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Nynaeve al'Meara
Nationality Andoran
Affiliation Aes Sedai
Ajah Yellow Ajah
Social Status Royality
Family Lan Mandragoran
First Appearance Ravens Prologue

Authors: Faylinn Luin and MacKiya al'Mora

Pronunciation: NIGH-neev ahl-MEER-ah

Nynaeve al'Meara was born in the year 974 NE in Emond's Field in the Two Rivers. She is the Wisdom of the village and is fluent in all things healing (for a village Wisdom) and even has the ability to "listen to the wind". She has taken Egwene under her wing and wants to train her in the craft.

Nynaeve is very protective of all Two Rivers folk and because of that, after Moiraine takes away three village youths and Egwene away from the village, Nynaeve feels compelled to go after them and bring them back. This leads her to joining them, which changes her life completely.

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time book series.

Nynaeve fanart, credit to Cinna Vrammar


Nynaeve is eight years older than Egwene (TDR, Ch. 51; LoC, Ch. 48), and four years older than Rand, Mat, and Perrin. As an only child, her father raised her as if she was the son he never had. Before he died, her father taught her to track as well as anyone but Tam al'Thor (TEotW, Ch. 16).

By the age of fourteen, Nynaeve was orphaned and taken under the wing of Mistress Doral Barran, the Emond's Field Wisdom at the time (TEotW, Ch. 20). She taught her all her skills, and when she died Nynaeve became the Wisdom (TEotW, Ch. 1), possibly the youngest known. Nynaeve had served as the Wisdom of Emond's Field five years prior to her departure (TDR, Ch. 28), and despite being so young for such a position (TEotW, Ch. 3), no villager was foolish enough to mention her age when arguing with her.

After discovering she was what an Aes Sedai would describe as a wilder (TEotW, Ch. 21), she decided to go to Tar Valon with Egwene to train in the White Tower to learn enough of the One Power to use against Moiraine for the injustices she believed the Aes Sedai caused (TGH, Ch. 8). Once she arrived at Tar Valon, Nynaeve was tested and immediately made Accepted despite her block that prevented her from channeling unless she was angry (TGH, Ch. 23).


Nynaeve has shown herself to be nearly fearless in the face of any opponent despite how often she likes to think of herself as a coward. She will soon prove just how powerful an Aes Sedai Moiraine predicted her to be in the time to come (TEotW, Ch. 21). Nynaeve is also very stubborn just like the rest of the Two Rivers folk.


Nynaeve is slender with deep brown eyes, wears her long dark hair in a braid, and is barely taller than Mat's shoulder (TEotW, Ch. 3). With a short temper and sharp tongue, Nynaeve regularly gives over to fits of rage and verbal abuse and never hesitates to thwap anyone she believes has over-stepped themselves. Despite how temperamental she may be, however, Nynaeve's spirit and strong sense of duty aid her to do what she believes must be done and never allows herself room for failure.

Condensed Timeline

  • 974 NE-Nynaeve is born as the only child in a farm at or near Emond's Field (LoC, Ch. 48). It is not known who her parents were, just that they were farmers (TSR, Ch. 46). Her mother's name was Elnore (TGH, Ch. 23) who died early in Nynaeve's life and was raised by her father who's name is unknown.
  • 988 NE-Nynaeve is apprenticed under Doral Barran, Emond's Field's Wisdom, shortly after the death of her father (TEotW, Ch. 21).
  • 990 NE-Nynaeve channels for the first time when attempting to heal Egwene of breakbone fever. She suffers a reaction from touching the True Source a week or ten days later (TEotW, Ch. 21).
  • 993 NE-Nynaeve succeeds Mistress Barran after her death and becomes Wisdom of Emond's Field (TDR, Ch. 28).
  • 998 NE- Nynaeve is raised Accepted, having taken and passed the test upon her arrival at the White Tower (TGH, Ch. 23).

Nynaeve's Journey

The Eye of the World

Nynaeve comes upon Rand and Mat who are discussing the news that Fain brought about the false Dragon in Ghealdan and mentions how the Women's Circle should be questioning Fain not the Village Council (TEotW, Ch. 3).

After the Two Rivers is attacked by Trollocs Rand brings his dad Tam to town and asks Nynaeve to heal him. After inspection Nynaeve says he is too far gone for her to save (TEotW, Ch. 7).

Nynaeve tracked Moiraine and Rand's group to Baerlon despite the fact that Lan was trying to cover their trail. After being questioned by Moiraine, Nynaeve has a discussion with Rand and she confirms to him that he was born outside of the Two Rivers (TEotW, Ch. 16). After Rand sees a Fade the group decides to leave. They are confronted by Whitecloaks but Moiraine appears as a giant and they escape. Afterwards they see fire from the city. This bugs Nynaeve who is worried about the people in the inn but Moiraine says keeping the boys away from the Dark One is more important (TEotW, Ch. 17). As the group continues towards Tar Valon they are set upon by hundreds of Trollocs so they take refuge in Shadar Logoth.(TEotW, Ch. 18) Nynaeve mixes some herbs to help Moiraine sleep for an hour. Trollocs enter the city so they prepare to leave (TEotW, Ch. 19).

As they are exiting they encounter Mashadar which cause Lan and Moiraine to get separated from Nynaeve and the rest. Shortly after they are attacked by Trollocs and everyone is separated (TEotW, Ch. 20). Nynaeve finds Lan and Moiraine. Moiraine explains to Nynaeve that she can channel and explains what would have happened the first time she channeled. Nynaeve remembers exactly what happened and realizes Moiraine is telling the truth (TEotW, Ch. 21).

The group arrives in Whitebridge to some burnt buildings and suspicious stares. After determining that the boys were there they decide to leave and head for the one who still has their token as Moiraine has no idea what direction the other two went (TEotW, Ch. 28). They come upon a Whitecloak camp of about two hundred and Lan tell Nynaeve that the boy is in a tent in the middle. They give Nynaeve the job of releasing the horses and running them off. Nynaeve does this as well as taking two of the horses, one of them Bela (TEotW, Ch. 37). Afterwards she meets up with Lan who now has Egwene and Perrin. Nynaeve notices that Perrin's eyes are yellow and inspects them. Moiraine tells her it is not a disease (TEotW, Ch. 38).

