Winter's Heart: Chapter 23

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Far Madding Chapter Icon.png

To Lose the Sun

Chapter Icon: The Banner of Far Madding

Point of View: Shalon

Setting: Outside Cairhien, outside Far Madding

Characters: Shalon, Harine, Moad, Cadsuane, Verin, Alanna, Ihvon, Tomas, Daigian, Eben, Kumira, Nesune, Elza, Erian, Beldeine, Sarene, Merise, Corele, Damer, Jahar, Nethan, Bassane


A party lead by Cadsuane arrives in Far Madding.


Shalon rides awkwardly to a gateway Cadsuane has woven, listening to Harine complain about Cadsuane. She is surprised by Moad's competence on horseback. They ride through, coming out around three or four hundred leagues south. Harine tells her to find a way to learn Traveling. Sarene arrives to act as an attendant. Shalon tries to understand the relationship between the Aes Sedai, but is confused as it does not fully fit with what she knows of how they rank according to strength in the Power. While contemplating the Asha'man warders, they pass through the outer protection of Far Madding, beyond which point men cannot touch the Source. A short way on, saidar is also gone to them. At a village on the outskirts of Far Madding, they give their names. Moad and the Warders have their weapons bound, so that they cannot be easily used. They enter the city

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