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The major events at TarValon.Net in 2018.



Executive Meetings

Main article: Spring 2018 Executive Meeting

A new logo was revealed for the site, designed in order to give equal representation for the Ajahs and Companies. It was also decided to open an official Discord channel for the site during this meeting.

Main article: Fall 2018 Executive Meeting

During this meeting, the decision was made to reboot the KinderGaidin program, where new parents receive an official TarValon.Net onesie. The Department of Marketing released their new “Four Pillars of TarValon.Net” initiative in order to draw in more new members from the wider Wheel of Time fanbase. The Department of Moderators and Operators announced a plan to add three new admins to the Department: Master of Chat/IRC, Master of Moderators, and Master of Chat/Discord (titles subject to change).




Main article: 2018 Raisings

Thirteen people were raised to Aes Sedai, and three to Gaidin. Six people were raised to Accepted, and four to Soldier.


Main article: 2018 Bondings

Thirteen couples bonded and three bonds were dissolved, one of them due to demotion.


Main article: 2018 Demotions

A total of six people demoted this year.


No fundraiser was held in 2018.

Outreach Activities

Main article: 2018 Outreach Activities
  • Black Tower Day: This freeday was celebrated on March 27.
  • Bel Tine: This freeweek took place between April 9 - 16.
  • Glitter Free Week: The one-off Glitter Free Week was held July 23 - 30.
  • Homecoming: Homecoming was held October 12 - 15.
  • Shaoman: This freeweek took place between October 29 - November 4.


Main article: 2018 Official Events

March 16-19, held in Gooding, Idaho. 41 people attended.

April 20-22, held in Atlanta, Georgia. 59 members attended.

September 21-23, held in Schmitten, Germany. 18 people attended.

October 26-28, held in Sleepy Hollow, New York. 27 people attended.


Main article: 2018 Awards
Amyrlin's Awards
Main article: Amyrlin's Awards 2018
Keeper's Awards
Main article: Keeper's Awards 2018
Merit Awards
Main article: Merit Awards 2018
Members' Choice Awards
Main article: Members' Choice Awards 2018

21 awards were given out this year.


Main article: Administrative and Staff Positions in 2018

In March of this year, Calen Velervron became the Head of the Department of Community Outreach, and Asandra al'Terra became the new Head of the Department of Moderators and Operators. Jeffan Caliarthan became the new Head of the Department of Marketing on August 7. Tallan Daar became the Head of the Department of Research and Records on September 18.