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In the Old Tongue, literally, "leashed one." This is a Seanchan term for women who can channel and are, as they see it, properly controlled by use of a'dam. Women who can channel, but are not yet damane are called marath'damane, literally "those who must be leashed." See also a'dam, Seanchan, sul'dam.

Damodred, Lord Galadedrid

See Galad.

Damodred, Prince Taringail

A royal prince of Cairhien, he married Tigraine and fathered Galadedrid. When Tigraine disappeared and was declared dead, he married Morgase and fathered Elayne and Gawyn. He vanished under mysterious circumstances and has been presumed dead for many years. His sign was a golden, double-bitted battle axe.


Adherents of the Dark One. They believe they will gain great power and rewards, even immortality, when he is freed. Secretive of necessity, they organize into small groups called "circles," with members of one circle rarely ever knowing members of another. Rank in the outside world has no bearing on rank with the circles; a King or Queen who was a Darkfriend would be expected to obey a beggar who gave the proper signs. Among themselves, they sometimes use the ancient name Friends of the Dark.

Dark One, The

Most common name, used in every land, for Shai'tan. The source of evil, antithesis of the Creator. Imprisoned by the Creator in Shayol Ghul at the moment of Creation. An attempt to free him brought about the War of the Shadow, the tainting of saidin, the Breaking of the World, and the end of the Age of Legends. See also Dragon, Prophecies of the.

Dark One, naming the

Saying the true name of the Dark One (Shai'tan) draws his attention bringing ill fortune at best, disaster at worst. For that reason many euphemisms are used, among them the Dark One, Father of Lies, Sightblinder, Lord of the Grave, Shepherd of the Night, Heartsbane, Soulsbane, Heartfang, Old Grim, Grassburner, and Leafblighter. Darkfriends call him the Great Lord of the Dark. Someone who seems to be inviting ill fortune is often said to be "naming the Dark One."


Title of the heir to the Lion Throne of Andor. Without a surviving daughter, the throne goes to the nearest female blood relation to the Queen. Dissension over exactly who was nearest by blood has several times led to power struggles, the latest being "the Succession," so called in Andor, and "the Third War of Andoran Succession" elsewhere, brought Morgase of House Trakand to the throne.

Daughters of silence, the

During the history of the White Tower (over three thousand years), various women who have been put out have been unwilling to accept their fates and have tried to band together. Such groups are dispersed by the White Tower as soon as found and punished severely and publicly to make sure that lesson is carried to everyone. The last group to be dispersed called themselves the Daughters of Silence (794-798 NE). The Daughters consisted of two Accepted who had been put out of the Tower and twenty-three women they had gathered and trained. All were carried back to Tar Valon, punished, and the twenty-three were enrolled in the novice book. Only one of those managed to reach the shawl. See also Kin, the.


(1) In the Old Tongue, "one who is owned," or "person who is property." (2) Among the Seanchan, the term often used, along with property, for slaves. Slavery has a long and unusual history among the Seanchan, with slaves having the ability to rise to positions of great power and open authority, including over those who are free. See also so'jhin.

Deane Aryman

Amyrlin Seat who saved the White Tower from the damage done by Bonwhin in attempting to control Artur Hawkwing. Born circa FY 920 in the village of Salidar, in Eharon, she was raised Amyrlin from the Blue Ajah in FY 992. Credited with convincing Souran Maravaile to raise the siege of Tar Valon (which was begun in FY 975) at Hawkwing's death. Deane restored the Tower's prestige and, it is believed that at the time of her death, in FY 1084, due to a fall from a horse, she was on the point of convincing the nobles warring over the remains of Hawkwing's empire to accept the leadership of the White Tower as a means of restoring unity to the lands. See also Amyrlin Seat, Artur Hawkwing.

Deathwatch Guards, the

The elite military formation of the Seanchan Empire, including both humans and Ogier. The human members of the Deathwatch Guard are all da'covale, both as property and chosen while young to serve the Empress, and are her personal property. Fanatically loyal and fiercely proud, they often display the ravens tattooed on their shoulders, the mark of a da'covale of the Empress. The helmets and armor are laquered in dark green and blood red, their shields are laquered black, and their spears and swords carry black tassels. See also da'covale.

