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The major events at TarValon.Net in 2015.


Main article: 2015 Annual Report

Integration went ahead and all community groups opened up to all Junior Members on January 1. Several people demoted. Rhed al'Tere was sworn in as the New Amyrlin at 14th Anni. Ubahsur Kindellaer resigned as Shatayan and was replaced by Cassie Dainar. There was a third officer change, when Serenla Tamowith resigned as Archivist. Toral Delvar was chosen as her replacement.


Admin Meeting

Main article: Spring 2015 Admin Meeting

During this meeting they discussed changing the Hall rotation schedule from Jan/Jul to Apr/Oct.

Main article: Fall 2015 Admin Meeting

The Amyrlin brought up the idea of same-path bonding, but it was decided to shelve the discussion until a later time in order to focus on site integration. The Department of Marketing requested a new position under their purview, Social Marketing Manager, and it was given the okay. Avendesora Leaves were first brought up during this meeting and given the green light.

Membership Survey

Main article: 2015 Membership Survey

The survey response rate was 43.19% and the completion rate was 33.77%. Out of 382 active members, 112 of the participants were Aes Sedai or Gaidin. The Blue and Brown Ajahs were tied for highest number of survey participants with 19 each.



Similar to 2014, there were only 38 new Citizen applications during this year. 11 people applied to join the Tower as Novice/Recruit, and 11 people applied to be raised to Accepted/Soldier. 16 Junior Members were raised to Senior Member rank.


Main article: 2015 Raisings

Fifteen people were raised to Aes Sedai, including our first male Aes Sedai. One person was raised Gaidin.


Main article: 2015 Bondings

Seven couples bonded and ten couples' bonds were dissolved. We had our first same gender bonded couple.


Main article: 2015 Demotions

Twelve people demoted this year.


Main article: Feast of Lights Charity Drive 2015

This event was held between November 23 - January 3, 2016. Rather than choosing a single charity to support during this drive, the community members were encouraged to go out and support their local charities.

Outreach Activities

Main article: 2015 Outreach Activities
  • Bel Tine: This free week took place between March 22 - 31.
  • Shaoman: This Ghost invade the Ball themed free week took place between October 22 - November 1.


Main article: 2015 Official Events

March 13-15, held in North Georgia. Rhed al'Tere was officially raised to Amyrlin. 72 people attended.

April 17-19, held in Atlanta, Georgia. 42 people attended.

October 2-4, held in Dublin, Ireland. 23 people attended.

October 23-25, held in Duluth, Minnesota. 14 people attended.


Amyrlin's Awards
Main article: Amyrlin's Awards 2015
Keeper's Awards
Main article: Keeper's Awards 2015
Members' Choice Awards
Main article: Members' Choice Awards 2015

22 awards were given out this year.


Main article: Administrative and Staff Positions in 2015

In addition to the three changes at the Officer level, Kerna Shedrian replaced Toral Delvar as Director of Research and Records and Mendo Cath replaced Erin al'Denael as Director of Technology.