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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Marline is an Aiel Wise One. She has deep purple eyes and long, nearly black hair (TPoD, Ch. 9). She looks no more than a few years older than Perrin (CoT, Ch. 7).


  • When Perrin goes to the Wise Ones to talk to them about the Aes Sedai, they tell him that Masema is a danger to Rand and must be killed (TPoD, Ch. 9).
  • The Wise Ones shut themselves in their tents with Masuri and Seonid, and Perrin thinks that they are probably plotting to kill Masema (WH, Ch. 2).
  • She accompanies Perrin when he scouts the Shaido camp and tells him that she thinks they might have all the Shaido Wise Ones who can channel in the camp (CoT, Ch. 8).


"She was one of the few Aiel he had seen with such dark hair, and she often toyed with it." (Perrin about Marline; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 9)