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Our first responses to hearing the news, as posted in the Memorial forum.

Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin

I knew it was coming. It's still hit me like a ton of bricks. In fact, it's still hitting me.


Rafka al'Aevon

I thought that he was doing better. They made it sound like he hanging in there. That's sad.

Miridyth Al'Landerin

May God keep him safe in his hands.

Zarathi al'Domir

I knew he was sick, too, but it seemed like everything was looking up a little. His numbers were right and everything, right? I hadn't heard an update in a while, but the last I heard was good.

Bakure Mazayed

Khisanth just sent me a text telling me that RJ had passed away.

It really does hit me like a ton of bricks.

I lost my Father in October 1990 to a long battle with Heart disease. This only relates because as a 20 year old man I was still in need of my fathers advice and guidance. At 20 you think you're a man but there's much still to learn. I happened to pick up a copy of the second wheel of time book while in Somalia on duty in the Navy a few years later. I'd always loved the genre, but something about the way the book was written resonated with me...

I guess you could say that the concepts of honour and bravery are important to me and RJ helped to reinforce with his writings and vivid world what my father had begun.

this hits hard.. not quite like losing my dad.. but kinda like losing an uncle.

I'm gonna go cry now.

Rehtaeh al'Navi

Wow! what a shocker...even knowing he had a terminal illness doesn't make the event any easier... How sad

Faeril Munlear

Still sinking in.

Calypsa al'Nicolai

I cannot say that I am shocked, but... Wow. I cannot even express my thoughts clearly right now.

Arisaema Draconis

This news does take your breath away

D`Ran al'Fir

I am crying. He was a great man, and someone I respected so very much .

Brienen Ruthegar

I'm surprised as the way they were reporting it seemed to come so suddenly.

Though I personally do not hurt, as for me Death is merely the next stage on a greater journey for which I know that one day we will all follow and join him..I do empathize with his family and those who hold him dear in their hearts close enough that it letting him go will be painful and difficult and for them I say this.

No words will mend the pain you feel, and no comfort will ease the sorrow. No substance can fill the void. And the only cure leaves one nasty scar. Time heals all wounds...and focus on the good things for which he will be remembered.

Someone once said there are no Great Men, only small men who do Great things. For these Great Things I say Robert Jordan was not only a great man but a great inspiration to all of us.

Thank you, Mother for bringing us together...and may TarValon Stand for all time a testament to the wonderful man Robert Jordan IS...and the inspiration he brought to you and all of us.

Shara Nevan

Eni Sedai just told me and I really can't believe it cause I never wanted to. He was such a great man to bring me such an amazing story to life through this amazing website, where I have found some of my closests and dearest friends. I will always be grateful for his imagination and talents that generations will be able to embrace and taken in as their own.


I didn't even know until I saw this...

Completely stunned.

Eniara Kisharad

I'm reeling in shock. And once it wears off I have a feeling I'm going to start crying like a baby.

I suspected this was coming eventually too, but I was praying so hard he'd beat it anyway.

Vrogak Dal'Drakor

I just kinda dropped the phone while i was talking to my friend and started crying. I'm completely speechless

Skaya Tristian

As I am still reading his works, his words are kinda echoing in my head. I did get to meet him once with Oskana Sedai an got to get one of my books autographed. He seemed like a truly lovely person. He was so nice an had a wonderful mind to paint pictures in your mind so well it plays out like a movie in your head.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories with all of us. You will truly be missed but have peace in the next world friend.

Melania al'Larwind

Holy freakin' crap. I have no words.

Liathiana e'Kellenit

Reeling like everyone else, tearing up lots

Halosia Paage

I was sitting down read I read the tile of this forem. Instead of fainting i stood up ad turned away. in my mind was a small voice saying "If you didn't read it, it isn't true." I haven't stoped crying. my whole family thinking I'm crazy. I can't even type straight. He helped raise me. Helped shape my morals and honor and sense of humour. I have to stop now. all my love to him and his.

Eireann Namar

I'm pretty stunned right now and trying to take it all in.

Twibli Abaru

Very stunned, although it was not unexpected, but it's very hard to take. Feeling a great loss.

Dorelei Verreuil

Despite knowing that death would come eventually, I'm still reeling and have kinda gone into that auto-pilot mode.

Chria al'Diene

I'm shocked. Last I heard from his blog, he said he was doing well.

I just saw the title of this forum and literally went

Kasia Baredeen

When I logged in a few minutes ago, there were only three forums at the top of the page.

Looked through one of the forums I'm guesting in, refreshed the main page and saw there was a new forum at the top.

So, my reaction right now is literally, "Wait... what?!"

I'm not the biggest fan, but as a fellow writer and dreamer, it hurts to know a voice will no longer tell us stories.

