Great Charity Hunt - March Update

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Author: Aleita Taviah
Published: March 28 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog Link

The Great Charity Hunt was launched back in November 2020 by Erin al'Denael, the Director of Community Outreach. This month the very first Heroes of the Horn Challenge was launched. Lilli O'Neeus, the Servant of All Coordinator put to us all, a challenge. Lilli even hosted a See and Sew for those participating in the challenge!

"The March challenge is to use your crafting skills to create as many cage liners/cuddle pads as possible for your local animal shelter before March 31, 2021."

So far The Great Charity Hunt has seen a multitude of efforts by members of our community.

  • Arella Mathara, Jocasta Braithe, and Erin al'Denael as part of the “Of All and None” Group have made donations to causes important to them.
  • Zashara Sho'am of the Brown Ajah donated $600 to a food bank.
  • Sonea Ilandred of the Blue Ajah adopted a puppy from a kill shelter in Romania.
  • Imzadi Hopewind of the Gray Ajah donates the equivalent of $70 every month to support an animal shelter, deaf children in Kenya, and the SOS Children Village in Nepal.
  • Ninya Evoneigh, Melisande Arneil, and Tree of the Green Ajah all made donations to worthy causes.
  • Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn spends Wednesdays volunteering at a soup kitchen. The kitchen feeds 65-80 meals during that time.
  • Jocasta Braithe donates $10 from every paycheck to the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Arella Mathara ran a Facebook fundraiser in honor of her birthday for Stine Sofie’s Foundation. They work hard to support children, from child abuse to child advocacy and support. Her efforts raised approximately $425.
  • Mieriana Souvra donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, ASPCA, Feeding America and Toys for Tots!
  • Cataia Sylvianya donated $10 to the Canadian Dry February Fundraiser.
  • Kyla Sterling donated $230 to the NAACP and $375 to the Trans Women of Color Collective.
  • Vivianna L'antreau donated $150 in December for a variety of things, including a donation to a cash bail fund, purchasing goods to help with Alora’s NICU bags, and ordering items from the VA wishlist in support of Mellaine’s father. She also supported people through GoFundMe in November ($50) and January ($100), and donated $25 to support another friend via a Facebook fundraiser in November.
  • The Val'Cueran Company adopted a wolf! They donated $250 to adopt a wolf at the Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center.
  • The Green Ajah has also been running a fundraiser for Covenant House and have raised $760 so far!

Let’s give a big round of applause to all these members. The difference you make in everything you do is priceless. If you have something to share as part of The Great Charity Hunt don’t forget to fill out The Great Charity Hunt Tracking Form and help your groups’ cause!

Keep an eye out in the coming months for more exciting news from The Great Charity Hunt and the April Challenge!