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The Community Council ("the Council") serves as a representative body of all members from, Inc membership groups providing representation, perspective, and advice to the Administration and/or Board of Directors on topics of interest to membership and voting on the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship or such topics as requested by the Administration and/or Board of Directors.

All membership groups has two members to represent them for six month terms, with the exception of Unaffiliated Tower Sworn who have one member. The Hall of Sitters and Warder Council exists as a subcommittee to the Council with the sole purpose of voting on Citizen entry to, and all advancement within the Tower. Members representing Ajahs and Companies retains their titles as Sitters or Councillors respectively and are entitled to use them together, or interchangeably. Otherwise, members of the Council are simply be known as Representatives.

Representatives will not be permitted any changes to their rank or membership group for the duration of their services on the Council. Representatives will be selected by their Membership Administrator via an internal application process. If a membership group does not have volunteers to fill both of their seats and their administrator wants to take a seat on the Council they may, with the exception of MoNR, MoAS, or Mayor (unless a Resident Citizen is serving as Mayor).

Department: Non Departmental

Position Level: Staff

Rotation: 6 month rotation

Merit Eligibility: Staff Merit

Chain of Command

The Council is outside of the Departmental Structure. The Council is under the authority and responsibility of the Cordamora.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve a six month term.
  • Provide counsel whenever the Amyrlin Seat should desire it such as major community changes.
  • Solicit and provide representation of their respective community concerns.
  • Present suggestions and possible solutions for changes to TarValon.Net, Inc.
  • Select annual recipient(s) of the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship.
  • Members representing their respective Ajahs and Companies also serve in the Hall.
  • Service to the Community Council fulfills service raising requirements.


  • Minimum of six months membership.
  • Members representing their Ajah or Company should ideally be with that group for at least six months.


The Community Council was established in March 2023, with the first group of representatives hired for the Spring 2023 term.

Members of the Council

Spring terms are defined as lasting April through September. Fall terms are defined as lasting October through March.

Fall 2023

Citizens: Boreas Silverfir and Kranerian Vrammar
Novices and Recruits: Elleria Sevrinde and Ruslan Rynar (November 18 - present)
Accepted and Soldiers: Seryse ni Cousland and Fenya al'Caem (December 4 - present)
Unaffiliated Tower Sworn: Nadezhda al'Lanahrin
Blue Ajah: Alyria Ess and Jocasta Braithe
Brown Ajah: Leira Galene and Rhed al'Tere
Gray Ajah: Jahily al'Karee and Raeviendha al'Toma
Green Ajah: Ashara Koh'inor and Onis O'Leia
Red Ajah: Alenya Al'Roran and Hilwa Katir
White Ajah: Kelgan al'Moranwin and Satara al'Caelahn
Yellow Ajah: Ignis al'Caleum and Slaine al'Eir (October 1 - November 12), Laurien Achaur (November 13 - present)
Dai M'Hael: Dnae Ila and Kerwin Thaumiel
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb: Alexr al'Petros and Morrighan Daghdera
San d'ma Shadar: Alcyon Devrix and Miliham Rastoubel
Val'Cueran: Atane Valthon and Gedhan Audax

Spring 2023

Citizens: Hal Bahalla and Kranerian Vrammar
Novices and Recruits: Fenya al'Caem and Zoul a'Nor
Accepted and Soldiers: Teavin Calayna and Viriva al'Dere
Unaffiliated Tower Sworn: Elanda Tonil
Blue Ajah: Lyndo Shiranui and Morgana Arakos
Brown Ajah: Rhed al'Tere and Tallan Daar
Gray Ajah: Arinna Katal and Raeviendha al'Toma
Green Ajah: Ashara Koh'inor and Mystica Ari'Yena
Red Ajah: Ajailyn Morrivinna and Viktara Fen
White Ajah: Aduiavas Ida and Kitan Tataru
Yellow Ajah: Avendaella Tikvah and Delara Morellin (April 1 - June 27), Anika Forsyn (June 28 - September 30)
Dai M'Hael: Kerwin Thaumiel and Vendri al'Varrak
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb: Morrighan Daghdera and Pip al'Dealys
San d'ma Shadar: Alcyon Devrix and Analiese Sinclaer
Val'Cueran: Dar'Jen Ab Owain and Gedhan Audax