Stean Vogi

I cried when I red the sad news, and I'm still crying!!

Filas Brandic

Oh my god! Not RJ! He was an inspiration to me and I cannot believe he has passed. the world lost a great man today.

Gracienda al'Vonde

Miliham told me.. I thought he was pulling a prank..

Until he told me to look here.

I'm in a bit of shock... I haven't processed this yet.

My heart goes out to Harriet and his family... this loss is so ..... awful. There isn't a word that describes it.

Alexia Batel

I really don't know what to say. I'm totally shocked. Even though I knew he had this illness, I thought he was doing well, from the news I had read.

Taylee Val'en

The Wheel weaves as the Wheel will... but oh how it tears at the heart

RJ will live forever in our hearts and the things he has inspired us to do

thank you RJ, may you rest in the Creators hands forever

Neisa Alibrylla

I'm sorta surprised at how I feel because I never knew the guy. But here I am actually sad

Riley Maconnar

I owe him some of the best friends I've had in my life.

is sad::

Lyinar Seregon

I wish I could howl... I don't have the words to express how I feel, and that's the only way I do know...

D`Ran al'Fir

:: is sad::

Rollyn Montagorae

Like several others, I'll confess I had begun to think the news was sounding more and more promising, so it's come as quite a stunning blow to me.

Penryn Lendayl

It's shocking, strange, and saddening. But he left such an endless impression on this world, and that fills me w/a calm. He left us w/more strength than we had before, and he was a gift to have among us.

Axis m'Troutilas

Oh my god,

I seriously can't believe it.

I'm just browsing over the forum checking the usual forum, when blam I see this at the top of the index.

I'm stunned, literally stunned.

This is all a bit much to take in, and I have expect it to be some kind of sick joke, but I know its not.

Wasn't expecting that today.

Tinnlin Fundon

Not the kind of news that you would expect or want to hear. It is truly a sad day for us all.

Katrine Hood

How long has this been on the site? OMG, I think I might cry

Mirshann Uuranor t'al'Theorem
  • can't think of anything else to say*
  • lights a candle for RJ & family*

Jaydena McKanthur

It's strange how it feels like I have lost a member of my family, I never met him but he impacted my life just the same and he will be missed.

Chria al'Diene

Oh, and now I'm even sadder now that the seals at the top have JUST been decorated with black bunting.

... It's nice photoshop work, though.

Adina al'Mari

I was wondering all week who would be the third. First Pavarotti, then L'Engle... they always seem to go in 3's, and tonight, while checking elsewhere I saw the sigs, and clicked here to find my answer.

Raylin Delayn

Oh wow...My husband saw something about while he was browsing online just now and told me...I thought he was doing better too.

It's still not quite sunk in...and all my thoughts go to his family and everyone that loved him. He was an amazing man, and his work and words an inspiration. I never met him, but yeah, he made a big impact on my life and brought me together with some amazing friends. It's heartbreaking.

Tyeslan Al'Monhan

I'm shocked, stunned, saddened, etc.

RJ has meant a lot to me and changed my life a lot. I'm sad I didn't get to meet this amazing person in RL but I'm happy to safe I've been touched by his legacy.

Meirah Zaïde

I kept hoping that he would really beat it, like he said he would. I know amyloidosis is a killer, but I hoped he would have the time he wanted.

And poor Harriet. He loved her so much, and she loved him so much. I hope she's surrounded by people ready to help her through this sad, sad time.

I'm so sad and so sorry, I don't even know what to say.

Lyara Tieran

I just read it an hour ago. I'm sitting at work and I keep breaking out in tears. No one here understands.

I'm crying again.

Torvyn Drothall

I am just shocked. I knew he was sick but I thought everything would be okay. That everything would be fine.

I thought that he was doing a lot better, things were looking positive. I'm just feeling kinda shocked

Darian Coralis

I'm not stunned.. I'm saddened..

He gave me best gift anyone can give.. A new family.. Because is my family.. It is my home.. And everyone in from the newest citizen to the oldest member.. (which is Mother, you did creat the site) IS my family..

Now if you will excuse me.. I think I will go cry some more..

Loira al'Ramoidra

I am crying, and I can't stop.

Neetra Ninya

I'm stunned and have been bawling since I saw the forum title. And Ii'm speechless


Robert Jordan is why I like reading books and how I have enjoyed his series. I am stunned with the news and feel almost ill to my stomach, but I know he is not suffering anymore and will live on in the friendships I have made because of him. His fight is over, but I will miss him all the same.

Mellyn al'Baya

Like so many other people ... the news I'd previously seen on his blog indicated that he was doing better. So I completely didn't expect this.

He gave me many friends, and people I consider family - something I never expected from a series of novels.


Heron Tallamand

Hello friends,

I don’t know what to say at the moment....

I am totally speechless and so sad.