Nynaeve and the group meet up with Rand at The Queen's Blessing in Caemlyn. They find out Mat took a dagger from Shadar Logoth and is now really sick (TEotW, Ch. 41). Rand introduces Nynaeve to Loial. Moiraine heals Mat the best she can then joins them. She tells them that Rand, Mat, and Perrin are all ta'veren. She learned about the Eye of the World from them and decided to go there. Moiraine asks Loial to lead them there through the Ways (TEotW, Ch. 42).

The group begins their journey to Fal Dara. Loial leads them to a Waygate and Moiraine opens it. They enter and Loial uses the Ogier script to lead them (TEotW, Ch. 44). They find Trolloc runes and conclude that the Trollocs have managed to learn how to travel the Ways, and that is how they got to the Two Rivers. They run into Machin Shin and barely escape out of the Ways (TEotW, Ch. 45). They make their way to Fal Dara and are led to Lord Agelmar Jagad. Agelmar tells them about Fain and brings him in (TEotW, Ch. 46). Lord Agelmar tells them the story of Lan and afterwards Lan shows up to tell them the story of Fain (TEotW, Ch. 47).

They head into the Blight. Moiraine warns them about the dangers of the Blight. Nynaeve and Lan have a heart to heart about their feelings for each other (TEotW, Ch. 48). They arrive at the Eye of the World and meet the Green Man. Shortly after they arrive they are joined by two of the Forsaken, Aginor and Balthamel. Nynaeve tries to attack Aginor but is stopped by Balthamel until the Green Man attacks Balthamel. Aginor then moves forward but Moiraine tries to stop him with fire but he throws her aside. Rand runs and Aginor follows (TEotW, Ch. 52). They are joined shortly by Rand who tells them what happened after he left (TEotW, Ch. 53).

The Great Hunt

Nynaeve and Egwene visit Fain in the dungeons on occasion (TGH, Ch. 3). After Egwene hides Rand in the Women's quarters he falls asleep and wakes up with Nynaeve there. They discuss Egwene and Fain, and keeping Rand safe. While talking the alarm goes off. Nynaeve assures Rand it wouldn't be for him (TGH, Ch. 6). Nynaeve runs into Lan who wants to talk to her. Lan gives her the ring of the Kings of Malkier. Afterwards Moiraine talks to her about coming with them to Tar Valon (TGH, Ch. 8). Nynaeve leaves Fal Dara for Tar Valon, with Egwene, Moiraine, and the Amyrlin. On their trip Nynaeve and Egwene are given lessons by Verin, and other Aes Sedai traveling with them. During a lesson with Verin, Nynaeve gets angry and starts a fire using Saidar. They arrive at Medo (TGH, Ch. 12), before continuing by ship. While underway Siuan Sanche, The Amyrlin Seat, teaches the girls about the use of the One Power. During the lesson, Siuan uses Saidar to hold Nynaeve in the air, causing Nynaeve to slam the Amyrlin against a wall in anger. Siuan continues to Shield Nynaeve, cutting her off from the One Power momentarily.

Shortly after arriving at the White Tower, Nynaeve and Egwene meet with Sheriam Bayanar, the Mistress of Novices (TGH, Ch. 18). It is decided that Nynaeve should skip the Novice stage of her journey to become and Aes Sedai due to her age and temperament. She soon after takes the test to be raised to the rank of Accepted. The test involve walking through three ter'angreal arches. Inside the first arch she is faced by Aginor. She uses the One Power to attack and has him on the run when she sees the arch to return and steps back through. Sheriam warns her about the dangers of channeling while in the ter'angreal. Nynaeve goes in the second arch. This time she is in Emond's Field and the new Wisdom has been keeping the children sick. Marin al'Vere tells her about the evil woman Malena Aylar, as they are on their way to meet another member of the Women's Circle, they see Malena coming at them. The arch of the ter'angreal appears however, and Nynaeve steps through it. Inside the third arch, Nynaeve enters a world where she is married to Lan, and they have children together. While talking to Lan she sees the arch appear but Lan tries to convince her to stay. She finally steps through the arch. The Amyrlin is waiting for her and gives her the title of Accepted of the White Tower (TGH, Ch. 23).

While Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne, and Min are hanging out in their dorm, Liandrin Sedai comes looking for them. She tells Nynaeve and Egwene that Rand is in trouble and they need to come with her to Toman Head to help him. They agree to come, and Min and Elayne insist on coming as well (TGH, Ch. 38). They travel through the Ways to Toman Head (TGH, Ch. 39). Once they have reached Toman Head, it is revealed that Liandrin has betrayed them to the High Lady Suroth and the Seanchan. The soldiers tries to seize them, leading to Egwene being collared with an a'dam and Min being captured. Nynaeve and Elayne manage to escape, and follow the group to Falme in hope of saving Egwene and Min (TGH, Ch. 40).

At Falme, they stay hidden while scoping out the town. They soon discover where the damane quarters are located. Nynaeve lectures Elayne after Elayne uses Saidar, as this will draw the attention of the damane (TGH, Ch. 42). Eventually they manage to approach Min, and make plans on how to rescue the two girls. It is decided they need a ship to escape, so Nynaeve and ELayne approach Bayle Domon. Nynaeve shows him her Accepted ring leading him to believe she is an Aes Sedai in need of his ship and crew to leave Falme. He tells them of an Aes Sedai he saw captured and agrees to help them escape (TGH, Ch. 43). They capture Seta, a Seanchan sul'dam, and Nynaeve says she will have Seta be their fake damane for the rescue attempt (TGH, Ch. 45). They succeed in freeing Egwene who tells them that the Sul'dam can learn to channel. As they are leaving they see Seanchan soldiers and Egwene who doesn't want to be leashed again attacks (TGH, Ch. 46). They get away, and Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne head back to Tar Valon (TGH, Ch. 49).