Defenders of the Stone, the

The elite military formation of Tear (Nation). The current Captain of the Stone (commander of the Defenders) is Rodrivar Tihera. Only Tairens are accepted into the Defenders and officers are usually of noble birth, though often from minor Houses or minor branches of strong Houses. The Defenders are tasked to hold the great fortress called the Stone of Tear, in the city of Tear, to defend the city, and to provide police services in place of any City Watch or the like. Except in times of war, their duties seldom take them far from the city. Then, as with other elite formations, they are the core around which the army is formed. The uniform of the Defenders consists of a black coat with padded sleeves striped black and gold with black cuffs, a burnished breastplate, and a ringed helmet with a face guard of steel bars. The Captain of the Stone wears three short white plumes on his helmet, on the cuffs of his coat three intertwined golden braids on a white band. Captains wear two white plumes and a single line of golden braid on white cuffs, lieutenants one white plume and a single line of black braid on white cuffs, and under-lieutenants one short black plume and plain white cuffs. Banner men have gold colored cuffs on their coats, and squad men have cuffs striped black and gold.


(1) The ability to use the One Power to diagnose physical condition and illness. (2) The ability to find deposits of metal ores with the One Power. That this has long been a lost ability among Aes Sedai may account for the name becoming attached to another ability.


(1) In the Old Tongue "master handler." (2) Among the Seanchan, the suffix is applied to indicate a senior and highly skilled handler of one of the exotics, one who trains others, as in der'morat'raken. Der'morat can have a fairly high social status, the highest of all held by der'sul'dam, the trainers of sul'dam, who rank with fairly high military officers. See also morat.


See Trollocs.

Dhai'mon: See Trollocs.

Djevik K'shar

In the Trolloc tongue, "The Dying Ground." The Trolloc name for the Aiel Waste.


Lord Dobraine of House Taborwin: A high ranking lord of Cairhien who believes in keeping the letter of his oaths.

Domon, Bayle

The captain of the Spray.

Dragon, false

Name given to the various men who have claimed to be the Dragon Reborn. Some began wars that involved many nations. Over the centuries most were unable to channel, but a few could. All, however, either disappeared or were captured or killed without fulfilling any of the Prophecies of the Dragon. Among those who could channel, the most powerful were Raolin Darksbane (335-36 AB), Yurian Stonebow (circa 1300-1308 AB), Davian (FY 351), Guaire Amalasan (FY 939-43), Logain (997 NE), and Mazrim Taim (998 NE).

Dragon, Prophecies of the

Little known except among the well educated and seldom spoken of, the prophecies, given in The Karaethon Cycle, foretell that the Dark One will be freed again and that Lews Therin Telamon, the Dragon, will be reborn to fight Tarmon Gai'don, the Last Battle against the Shadow. The prophecies say that he will save the world and break it again.

Dragon, the

Name by which Lews Therin Telamon was known during the War of the Shadow, some three thousand or more years ago. In the madness that overtook all male Aes Sedai, Lews Therin killed everyone who carried any of his blood, as well as everyone he loved, thus earning him the name Kinslayer.

Dragon Reborn

According to the Prophecies of the Dragon, the man who is the rebirth of Lews Therin Kinslayer. Most people, but not all, acknowledge Rand al'Thor as the Dragon Reborn.

Dragon's Fang, the

A stylized mark, usually black, in the shape of a teardrop balanced on its point. Scrawled on a door or a house, it is an accusation of evil against the people inside.


General term used for supporters of the Dragon Reborn, usually by those who either oppose him or at least think to remain neutral. In fact, many given that name have never sworn any sort of oath, and it is frequently applied to brigands as well, some of whom quote the name in the hope that it will quell resistance. A great many atrocities have been committed by people claiming to be Dragonsworn.


See Spine of the World.


Men and women who are able to channel, who went over to the Shadow during the Trolloc Wars, acting as generals over the armies of Trollocs and Darkfriends. Occasionally confused with the Forsaken by the less well educated.


See Talents.


Aiel name for a woman able to enter Tel'aran'rhiod, interpret dreams and speak to others in their dreams. Aes Sedai also use the term, referring to Dreamers, but rarely, and they capitalize it-Dreamwalker. See also Talents, Tel'aran'rhiod