If Ii don’t had to work, I maybe would cry.

Later I will read all your thoughts and maybe I will be better than...

Lets stand together in our sadness

Cieon Maralyn

I felt like I was smacked in the face when I came in here just a moment ago to find these terrible news. I'm stunned and very sad...

Natalya Laragan

I totally did not expect this when I briefly logged on.

At least there is something good about my kid's flu - I wasn't at work when I heard.

Manora al'Sara

I'm stunned too. The last report we had on his health seemed to be more positive.

Kitan Tataru

I'm shocked. I knew from Mother that he was dying, but I chose to believe the positive tone of the blog entries, and that he would be around for a while. I remember once he said that he needed 30 years to complete all the books he wanted to write, and that he was going to stick around that long. And that he had promised to Harriet that he would be here, and he'd never broken a promise to Harriet.

My heart is broken.

I feel honored to have met this man two times. I promised him in a comment on one of his blog entries that I'd bring him some of the wonderful generic canned beef stew that Ralphs market in Southern California I can't.

I am so grateful to have three items autographed by him. But more than that I am grateful to have met the man, to have interacted with him, to have had his approval of my Accepted dress and my shawl.

I feel numb. I can't cry yet.

He was truly a great man. When I saw the title of this forum I couldn't do anything but go to bed and pray for his soul. But now I can speak, and I've posted numerous pictures in the picture thread. I'm going to print them out and have them framed and put them up next to my Tower party pictures on the wall of my room.

I'm so sad. My dad said when Tom Snyder died he felt like he had lost a friend. He never met Tom Snyder. I met RJ twice.

He was such a great man and if anyone could have beat this, he would have. He had the resources, he had the will and the drive to do it.

I learned from reading Sabriel by Garth Nix..."Let this be my last lesson to you: Everyone and everything has a time to die."

I wish it weren't so.

Gedhan Audax

I've been off the web for a little while and just got hit by this as I logged on again. To know that someone is sick and dying is one thing, but I suppose that like many members I felt the actual idea of him dying a little unreal.

At least RJ's immortality is assured in his writings and the WOT series is as fine a memorial to an imaginative genius as there is.

Ilverin Matriam

I truly am shocked too I couldn't believe it happened till I read the threads I still can't believe it... it will take me long time

Sonea Ilandred

I logged in and was totally blown away. I'm sat at my desk trying not to cry, and as Lyara says, no one at work understands. RJ's work provided more than just a source of entertainment in my free time, it brought me a sister and a family, people I would never have met without him.

Just as I swallow the tears, it hits me again.

Taika Vinh

I'm really sad for his family and us and all the other fans, but he has it better now.

Janos Audron

Well, what can I say that has not been said before? I'm totally stunned by the news, since the latest news regarding his illness seemed to be more optimistic.

Ferys Gildred

I only just heard, I am so shocked and saddened. Feeling for his family and friends.

The world has lost a writer of great vision and I'm sure a great man too.

Dinn da Noor

When I saw the black ribbons on the top of the forums, I knew something bad had happened, and the memorial forum confirmed it. It still hasn't really sunk in yet.

Without him, my life would be very different

Jaim al'Bearach

Stunned and very sorry that he's gone..

Celinda al'Velis

I logged on this morning, like any other day, and saw the name of the first forum. Took a few seconds to set in what that meant.

Yes, I'm shocked, stunned, saddened. All of the above. Wow.

Tayn Anoiya

I feel like I'm falling down a pit and haven't hit the bottom yet.

Estella Sharina Agadis

I know what you mean, Holly. I've never met him, never talked to him; I don't know him. I've just read his books. And yet, when I found out, I just broke down and started crying. Part of it was from shock, I think, because I spent some of yesterday reading his blog, and everything was looking okay, and then suddenly *wham*. He's dead. But it's more than just shock, I think. His books have, indirectly, given me a family closer than my real one. Although I've spent countless hours grumbling over some of his characterizations etc, the Wheel of Time books have been a part of my life for so long, and I do enjoy reading them.

His way of writing has captivated me in a way few other authors have - I've bought all of them, for crying out loud.

I should stop rambling.

Neol al'Wahid

I was called by a couple folks last night and told the news. I was busy with stuff at home at that time so the news did not sink in fully. This morning however is making the news more real. Even though we all knew he was getting better, I am not surprised. Only saddened. For a man that I regret never meeting, he impacted my life so directly in ways I never could imagine and I am truly grateful for the life and family he has given me.

May you enjoy your next adventure after finishing this one, James Rigney. I am glad you are finally able to put down your mountain.

Branwyn al'Leara

I also in the camp who thought that he was doing better and beating the horrible disease that was thrust upon him. His updates indicated such. I am just shocked, completely and utterly stunned. And very deeply saddened

Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach

It's still just stunned from here- my mind just doesn't seem to want to register this, but I think I'm in for a bad time of it once it finally does.

