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The main annual fundraiser is the Maintaining the Tower fundraiser held annually in the summer. It was formerly called the Annual Fundraiser and the Summer Fundraiser but in 2014 the name was officially changed to Maintaining the Tower. This annual fundraiser is aimed to cover the operational expenses of the community, funds the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship, and ensures our ability to lock in the best pricing for future events.


No fundraiser was held in 2020 due to the global hardship of dealing with COVID-19.


In 2019 we became Ogiers to try to help save the mysteriously sinking Tower. Standard prizes were pizza gift cards and pizza socks, and the grand prize a private pizza party with the Amyrlin and Amyrlin-Elect, Rhed al'Tere and Serinia Edoras, at Anniversary Party 2020.

A total of $3,235.14 was raised.

Grand Prize Winner
Standard Prize Winners


No fundraiser was held in 2018.


In 2017 there was no particular theme for the fundraiser, but the prizes were all decks of The White Tower CCG. Two standard prizes of Tower CCG starter decks were given away from start, as well as one grand prize of a Tower CCG starter deck including a personal character card for the winner. For each $500 donated above the original goal of $3500, another standard prize was added to the prize pot; for every $1000 above the goal, a grand prize was added.

A total of $4931 was raised, resulting in 5 grand prizes and 11 standard prizes being given out, with a standard prize draw from the donators.

Grand Prize Winners

Tower CCG starter decks including a personal character cards went to:

Standard Prize Winners

Tower CCG starter decks went to:


Pug lovers and kitten appreciaters battled it out in 2016. The goal of the year was to raise $3500, and the total amount of donations landed on $2890.

A prize draw from the donators happened.

Grand Prize Winner

A copy of A Memory of Light signed by Team Jordan:

Additional Winners

An "I Embrace Saidar" shirt from Ta'veren Tees:


This year took the form of creating a TarValon.Net Expansion Deck for Cards Against Humanity. The goal was to raise over $3500 and this goal was met. The number of cards created would depend on the amount raised:

  • $2000 as a community we will release a deck of 50 cards!
  • $3500 as a community we will release a deck of 75 cards!
  • $5000 as a community we will release a deck of 100 cards!

It was suggested that members could submit ideas for cards in the following topics:

  • Wheel of Time/Randland (i.e.: Rand's Butt Smell, Thom's favorite thing to juggle is _____, etc...)
  • TarValon.Net (i.e.: Ivanor's Meat, Tree Missed Anni due to an unfortunate incident involving ____ and _____., Like their single brain cell, all the boys of SDS also share _____., etc...)
  • The greater Wheel of Time Community (i.e.: Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan's Ancient PC, etc....)

A prize draw from the donators happened.

Our grand prize winner

A printed version of our custom CAH deck, and base set of CAH, and a shirt from Taveren Tees is:

Runner ups

Won a printed version of our custom CAH deck are:


Chocolate and bacon duked it out in an epic grudge match to see which sinful treat TarValon.Net members cherished most during the 2013 Annual Summer Fundraiser. A special forum for role-playing was established, Tarlomens Bridge, where members fought it out, Bacon Vs. Chocolate. An ambitious goal of $4,500 was set for this fundraiser, including €750. In total $3,822 and €311 were raised for a grand total of $4,238.74. This grudge-match also prompted chocolate-loving board member Caerwyn Jolan to do a sweet-tooth event, matching donations made in the name of chocolate with either a donation to the Tower or a sweet chocolate treat delivered to donating members.

A prize draw from the donators happened.

The grand prize

A copy of A Memory of Light signed by Team Jordan

Additional prizes

Gift cards and certificates


Main article: List of Donors

Approximately 60 people made donations. A full list of the donors can be seen in the 2013 Annual Report