The Dragon Reborn

Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne, Verin, Mat, and Hurin are on their way to Tar Valon. The city is in their site when they are approached by Whitecloaks. After some questioning Egwene uses Saidar to scare off the Whitecloaks (TDR, Ch. 10). They arrive at the White Tower and are greeted by Sheriam. Sheriam has someone carry Mat off and instructs three Accepted to lead the girls to their rooms where they are to remain silent until the Amyrlin calls upon them (TDR, Ch. 11). The girls are brought in front of the Amyrlin, Siuan. She informs them that Egwene and Elayne are to be raised to Accepted but that they will be punished severely for running away. After sending Elayne away Siuan gives Egwene and Nynaeve the task of hunting down the Black Ajah (TDR, Ch. 14).

On their way back to their rooms a Gray Man shoots a crossbow bolt at Nynaeve. Nynaeve catches the Gray Man with a weave of Air but when she goes to inspect him there is a knife in him. Sheriam then arrives. They explain to her that they found the body. She tells them to go to Nynaeve's room and uses a weave to cover the body. Nynaeve goes to try to get the bolt but it is already gone (TDR, Ch. 15). Upon arriving at her room Nynaeve finds it already occupied by Elayne, Galad, and Gawyn. Gawyn and Galad question the girls about where they have been but the girls won't say anything. Nynaeve finally threatens them and they leave. Nynaeve then tells Elayne about what Siuan had to say about the Black Ajah as well as what happened with the Gray Man (TDR, Ch. 16).

Elaida catches the girls on a walk, and questions them about what they have been up to. After not getting any answers she questions them about Rand but is interrupted by Sheriam who summons the girls to watch the healing of Mat (TDR, Ch. 17). Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne witness the healing of Mat and then head off to kitchen duty (TDR, Ch. 18).

Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene go over all the information Verin provided them with about the Black Ajah. Else Grinwell shows up with a message for the girls from Siuan telling them where the stuff that Liandrin's group left behind is (TDR, Ch. 25). After going through the stuff they realize that there is a reference to a trip to Tear in every one of the groups belongings. Egwene decides she will try to find more clues using her dream ter'angreal(TDR, Ch. 26). Nynaeve keeps guard while Egwene is sleeping. After Egwene wakes up she shares her dreams with the others. They decide they must go to Tear (TDR, Ch. 27). Elayne asks Mat to take a letter to her mom. In order for Mat to leave the city Nynaeve gives him one of the letter the Amyrlin gave them (TDR, Ch. 28). Siuan meets up with the girls while they are on kitchen duty. After they share info they find out Else Grinwell was actually sent home 10 days earlier. Siuan tells the girls that there will be gold in their rooms for the trip and she will spread around the tale that they are going to hoe cabbage (TDR, Ch. 29).

Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne are going down the Erinin river on the boat the Blue Crane when they hit a mud flat. After some debate they decide to walk to the next town and hopefully avoid brigands (TDR, Ch. 37). While walking they are approached by Aviendha, an Aiel who recognized their serpent rings. She asks them to heal her friend Dailin. Nynaeve heals Dailin (TDR, Ch. 38). After leaving the Aiel they are hit upside the head and kidnapped. Upon waking up they find themselves in a room. Nynaeve heals Elayne. They peek outside and see three Fades. As they are peeking all of a sudden Aiel come out of nowhere and take down all the Trollocs and everyone but the Fades. At this point the girls step out. Egwene lights the three fades on fire and Nynaeve balefires them. The Aiel escort the girls to the next city and then leave (TDR, Ch. 39).

Nynaeve and the girls arrive in Tear. They don't want to stay at an Inn because Liandrin's group might be looking for them. They see a Wisdom's house so they stop there. She tells them about a thief catcher she knows who can help them (TDR, Ch. 48). They meet Juilin Sandar the thief catcher and hire him (TDR, Ch. 49). Juilin finds Nynaeve and tells her he has found who she seeks. He leads her back to the Wisdom's house where Liandrin is waiting for her. They block her from Saidar and take her to the Stone. On the way they tell her that the Forsaken Be'lal is there (TDR, Ch. 51). Egwene enters The World of Dreams to try to shield Amico. She wakes up and they are still blocked. She falls asleep again to try again but Mat shows up with Juilin to rescue them. Nynaeve punches Amico and their shields are finally released (TDR, Ch. 55). Afterwards they discuss the seal that Moiraine found in the Stone as well as what is yet to come (TDR, Ch. 56).

The Shadow Rising

This section contains spoilers relating to The Shadow Rising. Please expand to view.

Nynaeve and Egwene are questioning the Black Ajah members Joiya and Amico. They are getting two different stories of threats and they are trying to convince Nynaeve to go to Tanchico. Then Moiraine walks in pissed off (TSR, Ch. 5). Moiraine tells the group that she has arranged for the Darkfriends to be sent to Tar Valon in four days. After sending the Darkfriends off she talks to Nynaeve and the girls about Rand, telling them she believes that he should attack Sammael in Illian. She also tells them about a ter'angreal there in Tear that answers three questions and that they should focus on Tanchico (TSR, Ch. 6). Nynaeve watches over Egwene as her body sleeps while she is in The World of Dreams(TSR, Ch. 11). After Egwene wakes up they discuss what happened. They decide that Egwene will go to the Waste and meet Amys and Elayne and Nynaeve will go to Tanchico (TSR, Ch. 12). As everyone gets ready to depart Egwene gives Nynaeve the twisted ring ter'angreal. Lan comes in mad that Nynaeve didn't tell him she was going to Tanchico. He wants to come and protect her but she tells him he must stay with Moiraine. He kisses her and storms out(TSR, Ch. 16).

Nynaeve needs quick passage to Tanchico so she heads to an Atha'an Miere ship, the Wavedancer to ask for the Gift of Passage. After talking to Coine and Jorin and telling them about their hunt for the Black Ajah as well as giving them a note for 3000 gold the Atha'an miere agree to give them passage to help the "Coramoor" (TSR, Ch. 20). Thom and Juilin show up to accompany them (TSR, Ch. 21). They arrive in Tanchico and are greeted by Domon who recognizes them from Falme. He says he can get them a place to stay. At the inn Elayne drinks and gets drunk. Nynaeve sticks her head in a bucket of water to make her sober up. Afterwards Nynaeve goes to sleep with the ter'angreal. In The World of Dreams she goes to the Waste where she sees a man but Birgitte appears and tells her to leave saying the man will kill her if he sees her. She then goes to the Two Rivers. In the Two Rivers she follows a person who she thinks is Birgitte. They move around a corner and there Nynaeve runs into someone who looks like Lan. The man tries to shoot her with a bow. She barely avoids it and wakes up(TSR, Ch. 39).