Maeric Kelskaith

I've been away for the weekend. Part of it was a memorial service for one of my Chinese Medicine teachers. I logged on this morning and have now found that I've lost another person that I look up to.

Like so many of you, I owe James Rigney for so much richness in my life. From the adventures in his books to the wonderful friends I've made here on this site, Mr. Rigney has made a big impact upon me.

I never got the chance to meet him in person. Nor did he know me or how he affected my life. But I will miss him none the less.

Sorcha Al'Verdan

There are no words..........


I am so sad. This came as a shock. I though he was doing so well and I hoped we would all together enjoy the triumph of AMoL. Deeply sad. This is sad day for all of us. He will be remembered

Akai Tanlum

This is... too... Words simply aren't enough for it.

Mr Jordan, may you find peace and may the Light shine upon you.

Melina Tashir

It just can't stop hurting

I thought he is better too and this just came like a... a... tone of bricks

I'll miss him a lot

Jao'zef a'Halin

I'm still in shock, the world is a darker place now that he's gone. I think this poem by Kipling expresses how most of us are feeling.

Concerning brave Captains Our age hath made known For all men to honour, One standeth alone, Of whom, o'er both oceans, Both peoples may say: "Our realm is diminished With Great-Heart away."

In purpose unsparing, In action no less, The labours he praised He would seek and profess Through travail and battle, At hazard and pain. . . . And our world is none the braver Since Great-Heart was ta'en!

Plain speech with plain folk, And plain words for false things, Plain faith in plain dealing 'Twixt neighbours or kings, He used and he followed, However it sped. . . . Oh, our world is none more honest Now Great-Heart is dead!

The heat of his spirit Struck warm through all lands; For he loved such as showed 'Emselves men of their hands; In love, as in hate, Paying home to the last. . . . But our world is none the kinder Now Great-Heart hath passed!

Hard-schooled by long power, Yet most humble of mind Where aught that he was Might advantage mankind. Leal servant, loved master, Rare comrade, sure guide. . . . Oh, our world is none the safer Now Great-Heart hath died!

Let those who would handle Make sure they can wield His far-reaching sword And his close-guarding shield: For those who must journey Henceforward alone Have need of stout convoy Now Great-Heart is gone.

Peace Mr Jordan, and my the hand of the Creator shelter you.

Valasia a'Leran

A friend told me so I decided to hop over here and see if he was pulling my leg. He did sound like he was doing better so I am still in shock myself.

Quinlan Isindil

The scientist side of me is waiting for all the technical information, like what actually caused his death. Not that I'm in a hurry. Just curious. Stupid science. I resisted reading fantasy for so long, but Eye of the World was the first one I tried. That lead me to Tolkien, McCaffrey, Martin, etc. Wheel of Time is still my favorite. I've never wanted to live in a world other than this one, unless I could live in the one he made for us.

I want to share a story of letting people know what they mean to you before you can't anymore. I had a dream one night, about four months ago, and when I woke up I had an idea for a book to write. As I started to imagine what would take place in this book, I imagined a character named Elder Rigney. He was a tough, biker outlaw who had largely disappeared from the world, retreating to his large plantation in South Carolina. The grounds were wild and untamed, overgrown with the local flora, and the house itself was almost inaccessible. But he would be the man who would help the young protagonist on his quest. He knew all the stories and legends, and the history of the world. Since the story is set in the distant future, I imagined that it could even have been the same man we knew now, who had been blessed with eternal life, and had been placed here to guide the salvation of humanity when it needed him most. I'm sure he saved more than a few lives, whether behind the gun of a helicopter, or behind the keys of a typewriter. I can't tell him now how I wanted to honor him with my story, but I'll write it anyways. It's the least I can do now to honor someone I admired so much. His life can be taken from us, but not his spirit, nor the everlasting glory of the man he was.

Kyla Sterling

Yelenia called me last night with the news. I started crying and went in the other room to tell Tinnlin.

Then I called my mom.

She's never read the series, but she knows how incredibly important it is to me, and what it's done for my life. She's met several Tower people herself. She's also a high school English teacher who has introduced some of her students to the Wheel of Time because I love them so much. She was in tears, too, because of what it means to the literary community when a truly great writer leaves this world and takes his unwritten stories with him.

Now I'm at home, crying at the computer.

Lillian O'Neeus

Stunned is too simple a word. I didn't realize that I cared this much. I've never thought about how his presence affected my life. I feel a hole in my heart.

Liandra da Miere

I actually all ways believed deep down that he would make it, I never doubted that for a moment, and was just waiting for the news that he was well again, then I see this... I was shocked beyond explaining. This was not the way things was supposed to be... He was supposed to get well and continue writing his great stories for many more years...

