Winter's Heart: Chapter 21

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Sword and Anchor Chapter Icon.png

A Matter of Property

Chapter Icon: A sword and anchor, crossed

Point of View: Egeanin

Setting: The Wandering Woman, Ebou Dar

Characters: Egeanin, Bayle Domon, Bethamin


Egeanin and Domon meet with Bethamin. They decide to find Thom and Mat.


Egeanin and Domon argue about allowing themselves to be captured previously and handing over the male a'dam. She is proud at her rapid advancement and wonders why she has been recalled after being left so long in Cantorin. He shocks her by asking her to free him so they can marry. She wants to marry him, but is too concerned with their respective statuses, even if she were to free him. The discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Bethamin, who Egeainin had previously collared and freed. She is scared, after having been visited by a seeker, and tells Egeanin of the fantastic conspiracy the seeker believes in. She reveals that Seta and Renna had also been collared and are now kept close to Suroth, but never allowed to hold a leash. Egeanin tells Bethamin to report to her daily and sends her off. She then offers to free Domon, but he refuses, not wanting to leave her. He mentions having seen Mat and that he would be a very useful person to have on their side, along with Thom, who Egeanin knows from Falme, which makes her suspicious that there may indeed be some conspiracy. Domon denies it and she believes him. She sends him out to find Mat and Thom.

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