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The major events at TarValon.Net in 2014.


Main article: 2014 Annual Report

It was decided to move ahead with integration. Vivianna L'antreau announced her retirement as Amyrlin Seat.


Admin Meeting

Main article: Spring 2014 Admin Meeting

The main outcome of this meeting was to move ahead with full integration, so that neither Aes Sedai or Gaidin will be gendered roles in the community. The full details were discussed by the Integration Focus Group. The decision was made to open a new “Servant of All” forum in which the community could support and inspire each other to give back to their individual communities. The topic of low attendance at Euro parties was discussed, and it was decided that bids would be taken for either side of the Channel rather than separate bids for B&I and Continental Euro. The Department of Membership brought up the idea to give Resident Citizens the option of a Who’s Who profile, and it was agreed upon. The Department of Moderators officially announced their name change to the Department of Moderators and Operators. The decision to create a new forum specifically for Mafia games was also approved.

Main article: Fall 2014 Admin Meeting

Rhed al'Tere introduced herself as the Amyrlin-Elect in the meeting introduction notes. The plans for implementing integration were outlined. The Department of Moderators and Operators announced the decision to separate “Entertainment and Technology” into three new forums: Entertainment, Technology, and Gaming. The Department of Marketing discussed the finalization of the new group logos for the Ajahs and Companies.

Membership Survey

Main article: Focused Membership Survey 2014-2015

A special focused survey took place to gain insight primarily on integration.



There was a drop in new members during 2014, with a total of 38 new Citizens. 11 people applied to join the Novice/Recruit level, and 6 people applied to become Accepted/Soldier. 28 Junior Members were raised to Senior Member rank.


Main article: 2014 Raisings

Fifteen people were raised Aes Sedai and four people were raised Gaidin.


Main article: 2014 Bondings

Four couples were bonded and three bonds were dissolved.


Main article: 2014 Demotions

Nine people demoted this year.


Main article: Maintaining the Tower Fundraiser

The theme for this fundraiser was Fundraiser Against Humanity, and the prize was a TarValon.Net Expansion Deck for the game Cards Against Humanity. The goal was to raise over $3500 and this goal was met.

Main article: Feast of Lights Charity Drive 2014

Rather than choosing one charity to support for this event, the site decided to encourage members to go out and serve their local communities.

Outreach Activities

Main article: 2014 Outreach Activities
  • Bel Tine: This free week took place between April 15 - 26.
  • Shaoman: This free week took place between October 22 - November 1.


Main article: 2014 Official Events

April 4-6, held in Seahouses, Northumberland, UK. 18 people attended.

April 11-12, held in Roswell, Georgia. 61 members attended.

May 16-19, held in Angelus Oaks, California. 49 people attended.

October 17-19, held in St. Pete Beach, Florida. 13 people attended.


Main article: 2014 Awards
Amyrlin's Awards
Main article: Amyrlin's Awards
Keeper's Awards
Main article: Keeper's Awards
Members' Choice Awards
Main article: Members' Choice Awards 2014

24 awards were given out this year.


Main article: Administrative and Staff Positions in 2014

Rhed al'Tere was chosen as the Amyrlin Elect on October 5 after Vivianna L'antreau announced her retirement as Amyrlin. Aryawnah Federov took over as Head of the Department of Community Outreach on August 30. After several months of vacancy, Naomi al'Moranwin became Head of the Department of Events and Conferences on November 14.