While walking in the streets, Nynaeve and Elayne are attacked by someone who tries to kidnap them. Egeanin enters the fight and helps them. However, Elayne is still forced to use Air when one of the attackers draws a knife. Afterwards they invite Egeanin back for tea. They drink tea and Egeanin questions them about Aes Sedai. Thom shows up and starts talking and after he mentions Domon, Egeanin decides to leave. After Egeanin leaves Moghedien shows up and uses Compulsion on Elayne and Nynaeve to find out what they are up to. Moghedien decides to let them be(TSR, Ch. 46). A week later Egeanin is eating with Nynaeve and Elayne when Domon walks in. He recognizes Egeanin and Egeanin swings at Domon. Elayne grabs them both with Air then Domon explains that Egeanin is a Seanchan and was the Captain of the ship that caught him. After they talk Domon tells them he found Liandrin's group and that they are staying at the Panarch's palace. Juilin arrives to give them the same info(TSR, Ch. 51) .

Nynaeve enters The World of Dreams and meets the Wise Ones. The Wise Ones tell her about a trick using "need" to find something you seek. She uses need and ends up in the Panarch's palace where the Black Sister Temaile has Amathera captive. She uses need again to escape. She sees Moghedien as well as a seal for the Dark Ones prison and a Domination Band. She also encounters Birgitte, and they discuss Moghedien(TSR, Ch. 52). Domon sneaks them in to the Panarch's palace by hiding them in a cart he tells the guards is Ice Peppers for the Panarch. They encounter Temaile and shield her. Moghedien is in the Palace and Nynaeve runs into her while searching. They fight, trying to Shield each other. Nynaeve throws the Domination Band at Moghedien, hitting her in the head and uses the moment to slip a shield over Moghedien. Moghedien runs and Nynaeve chases her. Jeaine Caide, another of the Black Sisters shows up with a ter'angreal that shoots Balefire. She shoots Balefire a couple times and disappears in the chaos(TSR, Ch. 54). Nynaeve decides to take the Seal back to Tar Valon and asks Domon to throw the Domination Band in a deep part of the sea(TSR, Ch. 55).

The Fires Of Heaven

This section contains spoilers relating to The Fires of Heaven. Please expand to view.

Nynaeve is on her way to Amadicia with Thom, Juilin, and Elayne. They are stopped by Whitecloaks who are curious about Tarabon. They manage to convince the Whitecloaks that they are dye merchants and are sent on their way. They decide to make camp near Mardecin (TFoH, Ch. 8). They send Thom into Mardecin to try to find some fruits and vegetable but after he returns empty handed they decide to try themselves. After entering Mardecin Nynaeve notices a Yellow Ajah signal for an urgent message. They enter the shop with the signal outside which is a seamstress shop run by Ronde Macura. Ronde Macura pours them some tea and after they drink it they pass out (TFoH, Ch. 9). They find out the name of the tea is [[forkroot] and it stops women from being able to reach Saidar. Thom and Juilin rescue them. Upon questioning Ronde they discover that the Amyrlin has sent out messages for people to capture and restrain the runaway Accepted Elayne with whatever means necessary. They disguise themselves before continuing on their way towards Tar Valon (TFoH, Ch. 10).

They continue on their way. Elayne pretends to be a lady going under the alias The Lady Morelin of House Samared and Nynaeve pretends to be her maid. They run into a circus run by Valan Luca who wants to put a show on for them but they give him a silver penny and continue on their way. They stop in the town of Sienda and stay at the inn The Light of Truth (TFoH, Ch. 13). Nynaeve first meets with Birgitte in Tel'aran'rhiod, and then with Egwene and Melaine and exchange information (TFoH, Ch. 14). After the meeting Nynaeve stays in Tel'aran'rhiod and goes to the Amyrlin's study where she is joined by Egwene who scolds her for not being careful enough in Tel'aran'rhiod. They investigate the study and find out that [Elaida]] is now Amyrlin (TFoH, Ch. 15). The next day Nynaeve and Elayne run into Galad who asks them to accomapny him to Caemlyn but they refuse. After he leaves they meet up with Thom and Juilin and tell them they need to leave immediately (TFoH, Ch. 16). The group goes to Valan Luca and asks if they can travel with him. They offer him a nice sum of money and he accepts under the condition that they take part in his show to which they agree. While there they recognize a Seanchan animal and find out the trainer Cerandin is Seanchan (TFoH, Ch. 17). Cerandin gives Nynaeve and Egwene an a'dam. Nynaeve gets into a fight with Latelle, a member of the crew (TFoH, Ch. 24). Luca blames Nynaeve for the fight and makes her apologize (TFoH, Ch. 25).

Nynaeve continues travelling with Valan Luca and they make their way to the River Eldar. Meanwhile Nynaeve has begun being the target of Thom's throwing knives for their act as part of the show (TFoH, Ch. 33). Nynaeve enters Tel'aran'rhiod where she joins Birgitte and they watch a meeting of the the forsaken Moghedien, Lanfear, Sammael, Rahvin, and Graendal. Birgitte takes them away and as they talk Moghedien appears. She blocks Nynaeve from using Saidar and throws Birigtte accross the room. While Moghedien is talking about how she is gonna torture Nynaeve Birgitte shoots her with an arrow giving Nynaeve enough time to escape (TFoH, Ch. 34). Nynaeve awakes and Thom and Juilin rush in carrying Birigtte who has been pulled out of Tel'aran'rhiod and deadly wounded. Nynaeve tries to heal her but is unable to. Elayne bonds Birgitte as a Warder, and it works (TFoH, Ch. 35). Nynaeve feels guilt for Birgitte getting pulled out of Tel'aran'rhiod and acts extremely unnatural and subservient towards Birgitte. After a while Birgitte gets fed up with this and tells Nynaeve in no uncertain terms that she is responsible for her own actions, not Nynaeve. Later Nynaeve sees a familiar face and chases after him (TFoH, Ch. 37). The person turns out to be Uno from Fal Dara. He tells Nynaeve about what happened after Falme. He also tells her that Masema is the Prophet and that he will take her to him (TFoH, Ch. 38). Uno leads her to Ragan and they take her to Masema together. Masema promises to find her a ship to take them to Rand. On her way back she spots Galad (TFoH, Ch. 39). She talks to Galad who says he will find her a ship too. He also in passing mentions Salidar which triggers Nynaeve's memory of what she was trying to remember. Nynaeve returns to the show and is now the target for Birigtte's show (TFoH, Ch. 40).