Cimorene Traconnen

I just can't believe it, this was not what I expected to hear this morning, I think a small part of me was hoping and half believing that he would get better and continue his life, his books and his hobbies. It's amazing how a man who I never knew has made me feel so connected to him and his writings that I feel as though I know him. He was an amazing person and will always be remembered.

Aria Kakarot

Lugh just told me. I didn't realize how much he meant to me and my life until I heard that he was dead. I can't stop crying. I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to him. We all do.

Antarai Vende

Wow, I am completely floored. I did not expect this. The last I read he was doing well. May he rest in peace, he will be missed.


May you rest in peace, RJ. Words fail me now, as I mourn for the loss of one of this world's most extraordinary of men. As RJ enters into Heaven, let the trumpets ring forth as the Dragon walks the halls of Heaven, and may everyone there be ready to sit down, and listen to the greatest of sages and storytellers to ever walk this earth. To Harriet, and Wilson, and to all of the family of RJ, I extend my condolences and prayers to you all, thanking you for the loving impact that all of you have had upon my life. May God Bless you all, and may the grace, blessings, love, and comfort of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Jaydena McKanthur

Jao'zef I find it perfect for him, thanks for posting that. *salutes*


Tough to hear for all of us. WoT is one of my favorite all time series; has to say something about the man who created it. Condolences to his loved ones. Requiem aeternum dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.

Miriya ay'Anne

It's probably not sunk in yet. I cried when I saw it, then tried to work away the thought, and my mind is a bit numbed by that so I'm doing ok for now.

This man, he changed my life so much. My life would be so different - I'd not know the special people I do now... My boyfriend, my Warder, my near-siblings, and my Ajah, and all the other friends I've met here. They all mean the world to me.

Ilissa al'Nari

I am still (10 hours after Miri texted me and told me) in shock, hasn't had the time to truly let it sink in yet. Still feel...empty.

Ashain Gardon

Can't really put my thoughts into words yet...really wasn't expecting this

Adoen Calloden

And we were told he was responding to the treatment....or did I miss something?


I SO thought he was doing much better!!! Wow.....I just saw the news on Yahoo....oh, this is so sad..

Kyyri Moran

I think I may still be in shock. I have been on LOA for months, and finally decided to get back on this morning when I got to work. As soon as I saw the black curtains at the top, I knew. And almost immediatly started tearing up. WoT has been a part of my life for ten years. My husband cannot figure out why I read the books over and over and over. When he called me, I was in tears. I don't think he realizes how much RJ meant to me, to everyone here and throughout the world who has fallen in love with these books. He actually laughed at me for crying!!

He will be missed greatly, by me and all.

Ehlana Taravin

Ton of breaks about sums it up yes. I had no idea... missed the memorial chat as well. I need to take a bit more time I think. I'm just shocked and confused right about now.

Arazin Dramorgan

Completely shocked....I thought he was doing better too.....I had never met him personally but without him I would have never come to this community and never met all you wonderful people....may he rest in peace.

Shala Miradsu

Holy shit.

I was going to go to Dragon*Con next year. I was finally going to get to meet him...

The world has lost a great storyteller. My heart is with his family.

RJ, may the last embrace of the Mother welcome you home.

Kaeldra al' Cara

Wow. I just don't know what to say. I thought he was getting better. This has hit me hard. RJ and his Wheel of Time was the first fantasy series that I read. He has influenced me so much and I have never met the wonderful man. I am getting all teary-eyed just writing this. I think it will take a little to sink in. He will be missed.

Adolla Ceryia

Yes, he was responding to the treatment. His body was making less lambda light chains. The problem was they had already caused a lot of damage to his heart. There isn't much they can do about that and amyloidosis is a disqualifier for transplant.

Yarrow Al'Vare

I'm stunned. This is so sad. I had no idea at all, and then Kitan Sedai told me.... I didn't believe it until I saw this forum.

Aleita Taviah

As with many others the last that I heard was that he was improving so I was shocked and saddened..

Keisha al'Benn

Shock....I just want to cling to all of my friends....I am very glad we are all here for each other.

Sorcha Al'Verdan

We are now 47 hours and twenty five minutes (Approximately) away from this tragic event, and I find myself to be growing increasingly despondent. I want to cuddle up to a bottle of Southern Comfort and pour him a libation. (I know, he prefers cognac but I can't handle that and function). I'll definitely be on chat tomorrow.

Rit'koma Imorj

I was initially stunned to hear the news, but thanks to everyone on this site, I was able to function properly when I heard.

Thanks, everyone


I couldn't believe it when I saw the memorial flash. May he rest in peace.


I'm finding it really difficult to reconcile in my mind, but that's just how I'm dealing with it, I cant imagine coping with what his wife must be going through. Having lost loved ones, I know it puts you in a dark place.

