Towers of Midnight: Chapter 8

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The Seven Striped Lass

Chapter Icon: Five dice, arranged in a ring

Point of View: Mat

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Berg, Chaser, Gufrin, Mat, Melli Craeb, Teslyn, Thom


Mat learns the gholam is close and the Aes Sedai are leaving.


Mat talks with the innkeeper of The Seven Striped Lass, Melli Craeb about Verin's letter. She offers to open it for him so he can get round his promise to do as it says, but he tells her he would still be bound by it. He leaves the inn, for another, of lower quality, The Dead Man's Breath. There, he hears that a local man, Jowdry has been murdered, with his throat ripped out and drained of blood. Mat realises the gholam is near. He leaves and heads for another inn, The Two Apples, where Thom is performing. Thom has heard about the gholam and they head back to Mat's camp.

On the way, they discuss Elayne, who hasn't replied to Mat, and the Tower of Ghenjei. Mat intends to find an Aes Sedai to Travel there. He is told by Gufrin that the three Aes Sedai have returned, which does not please him, but Teslyn approaches him. She asks him if he has heard any rumors, which he has, but he puts no stock in any of them. She agrees and tells him they are going back to the White Tower, even Edesina. She thanks him, tells him there are women in the White Tower in his debt and gives him a respectful nod. He tells her he can spare her horses to speed the journey.

He leaves her to open his tent, where he smells blood.


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Whose blood is it?
Has the gholam tracked him?
Why hasn't Elayne contacted him?

Norry approved his stay outside Caemlyn, so she likely knows where he is. Thom claims it is likely she is just too busy.

Are the rumors of an attack on the Tower correct?

This essentially depends on how Mat's timeline matches up with Rand and Egwene's from The Gathering Storm.


First Mention

Berg, Bernherd, Bromas, Chaser, Cinny Wade, Clare, Gufrin, Jowdry, Melli Craeb

First Appearance

Berg, Bernherd, Bromas, Chaser, Clare, Gufrin, Melli Craeb

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