Uno shows up to tell Nynaeve about how they had a ship for her in Samara but the Whitecloaks took it and almost caused a full blown riot. Shortly afterwards Galad shows up and tells them he was the one who seized the ship for them. Valan Luca asks Nynaeve to speak alone and after pulling her to the side asks her to marry him but Nynaeve tells him she is already betrothed (TFoH, Ch. 47). Galad, along with Uno and his group of Shienarans, lead Nynaeve's group to Samara. There is a mob of people and they have to fight their way through. They then board the Riverserpent where they tell the Captain Agni Neres to take a group of refugees as well (TFoH, Ch. 48). They travel on the ship to Salidar despite the fact that the Captain says it is abandoned. On the trip they make new friends with a few people on the ship. Nynaeve meets with Egwene in The World of Dreams where Amys is displeased with the ter'angreal they are using to enter (TFoH, Ch. 49). They arrive in Salidar and are questioned by the Aes Sedai that are camping there. Nynaeve and Elayne tell them about everything (TFoH, Ch. 50). Nynaeve gives Siuan lessons on The World of Dreams. While there Moghedien shows up and catches Nynaeve unaware. Birgitte uses the ter'angreal ring and shows up and distracts Moghedien. Nynaeve pretends to beg for her life and when Moghedien comes close enough she uses The World of Dreams to put an a'dam on her. Moghedien tells Nynaeve about Rahvin, Graendal, Sammael, and Lanfear's plan to lure Rand in and trap him. Nynaeve decides to try to help and with Moghedien heads to Caemlyn (TFoH, Ch. 54). They find Rand fighting Rahvin. Nynaeve uses Moghedien through the a'dam to weave fire at Rahvin with as much of Saidar as she can hold and Rand Balefires him. Nynaeve then heals Rand and he leaves. Nynaeve gives Moghedien something to drink so she falls asleep and as she falls asleep Nynaeve lets her that she knows Moghedien is in Salidar because she knew information that she shouldn't have (TFoH, Ch. 55)

Lord of Chaos

This section contains spoilers relating to Lord of Chaos. Please expand to view.

While in Tel'aran'rhiod, Nynaeve manages to capture the Forsaken Moghedien using an a'dam. She hides her prisoner's true identity from most of the Aes Sedai, calling her Marigan. The only ones that know Marigan's true identity are Elayne, Siuan, Leane, Birgitte, and Nynaeve. Elayne and Nynaeve question Marigan about the Age of Legends and have to pry information from her. However, they do puzzle out from the information that she does give various feats, such as how to make ter'angreal, how to disguise yourself (inverted weaves) and how to hide your ability to channel.

Once learning that Nynaeve and Elayne know how to travel into Tel'aran'rhiod, several Aes Sedai of Salidar insist on entering too, requiring lessons from Nynaeve and Elayne. This leads to some chaotic events while in the World of Dreams.

Theodrin, a young Accepted-turned-Aes Sedai by Egwene, tried to remove the "block" from Nynaeve, but without success.

Elayne and Nynaeve go into Tel'aran'rhiod to find something to help Rand and then perhaps rid the world of the scorching weather that the Dark One has caused. They both use a trick they learn which is to concentrate on "need". The World of Dreams reveals a small storage room in Ebou Dar where there is a special ter'angreal. It's a shallow bowl of thick crystal with swirling clouds inside. Elayne believes that angreal and sa'angreal were also inside that room.

Nynaeve accidentally heals Logain using air, water, fire, spirit, and earth (LoC, Ch. 29). She also heals Siuan and Leane, although they are much weaker in the One Power that they formally had (LoC, Ch. 30).

Once finding out about the ter'angreal that Elayne and Nynaeve saw in the World of Dreams, Egwene (Amyrlin) sends them and Juilin, Thom, Birgitte, Aviendha, Mat and the Band of the Red Hand to find it in Ebou Dar.

Aran'gar (a mysterious forsaken) frees Moghedien after the Dumai's Wells incident (LoC, Ch. 55)

A Crown of Swords

This section contains spoilers relating to A Crown of Swords. Please expand to view.

Once Lan finds Myrelle, his new Aes Sedai bond-holder, Egwene tells him that Nynaeve is in Ebou Dar as a guest of Queen Tylin at the Tarasin Palace, and that she may deny she's in danger. Egwene creates a gateway near the city for Lan to find her (ACoS, Ch. 12).

Nynaeve and crew take a boat to Ebou Dar and encounters the Atha'an Miere, who are eager to bargain with their prophesied "Coramoor" (Rand). Elayne tells them about the Bowl that they are searching for, and the Atha'an Miere call it "the Bowl of the Winds." They insist on being apart of using the Bowl (ACoS, Ch. 13).

Once in Ebou Dar, Nynaeve and Elayne stumble upon another secret- the Kin (and the Knitting Circle). They are a group of women who were either runaways from the Tower, Novices or Accepted that were not strong enough to be Aes Sedai, or Wilders, that formed a society to keep safe. The Kin join Nynaeve and friends (ACoS, Ch. 23).

Moghedien arrives in Ebou Far and spotting Nynaeve she launches Balefire at the boat Nynaeve is in, splitting the boat in two. As the boat is sinking, Nynaeve completely surrenders herself to the True Source, and her Block is destroyed. Miraculously, Lan pulls her from the water and saves her life (ACoS, Ch. 31).

The Mistress of Ships (Atha'an Miere) marries Lan and Nynaeve (ACoS, Ch. 37).