Mara Jade t'Bayana

Trav and I saw an email sitting in my inbox "Obituary for Robert Jordan" and we both just stopped. Stopped moving, stopped mid-sentence, mid-thought... I think both our hearts skipped a beat as they sunk in that way I'm sure you're all familiar with.

"It must be a joke" is what I think I said. I remembered just a month ago when I heard "Owen Wilson has OD'ed" on the radio and I got the same dreadful feeling, just to hear two sentences later that he was ok, despite that. Trav said to me "God, I hope so, my heart just absolutely sank." And we opened the email hoping, hoping, that it was so.

Reading that it wasn't... Yah Eleyan, I'm still in shock. It's started to sink in since the mIRC toast, but, I'm still in shock.

Kitan Tataru

My first thought was "No!"

I bought a multi-photo picture frame from Wal-Mart, and after Ciaran sends me my pictures in their original resolutions (I gave him my old laptop), I'm going to put pictures of me and Robert Jordan and RJ with other Tower people in the frame and hang it on the wall with my white mourning ribbons hanging from the corners.

Sela Narian

I believe that the very fact that there was a news article about his passing in an organization that does not have anything to do with Robert Jordan is a testament to how much he has influenced our world.

First reaction was utter shock and surprise. I wasn't even aware RJ was not feeling well. Second reaction was immediate sadness at the loss of someone who has created my favorite fantasy world of all time.

May you rest in peace Robert Jordan, thank you for all you have done for us, for creating this fantastic world.

Your vision and message and memory will live on through the Ages through your works.

And one day, in an Age yet to come, in an Age long past, we shall be Reborn and meet yet again, I am certain of this.

May the Light Illumine you,


You would think that by now emotions would've abated a bit. Perhaps RJ's passing is a tad too close to losing my parents in May and July of this year. Their passing wasn't expected.

Getting the email today about the "Robert Jordan special Memorial issue" at work put me over the edge and I sat there trying to hold back tears.

I am still stunned. And there's an empty place. It will pass perhaps but for now that's just the way it is.

This is the only place I can go to grieve. Who else but all of you would understand? So, I come home from work and grieve, then put on my "outside" face and go back to work.

I met him twice. Once at Comic Con. We were only supposed to present 3 books for him to sign according to the "guards". So I packed my other 7 and approached him and Harriet when it was my turn. He had me take out the other 7 books and he signed them.

Then at a book signing for New Spring, there were mostly males there and I was sort of swallowed up in the crowd. It was question and answer time and I raised my hands twice (I'm 5'5") before he pointed through the crowd to me and let me ask my question. He focused on my face and on my words. I felt a little shy suddenly. Weird... but he answered my question and said that a script for a movie was indeed in the hands of someone. I can't remember now and I'm not sure if anything was settled upon for a movie.

Sorry - I'm blathering on. RJ is sorely, sorely missed.

Isarma Maracanda

Eleyan Sedai wrote:

I knew it was coming. It's still hit me like a ton of bricks. In fact, it's still hitting me.


You just expressed what I wanted to say, Mother. Thanks.

Arien Nalaam

It just hit me today, i haven't been thinking about it much, and i just remembered the fact today in the morning, while i was waking up.

It was a sad waking up.


Hit me again this morning too... It still is so damn sad. So glad to have TV to share my feelings.

Jordan Rayne

I remember checking my email... clicking on a link to bring to a subscribed thread, the first thing that loads is the heading... I saw the black bunting and wondered to myself a little suspiciously, "What is that doing there?" Somehow, deep down, I knew... but I didn't want to know... I didn't want to face it. I went to the main forums page and saw the Memorial Forum... and just stared at it, like one would stare at something feared beyond anything else. I clicked on it, still scared... then read the titles of the threads there... I read through a few of them feverishly. Not crying. Then I got up, went downstairs to my hubby and his puter. Sat at his chair and pulled up and told him firmly to "LOOK!" He is not a member, and I am not logged in on his puter, so it took us to the Main Site page... and there was the announcement. My hubby looked at it curiously, then clicked to read more. I started crying then. Just balling my eyes out. My hubby introduced me to the series, and is a huge fan too. His eyes teared up, and he wrapped his arms around me and just held me while I cried, and he tried hard not to. Although he did eventually.

A couple of days ago I read RJ's blog. The last he posted himself. So you don't have to go find it, I posted it here:

Quote: A VERY quick check-in Posted by Robert Jordan on August 22nd, 2007 in the Robert Jordan's Blog category Just a very quick check-in to let you know I'm still alive and, with the inestimable help of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn, I am keeping things under control. Once again my Lambda Light chain numbers are in the normal range. Now I just have to get my foot healed up so I have a chance of getting out of this bloody wheel chair. Strange to think that my foot off all things, would be giving me he most trouble. Unfortunately, the Amyloidosis makes healing go very slowly. Oh, well. You put up with what you have to put up with while working your way around or over the "minor" problem.

