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The TarValon.Net Membership Manual contains additional information on this topic.


Currently, TarValon.Net is organized into six departments. The Heads of these Departments plus the Amyrlin Seat (CEO), the Keeper of the Chronicles (COO), Shatayan/Shambayan (CFO), and Archivist (CRO) form the Executive Branch. Within these Departments are a number of positions that together run all aspects of the TarValon.Net community.


Department of Community Outreach

Main article: Department of Community Outreach

The Department of Community Outreach focuses on our fundraisers and philanthropic efforts. It also deals with online activities. The Department is currently headed by Erin al'Denael.

Department of Events and Conferences

Main article: Department of Events and Conferences

The Department of Events and Conferences oversees and organises all our official real life events. The Department is currently headed by Melisande Arneil.

Department of Marketing

Main article: Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing oversees the community's presence, such as the external social media, advertising, logos and graphics and products and the Tar Valon Times. The Department is currently headed by Aleita Taviah.

Department of Membership

Main article: Department of Membership

The Department of Membership oversees the community administrators, such as the Heads of Ajah and Company Commanders. This Department takes care of all membership issues. The Department is currently headed by Alenya Al'Roran.

Department of Research and Records

Main article: Department of Research and Records

The Department of Research and Records oversees the Tower Library and the Tower Histories, as well as the book forums and the Classroom. It is also responsible for the Who's Who in conjunction with the community administrators. The Department is currently headed by Ilverin Matriam.

Department of Technology

Main article: Department of Technology

The Department of Technology takes care of all technological issues, including the running of the message boards and the main site. The Department is currently jointly headed by Deoan Kakarot and Mendo Cath.

Organisation History

Main article: Organisation History

As TarValon.Net has expanded over the years, the structure has repeatedly changed to cope with this. Initially, these changes were performed as deemed necessary, but today, we have a quarterly Executive Meeting where the Officers and Directors discuss any changes that need to be made to the departmental structure, or any other changes and make them accordingly.