They find the Bowl in the Rahad district of Ebou Dar. Mat fights a dangerous Shadowspawn called a "gholam" that was hiding in the room and it escapes. Elayne finds the Bowl and also takes objects from the room that are believed to be ter'angreal and angreal. Nynaeve captures a Black Ajah sister, Ispan. Adeleas and Vandene start interrogating Ispan (ACoS, Ch. 38)

The Path of Daggers

This section contains spoilers relating to The Path of Daggers. Please expand to view.

Nynaeve leads the group that worked the Bowl. Linked with Elayne, Aviendha, and several Atha'an Miere women, they use the Bowl to correct the weather, ending the everlasting Summer and bringing on Winter. The Seanchan attack after they use the Bowl (TPoD, Ch. 5).

Nynaeve heals a crossbow wound Birgitte got while fighting the Seanchan (TPoD, Ch. 20).

The party journeys to Caemlyn so that Elayne can lay her claim on the Lion Throne (TPoD, Ch. 20).

Ispan is found dead with a stake driven through her heart together with Adeleas who had her throat cut. They had been poisoned with Crimsonthorn root in their tea. Vandene, Adeleas's twin sister, vows to find the killer (TPoD, Ch. 28)

Winter's Heart

This section contains spoilers relating to Winter's Heart. Please expand to view.

Mazrim Taim shows up at Palace in Caemlyn to present Elayne with a "gift" from Rand -- twenty-nine Seanchan sul'dam and five damane. Nynaeve orders them to remove the a'dam and for them to be guarded at all times (WH, Prologue).

According to the Bargain that Nynaeve and Elayne made with the Sea Folk, Aes Sedai will teach them a few hours a day about using the One Power. Incidentally, Nynaeve ends up teaching most of the classes(WH, Ch. 8).

There is an assassination attempt on Elayne's life, Dyelin tries to defend her. Doilin Mellar "saves" her. Nynaeve Heals Dyelin and gives Elayne herbs (WH, Ch. 9; WH, Ch. 10).

Rand disguises himself using the One Power and comes to ask Nynaeve's help. He tells her he has a plan to cleanse Saidin by linking with her. They must wield HUGE amount of Saidin and Saidar while using ter'angreal to tap the sa'angreal buried in Tremalking. Nynaeve insists on being apart of this dangerous feat, even though Lan opposes (WH, Ch. 11; WH, Ch. 32).

They travel to Shadar Logoth and eventually cleanse Saidin (WH, Ch. 35).

Crossroads of Twilight

This section contains spoilers relating to Crossroads of Twilight. Please expand to view.

There is no relevant reference to Nynaeve in Crossroads to Twilight.

Knife of Dreams

This section contains spoilers relating to Knife of Dreams. Please expand to view.

  • Nynaeve makes Lan promise to ride to Fal Moran before the Blight and to let any who wish ride with him, before dropping him off at World's End (KoD, Ch. 19).

The Gathering Storm

This section contains spoilers relating to The Gathering Storm. Please expand to view.

Nynaeve wants to heal the sul'dam but they don't want her help (TGS, Prologue). Nynaeve, accompanied by Cadsuane and Alivia, ask Rand for permission to use force with Semirhage but he will not let them even after Nynaeve practically begs (TGS, Ch. 1). Nynaeve senses some kind of storm but not a weather one. She comments on how the sun hasn't been out in 10 days. Nynaeve joins Daigian who refuses to accept Nynaeve as an Aes Sedai and goes over the weaves Nynaeve will need to know when she takes her test for the shawl. Nynaeve states that it's not fair the way the system is set up where one sister has to show deference to another sister who is stronger when it comes to how much Saidar they can use. Nynaeve runs into Rand who is meeting with the Aiel and Bashere to discuss what to do in Arad Doman(TGS, Ch. 7).

Nynaeve joins Rand and tells him about how Lan is making his way across the Borderlands and she has seen to it that he will have an army. She asks Rand to give him some support but Rand says they will attack when the time is right, which may be when Lan attacks and may not(TGS, Ch. 31). Nynaeve, along with Cadsuane, Merise, and Corele watch the ghosts. Afterwards Nynaeve comes up with a plan. Nynaeve uses Lady Milisair Chadmar's housekeeper Loral to locate Lady Chadmar's dungeon. Nynaeve delves Lady Chadmar and finds poison. Jorgin informs her that Kerb prepares the food. Nynaeve goes to find Kerb, he runs but is caught by the men she brought (TGS, Ch. 32).

Nynaeve takes Kerb to Rand. She tells Rand that he has some sort of block. Rand tells her that it is Compulsion and tells her how to remove it. Nynaeve uses the weave she uses for healing to remove the compulsion on Kerb who then tells them that Graendal is at Natrin's Barrow. Kerb then dies and Nynaeve tells Rand the way he is hardening himself he will die but he just acknowledges that he knows that (TGS, Ch. 33). Nynaeve accompanies Rand to meet with Tuon. During their meeting Tuon makes a remark about Mat and Nynaeve defends him (TGS, Ch. 35).

Nynaeve accompanies Rand to Natrin's Barrow where Graendal is hiding. Rand brings Ramshalan with him and sends him in to talk to Graendal. When he returns Rand has Nynaeve check for Compulsion. She does and finds the compulsion. Rand then Balefires the whole place and asks Nynaeve if the Compulsion is still there. Nynaeve says no so Rand determines that Graendal is dead. Upon return Nynaeve seeks out Cadsuane and tells her what happened and ask to be part of her plans. Cadsuane tells her to find out Perrin's location (TGS, Ch. 37).

Nynaeve rides out with Rand to meet the Borderlander's representative who turns out to be Hurin. Hurin tells them that the Borderlanders want him to come to a meeting in Far Madding. Rand gets angry and decides to kill them all but Nynaeve talks him out of it. Rand then tells her where to find Perrin and she in turn tells Cadsuane (TGS, Ch. 44).

Nynaeve is there when Tam returns from talking to Rand. Tam tells them Rand is insane and Nynaeve says Tam should have listened to what they said (TGS, Ch. 48).

Towers of Midnight

This section contains spoilers relating to Towers of Midnight. Please expand to view.

