Wayland's Forge

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Wayland's Forge, also called Wayman's Forge in earlier editions, is an inn in Remen. It is situated close to the River Manetherendrelle. It is three storeys of gray stone with a purple roof, large windows and scroll-carved doors. The sign bears an image of a leather-aproned man with a hammer. The innkeeper is Gainor Furlan (TDR, Ch. 33). It has an Ogier bed of sung wood (TDR, Ch. 34).

Moiraine, Lan, Perrin and Loial stay in the inn on their search for Rand. Moiraine uses the name Alys and Lan is known there as Andra (TDR, Ch. 33). They leave before staying a night after Perrin frees Gaul from the cage in the square. Faile - who had been staying there with two other Hunters of the Horn, Orban and Gann (TDR, Ch. 33) - leaves with them (TDR, Ch. 34).