I hear things now and then floating out in the air. For instance, I hear that word was floating about Comic-Con in San Diego that I am displeased with Red Eagle. Too true. Too very true. In a few more months that last contract they have with anyone on God's green earth that so much as mentions my name will come to an end and we can see what happens after that. You see, among other things they forgot an old dictum of LBJ back when he was just a Congressman from Texas, when he famously, or infamously, said "Don't spit in the soup. boys. We all have to eat." Worse, Red Eagle though they could tell me they spit in the soup, or pee in it, if they wanted to and there wasn't anything I could do to stop them. You can't apologize your way out of that with me, not that they tried. There isn't enough money in the world to buy your way out of it with me. Not that they tried that either. So they get no further help from me. Once they are completely out of the picture, we'll see what happens.

I seem to feeling rather viperish today. I also hear that a certain writer, on hearing that I had heart problems, announced that his cardiologist, on holding his (the writer's) heart in his hands said that he could have been holding the heart of a sixteen year-old or some such. My cardiologist told me much the same thing, but I made him give it back. Ahem. A question occurs. What was wrong that anyone had their filthy fingers palping his actual heat. All my heart examinations have been via catheritazation or electrocardiogram or echocardiogram or the like. Only if they saw cause would anyone be sticking fingers into my chest must less fingering my heart. Some discrepancy there, eh?

On, well. Down, Simba! Down, Big Boy. That's what Harriet says when I get like this. Lets get on to something a little more pleasant.

Many people have given gifts to Hematologic Malignancies Program – amyloidosis research since the last time I thanked anyone. For donations since then. my thanks go out to Virginia A. Schomp and Chip Bigness, Mrs. Janna Kamenetsky, Mr. Tony Witherspoon, Mr. Ryan Breen, Mr. Nathan Chu, Mr. Todd Lyons, Ms. Kathleen D. Moore, Mr. Doug Carrithers, Mrs. Deborrah M. Kozel, Ms. Melissa Craib and Friends at, Mr. Eric Selby, Mrs. Carolyn Goodwin, Dr. Chris O'Sullivan, Mr. Georgy Kantor, Mr. Andrew Childs, Mr. Doug Peters, Mr. Scott Dimick, Ms. Pam Harley and the Hattie Mae Lesley Foundation. Thank you very much, one and all.

I'll get back to when I can. Until then, it's back to the grindstone for me. RJ

He just sounded so positive that he was going to be alright. It breaks my heart, he was so optimistic, so sure he was going to conquer the terrible disease. I cry when I read that, and other posts of his, and Will's, and Harriet's.

In the About The Author of New Spring, which I just finished rereading, it says RJ will continue to write until they nail his coffin shut. And he did.

I am more grateful than I can say for this family that RJ has created with the WoT. There are so many of you I wouldn't know if it was for RJ, and because of him, and his wonderful world of WoT, my world has been a brighter place, a happier place, with all of you in it.

I love you with all my heart RJ, and I will never forget you!

My deepest heartfelt sympathies to Harriet and his family. He was a wonderful man, and I regret never having the chance to meet him. I apologize for these wishes coming so late, but I've been unable to put my feelings into coherent thoughts until now.

And to my family. I love you all so much! I don't know what I would do if I hadn't met and talked with some of you. I hope I have the chance to meet and/or talk to many more of you. But even if I don't, remember please, I love you.

Sayn Renyn

I can't fucking believe it.

I find out now; basically a month later.

I seriously can't fucking believe it.

Lucylla Shaodomi

I think what makes me saddest about RJ / Jim Rigney's death is the feeling that he went before he'd accomplished everything he wanted to in life. As others have already said, he looked like he went fighting almost the entire way, keeping an optimistic attitude. He wanted to be writing 30 years from then. He wanted to finish book 12, and the prequels, and start a new fantasy series.

And all of that is just... not going to happen, now. Not by his hand. I don't know if he felt regret for that or not, but he seemed the type who, once he realized that death was inevitable, would go accepting that fate.

Still, it is saddening to think what wealth of creativity he could still have brought had he not been claimed so early. And I don't just say that as a fan, I also say it as a fellow writer, who understands the drive one can have to bring the stories in one's head to fruition and completion. There's something satisfying about knowing it's done, and out there where people can share in what you imagined.

Eleyan Sedai


I met him twice. Once at Comic Con. We were only supposed to present 3 books for him to sign according to the "guards". So I packed my other 7 and approached him and Harriet when it was my turn. He had me take out the other 7 books and he signed them.

I was one of those guards.