Nynaeve is discussing Rand's absence with Min when Sarene comes in to summon them to Cadsuane because Alanna is missing. Cadsuane questions Nynaeve asking her if she recognizes an envelope that Alanna left behind. They are talking when Min announces that Rand has returned (ToM, Ch. 12). Nynaeve rushes out to meet Rand with the rest of the group. She asks him about Tarwin's Gap and Rand says not yet but he will send help to Lan (ToM, Ch. 13).

Nynaeve meets Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod. Egwene asks Nynaeve for advice on how to deal with people you find yourself in charge of who look down on you. Nynaeve gives her advice and Egwene turns it around and asks Nynaeve to act like Egwene is Amyrlin. They then go and meet Elayne. A Ward goes off and Nynaeve asks her about it, Elayne says it wasn't her that set it off. They set up new Wards and begin to talk. Egwene asks them to both come back and be raised correctly but Elayne refuses due to her pregnancy. After some talk about Rand Nynaeve agrees to come back and to take the test to become Aes Sedai. Egwene's Ward goes off and they know that the Black Sisters are making use of the dream ter'angreal (ToM, Ch. 14).

Nynaeve and Naeff go check out a bubble of evil. Everyone in a part of the city died and turned to dust on touch. They stir it up with weaves of Air and light it on fire with a weave of Fire. Nynaeve then delves Naeff and finds his madness and finds a way to remove it and cures him. She heads over to Rand and tells him what happened. She delves him and finds his madness on a whole different level and covered in some kind of white light. She tells him she is returning to the White Tower and he asks her not to change (ToM, Ch. 15).

Nynaeve returns to the Tower and takes her Aes Sedai test which is extremely hard and nothing like normal. After coming out of the test they raise her to the shawl but barely as she failed the test. Afterwards she Travels to the Black Tower and makes Myrelle transfer Lan's bond over (ToM, Ch. 20).

Nynaeve, Egwene, and a group of Wise Ones, Aes Sedai, and Windfinders meet in Tel'aran'rhiod to discuss working together and to set a trap for Mesaana. They are attacked and a battle follows. They win and Mesaana is defeated (ToM, Ch. 37).

A Memory of Light

This section contains spoilers relating to A Memory of Light. Please expand to view.

  • Sleete brings Domon and Leilwin to her (AMoL, Prologue).
  • She tells Leilwin about Semirhage getting one of the male a'dam and placing it on Rand. Leilwin gives herself to Nynaeve (AMoL, Prologue).
  • Nynaeve takes Leilwin to Egwene (AMoL, Prologue).
  • She Heals Talmanes from his Thakan'dar blade inflicted wounds (AMoL, Ch. 1).
  • She stands near Rand at the meeting where the Peace of the Dragon is signed (AMoL, Ch. 5).
  • She embraces Moiraine when Moirane returns (AMoL, Ch. 6).
  • She goes with Rand to Shayol Ghul (AMoL, Ch. 20).
  • She tries to persuade Rand not to take Callandor as anyone could take control of him if he does ({{amol}20}}).
  • She and Moiraine join Rand in a circle (AMoL, Ch. 23).
  • Perrin speaks to her from Tel'aran'rhiod and lets her know he is going to block Travelling into and out of the area (AMoL, Ch. 25).
  • She discovers Alanna, wounded and dying (AMoL, Ch. 36).
  • She tries to use Saidar to Heal her but can't access it as Rand is holding the Source through their Link. She is forced to use herbs instead (AMoL, Ch. 36).
  • She brings Alanna out of her stupor with Andilay, and Alanna is able to release Rand from his Warder Bond before she dies (AMoL, Ch. 46).
  • She and Moiraine use Callandor to take control of Moridin and link with Rand so he can use Moridin's power (AMoL, Ch. 47).
  • She and Flinn try to save Rand but are unable to (AMoL, Epilogue).
  • She dons the Malkieri crown (AMoL, Epilogue).
  • She announces the death of Rand and is suspiscious of the reaction of Min, Elayne and Aviendha, thinking she will have to beat the truth out of them (AMoL, Epilogue).

Strengths and Talents

When learning unknowingly how to channel, Nynaeve learned to tell the weather, confirming the popular assumption that all Wisdoms can predict the weather (TEotW, Ch. 1).

Moiraine deduced that Nynaeve had great potential to possibly become one of the most powerful Aes Sedai they had seen in centuries (TEotW, Ch. 21).

Moiraine tells Siuan that Nynaeve is stronger than Elayne (TGH, Ch. 4).

Becoming very strong in the One Power, Nynaeve is as strong as Moghedien and not yet at full strength (TSR, Ch. 54).

Nynaeve uses a much more complex form of Healing than current day Aes Sedai. It is more akin to the Healing used in the Age of Legends (TDR, Ch. 38).

Relationships with Other Characters

When they were thirteen, Rand and Mat stole a jug of apple brandy and Nynaeve switched them for it (TSR, Ch. 7).

Nynaeve had tracked Moiraine Damodred to Baerlon when the Aes Sedai left Emond's Field with Rand al'Thor and several other young villagers with the firm intention of bringing them back (TEotW, Ch. 16).

Despite her obvious animosity toward Moiraine and being very protective of her fellow villagers, Nynaeve may have had another predetermining factor in her decision to accompany the small group. Though she wouldn't admit it to herself until many weeks later, Nynaeve fell head over heals for Lan, Moiraine's Warder, and even confronted him about her feelings (TEotW, Ch. 48). Perhaps this helped it spur Nynaeve's hatred of Moiraine, the woman bonded to the man she loved. Whatever the cause, Nynaeve leaves for Tar Valon to learn enough of the One Power to use against Moiraine for the injustices she believes the Aes Sedai has caused (TGH, Ch. 8).

Egwene and Elayne both cry on Nynaeve's lap after their Accepted tests and Nynaeve promises to make the Aes Sedai pay (TDR, Ch. 23).

This section contains spoilers relating to The Fires of Heaven. Please expand to view.

Nynaeve caught Juilin and Thom off guard by thanking them for rescuing her and Elayne from Ronde Macura, an agent of the Yellow Ajah who was given orders to capture Elayne and send her back to Tar Valon (TFoH, Ch. 10).

Nynaeve soon found herself the target of Thom's knives and Luca's love, and yearned to hire the first boat they could find to get away from the menagerie (TFoH, Ch. 33).

