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The TarValon.Net histories and official information is recorded and updated by the Historians. The Historians keep track of all this information, so non-Historians are advised to not edit any official records without the prior knowledge of the Historians.

The Director of Research and Records supplements the Historians' work and duties where needed.


There are currently three Historian positions at TarValon.Net.

Awards Historian

The Awards Historian edits merits and awards-related pages. The Awards Historian will put new merit badges in Who's Who profiles after each awarding period. They will edit all individual merit pages with the names of the people who they have been awarded to. Then, the Awards page for the corresponding year will be edited.

There are other pages that the Awards Historian is responsible for updating as well, however the Awards Historian is not responsible for the actual awarding of merits. They only keep the histories up to date.

A guide on how to maintain awards pages can be found here: Maintaining Award Pages.

Events Historian

The Events Historian edits all pages related to real-life events. After a real-life event, the Events Historian will edit each attendee's Who's Who profile with the event they've attended. Then they will edit that event's page with the available information about the event and they will add a page, listing all the attendants.

A guide on how to maintain events pages can be found here: Maintaining Events Pages.

Tower Historian

The Tower Historian handles many pages and updates. While the Awards Historian and the Events Historian generally need to update pages after merits have been awarded or an event has been held, the Tower Historian's duties are constant throughout the year. In general, the Tower Historian updates all "official Tower histories". This includes, but is not limited to updates for position changes, bonds, and raisings.

A guide on how to maintain Who's Who profile pages can be found here: Maintaining Who's Who Pages.

A guide on how to maintain Staff pages can be found here: Maintaining Staff Pages.

How to Help as a Non-Historian

In general, please avoid updating any official Tower information directly, but instead reach out to the appropriate Historian.

To request edits from the Historians, go to this thread on the forums.

However, in cases where there are typos, broken links or templates, or text not formatted according to the TarValon.Net Library Manual of Style, non-Historians are allowed to edit as long as they have access to the page. Be wary though, because some pages might be exempt from following the Manual of Style.

Other edits non-Historians may help with include the following:

  • Editing a Who's Who profile - outside of the Historians' scope of duties, the Who's Who profiles are free for other updates. Non-Historians may add previous avatars, or icons related to an Ajah or Company. Consent must be provided for any real-life information added to a Who's Who profile.
  • Headquarters pages and the Community Group pages inside them - each community group has a Headquarters page in the Library. These headquarters are left to each community group to edit as they wish and add whatever information that they want to add. They are required to follow the Manual of Style.
  • Online Events pages - a page is created after each of our official free weeks, Bel Tine and Shaoman. For some older events, information might be missing or incorrect. Avatars, signatures, or other information that is not correct for a particular free week, may be added to the appropriate page. Also, if a community group's theme is not included or is incorrect, that may be updated as well. See Category:Event Themes and Category:Community Group Event Themes.

To learn about the Library's layout, check out How to Navigate the Library. To learn some basic wiki code, please see How to MediaWiki Code to get started.

For more information or questions, feel free to contact the Director of Research and Records at