He was working so hard. But as clear as he was on the "three things to a person" rule"? He was so clear that someone standing in line again could go through again.

Madelaine Vitalia

I never came close to having the chance to meet him, so I must learn of him through the stories of those who have had the honor and pleasure of doing so.

From what I've read here, RJ was loved by his fans... and he returned that love with no reservations. He richly deserves all the honor and love and respect we accord him.


It's still hard to believe - even now.

A picture came to my mind weeks ago when I found out that RJ had moved on. It was of Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Lan and Moraine after learning of RJ's death. It was nighttime and they were around a camp fire. Two of the girls were sitting on rocks, one on a blanket on the ground, the guys were beside them. Nynaeve and Egwene were crying, Moraine knelt beside them facing them, talking to them. Rand had his hand on Egwenes' shoulder. I scanned the guys faces - Perrin was looking down - Rand looking at the fire and Mat looking out into the darkness. Lan was stone faced and standing a bit apart. I percieved that he was "keeping watch". I "felt" them all (I know it sounds weird) and I burst into tears again feeling the sadness and loneliness that they felt. They all knew before we did.

That picture is as vivid now in my mind as it was when I saw it. That's how real RJ created them - so much so that I felt their pain mingled with mine. It hurts still to think about it and picture it.

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge". That's exactly where I have lived while reading WOT. Quite often it's a place that I have preferred over any other.

Sayroth War'tan

oh... my... god...

im crying.

i have been away from the site, and busy with school, so i just found out today.

He was getting better!

Why must the great ones always die young...


Still crying inside....


I just found out about his passing today and I am still stunned. After reading Jason's experience at RJ's funeral I feel a little better knowing how is memory was honored. I hope by the interaction with other fans we can help each other through the grieving process. I don't know if it seems silly to grieve someone you never met in real life but I feel a connection to RJ through his work (and so far I've only read two of his books).

De'bann Maia

I do not think it is silly at all. Many people have mourned for those they've never met.

Through his WoT books, Robert Jordan did more for me than Elvis or Princess Di or Pope John Paul II, and yet millions of people around the world mourned for them. Some continue to honor their memories even to this day.

You've definitely come to a place where other people will understand your grief for the passing of someone who was essentially a stranger.

Edeyna Riordan

I still can't get over it. I guess that's part of the reason I found my self here. my thoughts and prayers to Robert Jordan's family. thank you for everything RJ

Andrin Lugor

I'm stunned as well. By reading his blog you got the impression that he fought bravely and that he always kept the spark up. I knew it probably wasn't that far off but I still wasn't prepared the day it happened. Sad times...


I was so sad and upset when I heard. I just couldn't believe that the series would go uncompleted (by him anyway) no matter how good a new author can be it just doesn't feel the same knowing it isn't really the original author. He will be greatly missed

Luran Tulmar

It hurts. I've lost loved ones, and I sympathize with his family and friends.

I also hurt, now knowing that I will never have the chance to meet with the man that has so shaped my life these past few years. All the values I learned from his books, all the entertainment provided to me... I will never get the chance to thank him for it, and it hurts.

Evangal Maradon

It is a loss and i did not know of this until i came here. His name will live on thanks to his great work.


After many years of writing about one of the greatest story's man kind has ever read, the greatest writer of all time has past away. he left us some time ago, or should i say that he has finally awaken. his books told of morality, kindness and an over all show of general character. he inspired many people to become better, stand up to themselves.

you might be gone but you have never truly left us.

we love you J.R

Jarel al'Mar

I am so bummed about this tragic event. I feel so sorry for Harriet, may God heal her heart and protect her.

Calin al'Beren

It was a shock. I had been following his blog, I knew he was sick, but he had been feeling ok one day and he was dead the next. Death comes to all men, all we can do is choose how to face it. I think RJ went out like Rand facing the dark one, like an Aiel warrior.


I'm a bit behind the times with my wife giving birth but I thought I would see when the WOT book was coming out and was shocked to learn he had gone

RJ was problem one of the best modern writes of our time and will be sadly missed. I have enjoyed his work for most of my adult life and now my 8 years old has started taking interest especially now he has seen the Heron Marked sword I have

once again very sadly missed

Derwyn Vala

I cried when I heard. It was so sad for me. I called my cousin who was reading the WOT at the time to share the grief. I felt bad that I had maybe even a bigger feeling of loss for the books, but he was the mind behind them.

We knew he was sick but I never saw the day. He would have given us many more books to love I'm sure, had he been around longer. I really hurt for the loss of one of the absolute greatest fantasy authors in the world.

I am very happy about the prospect of the last book and that Harriet will continue on this book what she did for the rest.

RJ may you always find shade and water.

Felix Antoine

It happened on my birthday so from now on there will be a little shadow on it.

May he find shade and water.