Towers of Midnight: Chapter 44

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

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A Backhanded Request

Chapter Icon: Blacksmith's Puzzle

Points of View: Morgase, Perrin


Morgase and Tallanvor get married.


Morgase's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's Camp

Characters: Morgase, Basel Gill, Lini, Tallanvor

Morgase looks for Master Gill and while she is looking she passes Faile. She thinks about the time she has spent pretending to be a servant, the ups and the downs. She finds Master Gill and Lini and they discuss returning to Caemlyn and Elayne. As their stuff is being loaded up Tallanvor approaches them coming from Whitebridge. Tallanvor asks Morgase to speak in private and tells Morgase they should head to Caemlyn so that Morgase can renounce her throne because now that everyone knows who she is and that she's alive it could erode Elayne's authority. Morgase tells him that she has already planned on returning and that is why they were packing. Tallanvor apologizes for his earlier conversations with her but Morgase tells him that she is tired of doing what is best for everyone else and she wants to do something for herself. She kisses Tallanvor and then Lini tells them they are going to get married. Tallanvor asks Morgase to marry him and she says yes.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's camp

Characters: Perrin, Morgase, Faile, Galad, Mat

Perrin is speaking with Kevlyn Torr about a bunch of trees that died during the night. He thinks about how Neald is now making power wrought weapons with edges that are sharp and do not get dull. He walks to the Traveling ground where the last of the people heading to Caemlyn are leaving. Faile approaches him and he tells her that Berelain has taken a liking to Galad and that several people made a proclamation that the rumors concerning him and Berelain were false and that people believe her. Then Morgase, Lini, and Tallanvor stroll over. Morgase asks Perrin if he will wed them telling him in return she will talk to Elayne for them and try to get them titles. Faile tells Morgase they will accept her offer of letting Morgase speak for them, but they will work out titles and such with Elayne. Galad and Berelain arrive and Perrin notices a letter with a red seal in Galad's pocket. Morgase and Tallanvor pronounce their love for one another and Perrin pronounces them married. Faile heads off to get some ale for celebration when all of a sudden Perrin is hit with an acorn. Perrin heads down to an oak tree looking for the source of the acorn a hand sticks out and Perrin walks around to find Mat. Mat tells him he snuck through the Gateway to tell Perrin to watch out as dangerous people are following him and soon assassins will be trying to kill Perrin. He tells Perrin he needs to borrow an Asha'man but will explain why later. He then heads back to the Gateway.


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What does the letter Galad have say? Is it one of Verin's letters?


First Mention

Kevlyn Torr

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