Towers of Midnight: Chapter 17

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

Lion Chapter Icon.png

Partings, and a Meeting

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Points of View: Mat, Elayne


Mat sees everyone off as they leave for Tar Valon. Elayne meets with the Kin to discuss their future.


Mat's Point of View:

Setting: Camp outside of Caemlyn

Characters: Mat, Juilin, Thom

Mat wakes up under Aludra's wagon where he had decided to sleep the night before based on a dice roll. Juilin approaches Mat and tells him the Aes Sedai are getting ready to leave and have taken the horses he promised. He then tells Mat he is going to go with the Aes Sedai and that they have promised him work in Tar Valon. Mat leaves and go back to his tent returning with a package when he runs into Seta and Bethamin. He asks them if they are going to go with the Aes Sedai and they say yes. So he tells them he will give them horses and asks them to help him find a way to convince Tuon about the sul'dam and to find a way to fix it without the whole Empire collapsing. They leave and then Mat starts talking to Thom when he is approached by Bayle Domon and Leilwin who tell him that they too are heading to Tar Valon. Mat then walks over to Joline, Edesina, and Teslyn. Mat tells Joline he has a parting gift for her and hands her the package. She looks in the package and finds a dozen sweetbuns. He then tells her he wants her to tell the Amyrlin that the White Tower has something of his and he will be coming to claim it and better not be bloody turned away. She tells him she will do it. Mat nods to Vanin who he is sending to Tar Valon to gather information. As Mat and Thom walk away Thom asks Mat about the sweetbuns. He tells Thom he put sprinklewort in them and it will turn her mouth blue for a week. Mat goes to meet Setalle Anan who tells him he needs a shave. He asks her to watch over Olver for a while when he goes on a trip and he says in return when he gets someone who can make gateways he will send her to Illian to find her husband.

Elayne's Point of View:

Setting: The Royal Palace

Characters: Elayne, Birgitte, Sumeko, Alise

Elayne is walking through the Garden on the Palace rooftops and stops at a vantage point. Birgitte walks over and scolds her for being somewhere where someone could shoot her with a bow. Elayne tells Birgitte she has nothing to worry about because Min had the vision that her babies would be healthy. Elayne meets with Sumeko and Alise. Elayne brings up the Kin and asks about their plans for the future. Offering to let them set themselves up in Caemlyn with support from the Crown. They do not like the idea of having to do favors for the Crown but Elayne tells them that the only favors she will ask are for Healing and for Traveling. Alise points out that these could be used to make a profit and that the Kin will want half of whatever is made. Elayne replies and tells her that Healing will be free for everyone. Sumeko says it is not up to her but Alise replies it is her choice and anyone who decides to follow her as the Kin is not what it was and Sumeko will be joining the White Tower. Elayne suggests letting them marry to tie them down and separate them from the Tower. They ask what Egwene will think of it but Elayne tells them she will talk to her. Elayne then thinks about the Seanchan knowing they will come for Andor eventually. She has access to Travelling but not access to people that can channel and fight so she thinks about the Black Tower and trying to claim them if Rand dies.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.

Character Development

  • He is trying to revert back to his roots pulling childish tricks.
  • Elayne is focusing a lot on the future worried about the Seanchan. She is making preparations that the White Tower may not like.


First Mention

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