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Author: Toral Delvar


Emond’s field is a village in the Two Rivers region of Andor, along with Deven Ride to the south, Watch Hill to the north and Taren Ferry to the North of that, on the banks of the river Taren. It lies on the site where the final battle of Manetheren's fall during the Trolloc Wars occurred, the name deriving from Aemon, the last king of Manetheren (TEotW, Ch. 9).

It is located at the point where the Old Road to the south becomes the North Road to the north. A third road, the Quarry Road, also leads out into the Westwood and a long abandoned quarry in the Mountains of Mist. In the middle of the village, at the western edge of the Green, the Winespring flows from a low stone outcrop. The flow is strong and it quickly widens to the east, where it forms the swampy Waterwood. Two bridges cross this spring in the village center, one large enough for wagons (TEotW, Ch. 1).


As with the rest of the Two Rivers with the exception of Taren Ferry, where there has been much intermingling with outsiders, the people have a reputation for stubbornness (TEotW, Ch. 15) and for refusing to give up even when facing great adversity (LoC, Prologue). It is said that they can be lead, if they think you worthy, but if you try to push them, they dig in (TEotW, Ch. 40). Physically, the people resemble those of the rest of the Two Rivers, with dark hair and eyes being common. The major industry is farming, with tabac and wool being the major exports (TEotW, Ch. 2) until the anarchy in Tarabon, Almoth Plain and Arad Doman drive craftsmen and women over the mountains of Mist (LoC, Prologue).

Although it is a part of Andor, it has not seen a tax collector or representative of the Queen's Guard in generations and is effectively self governing, ruled by a Village Council under the mayor, who is chosen by the men, and a Women's Circle under the Wisdom, who is chosen by the women. The Mayor for the past twenty years has been Bran al'Vere (TEotW, Ch. 1), and the Village Council consists of Cenn Buie, Tam al'Thor, Haral Luhhan, Jon Thane, Rowan Hurn, Samel Crawe and one other (TEotW, Ch. 2). The Wisdom is initially Nynaeve al'Meara (TEotW, Ch. 1), but after she leaves, she is replaced by Daise Congar (TSR, Ch. 29).


At the start of the series, the largest building is the Winespring Inn, which stands at the east edge of the Green. It is a two-story building with a tile roof, the only one in the village (TEotW, Ch. 1). To the south end of the inn lie the remains of a stone foundation, believed to have once been part of the Inn.

As with the other villages, it has its own smithy, run by Haral Luhhan (TEotW, Ch. 2).

There is a mill to the east of the village (TSR, Ch. 30).

The new sickhouse stands beyond the mill. The old sickhouse, a large single story building, was almost destroyed in a storm when Perrin was a boy (TSR, Ch. 30).


When Trollocs attack the Two Rivers for the first time in the series, they simply attack Emond’s field and a select few buildings, those where Perrin and Mat are staying (TEotW, Ch. 8). When they return, to try and lure Rand, they attack throughout the Two Rivers, but in the end concentrate on Emond’s field; it is in Emond’s Field where the final battle and the skirmishes leading up to it occur (TSR, Ch. 56).

Since the attack on the Two Rivers and the Seanchan troubles to the west, Emond’s Field has changed a great deal. For the first time in memory, it has a Lord, Perrin, though he has not yet been recognised by Elayne as such, and trade has increased. The refugees have brought in many new skills, such as cutlery, clothweaving and carpet making (LoC, Prologue).

There are many new buildings as well, some of which use tile instead of thatch, as is customary. These include a new Inn, the Archers, much larger than the Winespring Inn built alongside the abandoned foundations (WH, Ch. 26) and a manor house, three stories high, as well as a memorial to those who fell in defence of the village, a stone plinth that is five paces high (TFoH, Ch. 49). A thick wall with gates and towers surrounds the town, and outside the walls, sawmills, an iron foundry and several large workshops have been built (WH, Ch. 26).


There are many characters from the Emond’s Field including:

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