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The Cordamora is an Officer position and as such will have all responsibilities inherent in that position, such as working with other Officers and Directors. Cordamora means "Heart of the People" in the Old Tongue. It is legally known as the Chief Membership Officer and handles the duties as outlined in the Bylaws for the Vice President of Community Membership. The CMO is an inward-facing position, responsible for the handling of the daily operations of the community membership. The Cordamora/CMO, along with the Keeper/COO, is one of the faces of administration within the administration and is responsible for making sure that the administration is focused towards enacting the vision of the organization as a whole.

Position Level: Officer

Department: Executive Branch

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Officer Merit


To contact the Cordamora, email

Chain of Command

The Cordamora reports directly to the Amyrlin Seat.

The Director of Membership, the Director of Online Events, the Tower Mediators, the Head Moderator, the Community Council and the Hall of Sitters and Warder Council report directly to the Cordamora.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Is the inward face of the administration within the administration.
  • Is responsible for making sure that the administration is focused towards enacting the vision of the organization as a whole
  • Works with assigned Directors, Mediators, and the Hall to make sure that the internal efforts are moving towards the overarching goal of membership satisfaction.
  • Is the main point of contact between assigned Departments and the Officers and Board of Directors.
  • Is responsible for stepping in and performing any assigned position's duties temporarily.
  • Involves a lot of paperwork and administrative oversight including reading and responding to monthly reports, talking with Directors on a regular (sometimes daily) basis, answering phone calls, texts, and emails in a timely fashion as well as having regular meetings on Google Meet and Discord.


Time Commitment

  • Must be willing and able to spend at least 15-20 hours a week handling issues.


  • Must currently be a Tower Sworn in good standing.
  • Must have been Tower Sworn for at least two years.
  • Must know how to use tactfulness, discretion, and diplomacy.
  • Must have previously served in the administration in some capacity.
  • Must be active within the community.


The Cordamora/CMO position was created by the Board in November 2021, after accepting a proposal from the Amyrlin Seat Serinia Edoras and Keeper of the Chronicles Mieriana Souvra. There was a realization that the position of Keeper had two very different skill sets involved, as well as a huge workload that could not be accomplished by one person. Therefore, the Board created a new position to take on the membership skill set, versus the operational skill set that was kept by the Keeper position.


  • Tree: December 16, 2022 - present

Cordamora in Training