Will the series be finished?

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Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin

He was well into the final book. The ending has been written before the series even started. His wife knows *everything*, everything is outlined, and the book will be finished.

I do not know who will finish it, but I'm sure his wife will continue to be involved/edit.

The story will be finished.

It is also likely there will be companion material created (this has been discussed as a future project for Harriet for years) that further explains the world (think the world book, only a lot lot better).

I cannot tell you how much has been written and how much has not. I did hear a bit about it at the funeral, but a lot of this information is confidential at this point. I'm sorry.

But I can say that yes, there was material written. There are a lot of outlines and notes. RJ and his assistant Maria did a lot of audio recordings where he spoke things out. No, it's not a simple thing of writing just a couple of more chapters; there is a lot to be done still on the story. But RJ did as best he could to make sure the story would be told as he would have wished.

Deoan Kakarot

The only good news from this sad event.

Adina al'Mari

I think dedicating the final book to RJ would be sweet, and fitting too.

Alyra Seyni

When I told my younger sister all she could say was "before he finished!?". She's been newly introduced to the series and has read all (except New Spring) of the books in like a 6 month time frame.

Maddie Vitalia

For once an author lived up to the statements made in his book's "author's info"... RJ's often said he would continue writing until they nailed his coffin shut. Sadly, that day has arrived... but at least he kept his promise.


I'm ashamed to admit that was one of my first thoughts too. Well after thinking my friend was having a bad joke with me. It is good that the story will continue and finish though, it would be sad to see the series as never ending and dwindling in popularity as a result. This was it can be as much loved by future generations as it is by us!

Coer Mehran

Again the only good news out of this. He was a great author and I always loved reading his books! RIP RJ

Cuchulain Bragh

When I told my dad earlier today, he reacted the same way. But not before giving me a look that would rival the dark one himself. We aren't great communicaters me da and I, but we always had WOT to connect over.

Camlyn al'Carr

Guiltily I immediately thought, but he hasn't finished yet, then it hit me. My thoughts are with his family and the rest of the family here.

Je t'aime Al'morha

I still can't believe he is gone. I am glad that Harriet will most likely carry on the series. I agree about us being part of his family and not wanting to leave us hanging. It will be so different reading it now though...

Ciaran al'Trystan

I'm looking forward to seeing some endings.

I'd rather have him around though.

Asalyn al'Morin

His work will continue to awe and amaze us, and impact each and every one of us.

Napolde Surion

I'm glad to see I wasn't one of the only ones that thought about the conclusion of the series, I felt guilty but I couldn't help it springing to mind!

I also say that it is very fitting for Harriet to conclude the series since she has been there from the beginning *nodses*


A toast to Harriet.

Strangely for someone with as strong a tendency as I have to be verbose, this is all I have to say, and everything else, its really already been said.

Wen Chang

I have to say the series is absolutely the last thing on my mind. All I can think of is his wife, and his family, and his friends. It is nice to know that such an important legacy won't go unfinished, however.

Axis m'Troutilas

It's been his life's work for a very long time now, and he would want to see it finished and his readers to enjoy it.

So I will look forward to reading it, despite the bittersweet ending knowing that he didn't get to finish it.

Loira al'Ramoidra

This is good to know... after all, it is thanks to the series we all have got to know him. And it wouldn't feel good to leave such an important part of his life unfinished...

Morindüne Lindóriand

It is good that the books will be finished, but then again, its still too sad that he has passed away. Almost unbelievable that he is dead, I always believed he would live through the disease.

Ilverin Matriam

I didn't think of the last book, I knew it will be finished one day and it will be released, but I am grateful even for the past 11 books.

Ferys Gildred

I do firmly believe that RJ wanted the story to be told should the worst happen, I'm just so shocked that it has come to pass.

Uidin Durandir

I have to say, the fact that he was not finished hit me. But it was not my first thought. This is truly sad, and the saddest part really is that he will not be able to finish it himself. I do hope Harriet will finish it though. When she feels like it.

I think I might shed a tear when reading "Dedicated to RJ", if it says that in the book... I am sure his name will be put as the author as well, but I think whoever finish it, should dedicate it to him.

Sonea Ilandred

I think for all of us, picking up that final book will weigh a little more than it would have before, knowing the heartache and pain that will have passed to achieve that goal.

Jaim al'Bearach

It's nice to know the story will be told... the world that RJ created will be around for a long long time... it's a huge piece of work and in many years from now, people will still be able to pick up those books and enjoy the journey we've all been on... it's very sad though that he won't be able to finish the story himself.

Rit'koma Imorj

RJ once said that if the book had to come with it's own carrier, it would still be one book. I think that with the emotional weight we all associate with the book, it'll need its own forklift.

