The Brown Ajah in 2009

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1: Adolla Ceryia becomes Heart. Taika Vinh becomes Pulse. Sela Narian and Rinwyn Sihrera are chosen as Sitters for the Spring 2009 term. Rinwyn Sihrera becomes Mundane World Forum Moderator. Cassie Dainar Bonds Soronhen Ciryaher.

Unknown: The January 2009 issue of the Brown Bulletin is published.

Unknown: Elandria d'ma Mieresouvra joins the Online Events Team.


5: Ismene Gillandred steps down as Director of Research.

13 - 16: Cassie Dainar, Ismene Gillandred, and Taika Vinh attends Anniversary Party 2009 in Millersylvania, Washington, USA.

Unknown: Three Browns win Members' Choice Awards: Sela Narian for Most Educating Member, Ismene Gillandred for Walking WoT Encyclopedia, and Adolla Ceryia for Most Like a Main Character from WoT (Verin Mathwin).


26: Kyyri Moran is raised Aes Sedai.

Unknown: Ayendra Kisharad becomes Current Events Forum Moderator.

Unknown: The March 2009 issue of the Brown Bulletin is published.


3: Kyyri Moran Bonds Robertus Cain.

6: Catt Heckathorne Aspires.

9: Eniara Kisharad becomes Assistant to the Director of Research and Records.

17 - 19: Adolla Ceryia, Ayendra Kisharad, Cassie Dainar, Eniara Kisharad, Sela Narian, and Serenla Tamowith attend JordanCon 2009 in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA, on April 17 - 19. Ayendra is raised to Aes Sedai at the event (on April 18).

23: Thalya Nyale Aspires.


Unknown: The May 2009 issue of the Brown Bulletin is published.


5: Cassie Dainar becomes Mistress of Revels (North America).

29: Serenla Tamowith steps down as Conference Coordinator.


1: Viola Al'Shinnen Aspires. Allin Sha'maer and Sean al'Dragoran dissolve their Bond. Keara Careen and Rinwyn Sihrera are chosen as Sitters for the Fall 2009 term. Rinwyn Sihrera steps down as Mundane World Forum Moderator. Sela Narian becomes Tech & Media Moderator.

Unknown: The July 2009 issue of the Brown Bulletin is published.


7 - 9: Miriya ay'Anne and Rijomu Sezain attend Summer Euro Party 2009 in Driebergen, The Netherlands.


4 - 7: Adolla Ceryia, Cassie Dainar, Ismene Gillandred, Rinwyn Sihrera, and Serenla Tamowith attend Dragon*Con 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on September 4 - 7.

5: Rinwyn Sihrera Bonds Amarande al'Kalin.

8: Elandria d'ma Mieresouvra Aspires.

16: Sindra Bell Bonds Sataere Thruthheim.

28: Cariyad Teridal is raised Aes Sedai.


9: Adolla Ceryia becomes Head.

20: Rinwyn Sihrera becomes Heart.

30 - Nov 1: Cassie Dainar and Naomi al'Moranwin attend Fall Ball 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Unknown: *The September and October 2009 issue of the Brown Bulletin is published.


24: Catt Heckathorne is raised Aes Sedai. Stasia t'Andrei becomes Tower Voice.


17: Thalya Nyale is raised Aes Sedai.

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