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James Oliver Rigney, Jr., better known to us as Robert Jordan, and sometimes affectionately called, "The Creator" passed away on September 16th, 2007 after a prolonged battle with amyloidosis.

Directly after this event, members of our community immediately started exchanging contact information, to come together and support each other in the face of this sad news.

Our site saw a surge in membership. The site set up a special forum where people could post about RJ and how he and the books had affect their lives. We also hosted a Memorial Chat where people were invited to share memories and a toast in honor of RJ.

What follows are some of the thoughts and memories our members wanted to share in regards to the life and career to this great man.

Our Responses

A report of his funeral
by Eleyan Sedai, founder, then Amyrlin Seat and CEO of TarValon.Net
Our responses to the report of his funeral
Our Obituary
by Sela Narian

How the Wheel of Time impacted our lives

How Wheel of Time Affected My Life
Members tell of the impact the series had on their lives and personal relationships
How Did the Wheel of Time Make Us Happy
Members tell of the ways in which the books brought them joy.
How Did We Hear?
Members tell of how they first heard the news of Robert Jordan's death
How We Reacted‎
Members tell of their responses upon hearing the news
Our Memories of Robert Jordan
Members tell of their meetings with him, or of their regret at never meeting him
How We Read Robert Jordan
Members tell of how and where they would read the series
Will the series be finished?
How our members reacted to the news that the series will be finished

Poetry to commemorate his life

A Gaidin's Toast to the First Gaidin
by Bakure Mazayed

Other Responses

Memorial Displays

Links to images of bookstore displays