Long Live RJ's Memory!

Liandra da Miere

I am glad that it will be finished...

I am so much in shock, it never even crossed my mind that he could die, I always so firmly believed that he would beat this thing and live on for a long, long time...

Willow Elbereth

I think it's would be wonderful for Harriet to continue his creation for him. They are both just amazing.

Aria Kakarot

I'm sure that if he intended for Harriet to finish for him she will. But, at this point, I wouldn't care if it was never finished. I'm just so horribly sad that he is gone.

Aldazar Tiarana

Right now, I don't care if the series won't be finished, I'm just so sad for his family and millions of fans around the world...


I think it's wonderful to know that it will be finished, and if anyone is going to do it, it should be Harriet. She knew him better than anyone and I respect her decision readily. Though I have not been here long, I am finding comfort in this time of tragedy with my new family. I have no one to share this pain with, as my husband, nor co-workers have read the series. I am sitting in my office and crying all day! Thank you, RJ, for allowing me to be a part of something greater.

Liana Ceana

As much as I want the series to be finished...I almost don't any more.

Sure, WoT has a special place in my heart and I want to know how it ends but... it seems almost wrong for it to be finished now. Not to mention that I'm happier with what I got out of the series than the series itself.

Damian McKinnon

I too am guilty of thinking on if the series will be finished. I am very glad to see that will be the case but sort of thought it was a little insensitive to ask. Thank you for providing the answer to the question which lingered on more than a few minds.

Haderach Hilm

I'm not ashamed in the least to admit that my most immediate concern after learning of Jordan's death was of the outcome of AMoL. WoT has helped me enormously to overcome and live through a very challenging period of my life. While reading WoT the characters become my best friends and to discover that their lives will not be concluded in the way I expected gives me a sense of loss bigger than that I feel for the author - whom I have never even seen.

His death is not less significant because of his age or condition but it was not sudden or unexpected.

Quinlan Isindil

I think any discussion about the last book being published should mention the hope that Tor will donate half or even all of their profits from its sales to Mayo Clinic, in James' name, so that they can find a way to keep amyloidosis from stealing another Light from our world.

Joedram al'Floyd

Rest in peace, great gleeman. I'm still reading your grand tale.

Jaric al'Baerlon

Many of us think about RJ having to lose his life before his work has been finished. I can't help thinking about Artur Hawkwing's last day. He was also saying that he wasn't ready, his work wasn't finished yet. Spooky...

Berlyn al'Canto

I admit that I thought of the series first. I think it was an easier idea to comprehend -- I understand not finishing something easier and faster than coming to grips with death.

When I first found out about his disease, I was in a fog for days -- I was crying THEN. It felt like it was happening to a best friend. I'm still numb about the death.

I wanted to point out something amazing that WE will share that nobody else will:

WE were already fans and "knew" him when he was alive. WE were the ones who put our names on the waiting lists at the bookstores and libraries at a shadow of a mention of a new title. WE were the ones that put his books on the best sellers list AS THEY CAME OUT. WE are the ones who had to read on to find out -- and wait for years between books.

I hope that new people continue to pick up the series, but for them, even waiting for the very last book, it won't be the same type of wait. It's something that you'd say: "Oh that was so sad he didn't finish it, but I like how it ended."

Whereas WE are the ones who will experience this grief first hand. We will have a much different perspective on the whole WOT world than any other readers in the world. That to me is comforting -- I'm not alone in mourning nor am I alone in thinking back over the past 14 years of my life that have been touched so profoundly by the series.

I think we're fortunate in a way, to have been able to have "met" him though his life's work in these books.

And, I also think that he thinks it's great that we're all so worried about the series. What greater sign of respect than PANIC (okay, panic in my case) about not knowing how the story ends. For a storyteller, that is a great thing.

Rodi Leg'na Krad

I have one thing to say....

You know when people ask you who would you like to talk to in heaven? Well I never had answer for that question until now. I'd want to know everything I could about RJ. It sucks I didn't get the chance to meet him before he died and I still want to know so much.

Rennick Realmwalker

While I grieve over the loss of RJ, I look forward in anticipation that his passing and the ultimate fulfillment of his opus will help the WOT reach an even larger audience.


My regret is with others as he will not be writing it himself. while he may have outlined and noted as much as he could knowing this was a possibility, i can only respect Harriet or whomever end up finishing for following through with his wish.

Blake Monthan

We are indeed the ones fortunate enough to have experienced RJ alive. It's like Sinatra, or Elvis, you can still discover their work long after their deaths. But for the ones who consciously lived with the developing story all those years it's a completely different experience altogether.


