about following Elyas and running with the wolves as well. A bad tempered Perrin sends him away saying she is learning to be an Aes Sedai. Faile wants to know what Aram meant by the comment about wolves. Perrin tells her about it. Faile seems to take it well, only saying she needs to pay more attention to what she says when he is near.

Perrin thinks it is time for a question of his own now and asks who Faile's father is. Faile is silent for a moment but then tells him her father is Lord Davram Bashere, Marshal-General to the Queen of Saldaea among other things. She tells him something of why she ran off to join the Hunt for the Horn, the restrictions of being a nobleman's daughter were too confining for her. Perrin wants to know what she is doing with a blacksmith and she simply tells him the word is love. She is convinced her parents will accept him. Still off balance Faile manages to trick him into drinking the tea Ila made and Perrin falls asleep almost immediately.



First Mention

Moshea, Davram Bashere, Maedin Bashere, Eran

Saldaean Culture

  • The eldest's duty in noble houses in Saldaea is to study accounting, trading, and managing the estates.
  • Girls are not taught the sword, or war, in Saldaea.

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