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Members of the Online Events (OE) Team held staff positions in the Department of Community Development and helped plan and organise our online events and freeweeks.

Chain of Command

The Online Events team reported to the Online Events Coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in the planning, preparation and execution of our annual High Feast Days AND other, smaller events. This can include coming up with ideas for festival activities, graphics, writing, etc.
  • Send out birthday greetings to our members


  • Member of TarValon.Net for 3 months of any rank
  • Must be able to spend approximately 2-5 hours a week on the boards, more during freeweeks (4 times a year)
  • Experience and skill with creative writing OR creation/altering of images is a plus, but not an absolute necessity
  • Must be able to follow through with whatever tasks you volunteer to do (i.e. no disappearing halfway through!)


The Online Events Team was created in early 2006 when the Department of Membership Services created three service areas. It moved to the Department of Community Development when the department was split and was renamed as the Outreach Activities Team when parts of the department were merged with Department of Philanthropy to form the Department of Community Outreach.

Online Events Team Members