I remember my first time in high school that I saw Eye of the World. I was looking for something new to read after finishing a Dragonlance book and I saw EotW and picked it up. I spent the weekend sitting on the coach and reading it cover to cover. I had never been captivated by a book that way since I read Where the Red Fern Grows when I was in 5th grade. I remember the past 17 years YEARNING and I mean YEARNING for the next book. I'd have the urge to camp out at my local Waldenbooks for a year just to wait for them to announce when the next one was due to come out. RJ's books were my addiction. Rand and Mat were my heroes. 6 years ago I got my friends at work and my wife to read EotW so I could share my joy of reading such an enveloping series. Knife of Dreams came out and I scheduled my vacation to California to coincide with his book signing. My mother who dreads driving down to Hollywood in the afternoon drove me (I don't remember my way around Los Angeles after being gone for 10 years) and we waited in line for his signature. After I returned home, I showed my treasure to my friends and they were very jealous. One of my friends moved to Alabama last year, yet he and my other friend, we keep in touch. We even talk about what we were gong to do about going in for 1/3rds for buying the book on cd and swapping it around to put on our Ipods and who would get to listen to it first. We have races like that with books. Last Sunday my friend is here and is talking about going to get MOL signed if he can. I was crushed when I heard the news. I thank my lucky stars that I got to meet a man who's imagination touched my own and many others in such a tremendous way. It was also very eerie in my own life that last Friday I started to put EotW back in my ipod to listen to for the umteenth thousandth time just to listen to it again. I hope Harriet finishes the last books. It would be the only fitting end to the series. I weep now for the thought of the tears I will shed when reading MOL and the tears I'll shed when I"m done with it.


I just can't seem to bring myself to worry about the series ending or what he had in store. I am sure we have all ended the series in our own way. What makes me sad is that we will never know what he had in store for the future, and we will never get to read those ideas he had. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.

Joyas al' Amihol

For many of us that just recently learned of all the online support for WOT RJ was his books and his work symolized him as a person. It is only natural for those of us to be immediatly concerened with the last book on first hearing the news. It is only after such a thing sinks in, when you remember that he was more then just an Author, he was a husband, a friend, a father, and so many other things to so many people (as we all are) that the real loss of a remarkable human soul hits home and you feel the pain of sympathy for those who loved him (not just his work). So don't feel guilty...WOT is his connection to you, and that is what you will miss of him (thank God that he has all these wonderful books that can be re-read). My heart goes to those who loved James, the real loss is theirs and may God carry them through this tough time.

Evelyn Tai'ashandar

I have been feeling guilty that my thoughts have been filled with the unfinished series. The only thing keeping me sane was that my first thought was, "How? I thought his numbers were good!?!?". I am just one of his millions of fans feeling so sorry for Harriet. I hope she does finish the book and continues to fill in character histories. There were so many hooks that RJ left just to drive me up a wall with curiosity (I know he did it on purpose... grrrr... ). Maybe this will help her in the years to come. A connection.

RJ, I'm glad to see that peace did favor your sword...

Indarra Mc'Alsheen

I never had the pleasure to meet the man, but felt he was a fellow I'd love to spend an afternoon fishing with. I really don't know why I thought of him that way, but I did.

While my first thought was how sad his family must be, a very close second was the next book. I've always had a small dread of this actually happening, but believed the man tougher than Lan and more resilient than Mat. It seems from the way he left the series, he might well have been. I think the thing I'll miss most, was the way he took time to listen to readers and give precious insight to the stories. There may be other authors who would do that, be he was the first.

Kityarah al'Dara

I'm just glad it will be published because in a small way at least it is a connection to him still. I am sure Harriet will do a great job (and whoever else helps with it) and a dedication to him would be so "right". It was my second thought, first was "nooooo", then "what will happen to randland?" I cant wait for it, will be like having him here again in a way...

Tamron al'Gwen

It is very comforting to know that the series will be finished in the manner outlined by it's creator. I wish I could see into his imagination for just one day. It would be seeing into an immense world never ending and always growing. The books are the closest we have to a door into that imagination. I'm sad that he died, but I know he fought a good fight.

Jerr'el Khaan

It is good news that the story will be finished in a way that RJ wanted it to. I have been in waiting for every book written as I started reading his books in 1990, so was in shock when I heard of his passing. However, to wait for the last one is like a sweet wine in the light of day. In a kind of honoring of him in my own way, I have began to re-reading the story again, to re-savor it all again, and now on book 4 "The Shadow Rising". It is the first time I have been able to read them in a continuous flowing epic, I am able to grab the next book off my shelf and it has been totally new and re-invigorating as if a new story without knowledge of some of the details. So, it has been a fantastic read all over again.