In an unexpected encounter in Tel'aran'rhiod, Nynaeve managed to capture Moghedien using an a'dam, and while dragging her around Nynaeve helped Rand kill Rahvin by scorching him unexpectedly (TFoH, Ch. 54 and TFoH, Ch. 55).


Nynaeve and Lan fall in love on their journey.

  • Nynaeve is suspicious of the wine Lan brings her but is angered when he suggests she is afraid (TEotW, Ch. 16)
  • Nynaeve blushes when Lan praises her tracking skills, something she never does (TEotW, Ch. 16)
  • When Lan goes to check on the Trollocs, Egwene worries he is being reckless, but Nynaeve is confident he wouldn't be seen (TEotW, Ch. 18)
  • Nynaeve is worried when Lan is away (TEotW, Ch. 19)
  • She is pleased that Lan didn't realize she was watching him and Moiraine (TEotW, Ch. 21)
  • She does not like the look from Lan when he learns she can channel (TEotW, Ch. 21)
  • She thinks Lan is mocking her by obviously omitting the word "Sedai" (TEotW, Ch. 21)
  • When Lan goes to fetch her horse, she expects him to fail and looks forward to the feeling of satisfaction. She only feels a tiny blow when he manages it
  • Nynaeve thinks Lan would be useful if she could get rid of Moiraine (TEotW, Ch. 28)
  • She finds Lan more infuriating than Moiraine even though he rarely speaks, a dozen words a day if that (TEotW, Ch. 28)
  • She expect Lan to comment on how easily he snuck up on her (TEotW, Ch. 37)
  • She is confident Lan could walk into a Whitecloak camp to free Perrin (TEotW, Ch. 37)
  • She is annoyed when she doesn't hear him leave (TEotW, Ch. 37)
  • She tells herself she is not in competition with Lan, but doesn't fully believe it (TEotW, Ch. 37)
  • When cutting the horse lines, she imagines Lan looking at her if she doesn't do all of them, and even though she thinks he would understand and accept, doesn't like the idea he might think less of her (TEotW, Ch. 37)
  • When Lan grabs her, she stares at him (TEotW, Ch. 38)
  • Nynaeve doesn't ask about Lan but listens intently to his story (TEotW, Ch. 47)
  • Nynaeve tells Lan she should have known he was a King (TEotW, Ch. 48)
  • Nynaeve virtually tells Lan she wants to marry him. He tells her how much he feels, but that he has his war to fight (TEotW, Ch. 48)

Miscellaneous Information

  • Nynaeve is twenty-six years old. She has a habit of flourishing every naming day since most of the Women's Circle in Emond's Field felt that she was too young to be Wisdom. (Throughout the series.)
  • When she grips her braid, it's an indication of her temper spiking
  • Nynaeve hates boats and often gets seasick
  • Nynaeve likes out-spoken men
  • Nynaeve wears Lan's signet ring on a leather cord around her neck.
  • Nynaeve's mother was a farmwife. Her father herded sheep and grew tabac (TSR, Ch. 46)

This section contains spoilers relating to The Fires of Heaven. Please expand to view.

  • Nynaeve is a terrible cook and a terrible sewer. At least she admits about the sewing (TFoH, Ch. 33)
  • Nynaeve believes anything short of death must be Healable (TFoH, Ch. 50)
  • Nynaeve refuses to believe herself to be brave, instead believing herself a coward (TFoH, Ch. 49)

This section contains spoilers relating to Lord of Chaos. Please expand to view.

  • She snores. "Nynaeve's snoring sounded like cloth ripping, but in the distance" (LoC, Ch. 7)

This section contains spoilers relating to Winter's Heart. Please expand to view.

  • Rand trusts Nynaeve. (WH, Ch. 35)- includes her in the powerful mission to clean saidin.)
  • She wears three rings on her right hand, one with a pale green stone, which according to Cadsuane, can detect someone channeling Saidin or Saidar up to three miles away (WH, Ch. 35). She also wears a slim jeweled belt around her waist called a well that holds an immense amount of Saidar

This section contains spoilers relating to Knife of Dreams. Please expand to view.


Quotes by Nynaeve

"Don't be a woolhead!" (Throughout the series)

-sniff- (Throughout the series)

"The light burn you!" (various places throughout the series)

"I'll thump him so he never forgets" (TDR, Ch. 3)

"The best of men are not much better than housebroken. But then, the best of them are worth the trouble of housebreaking" (TGH, Ch. 8)

This section contains spoilers relating to The Shadow Rising. Please expand to view.

"If you are finished chatting about men," Nynaeve said acidly, "perhaps we can go back to what is important?" (TSR, Ch. 6)

"I'm fairly certain three big, hairy men can protect Elayne and me if she pulls a Seanchan army out of her pouch."(TSR, Ch. 51)

"If you have finished blathering about men, perhaps you won't mind skipping over the new seamstress you've no doubt found." (TSR, Ch. 52)

This section contains spoilers relating to The Fires of Heaven. Please expand to view.

"What right did that green-eyed cat have to look at Lan's shoulders?" (TFoH, Ch. 14)

This section contains spoilers relating to Lord of Chaos. Please expand to view.

Nynaeve's view of what Rand needs: "What he needs is what he always needed. Somebody to box his ears once a week on general principle and keep him on the straight and narrow" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 8)

This section contains spoilers relating to Winter's Heart. Please expand to view.

Nynaeve's feelings on giving the Sea Folk women lessons: "And those cursed Sea Folk! Wretched women! Wretched; wretched; wretched! If it wasn't for that bloody bargain...! The last thing I need on my hands is a couple of whining, bleating novices!" (WH, Ch. 8)

Quotes about Nynaeve

This section contains spoilers relating to Lord of Chaos. Please expand to view.

Anaiya Sedai to Nynaeve after yet another little rant: "Child, you have been doing very good work, but that doesn't excuse a peevish mouth" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 7)

Egwene to Nynaeve: "You have to remember you're Aes Sedai now. You can't go around kicking people, or boxing their ears, or thumping them with sticks" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 39)

This section contains spoilers relating to A Crown of Swords. Please expand to view.

Lan about Nynaeve's stubborness: "Might deny she's in danger. Stubborn, as if I didn't know already" (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 12)