Anniversary Party 2018

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Anniversary Party 2018
Location Gooding, Idaho, USA
Date March 16-19, 2018
Local Liaison Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach

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TarValon.Net held its 17th Anniversary Party in Gooding, Idaho, USA, March 16-19, 2018.


By: Fern al'Thorn in the Tar Valon Times

The scene: Vast open spaces dotted by far off mountains, grass as dead as the bones of ... well, bones. March in the upper western states is brown, grey, and cold. So it was a good thing we had this amazing location to hole up in while the weather decided what it was going to do.

20180313 150423.jpg
Softly playing in the background is "Hotel California"

The story:
Now this here is the story of a gathering, a ANNIversary if you will, and the players come from all over the world to fall under the pull that the weaves of the wheel weave. :look

This was a whole new world for me and one I was a touch scared to enter, but I did with both feet and WOW! What a ride!

The journey started for me on a train ride west, 31 hours to look out of a window and marvel at the view. I have never seen such spaces that make the world seem surreal until then.
I arrived seat worn and feeling pretty decent, to be greeted by my hosts for the first few days, the awesome Nebka Galyn and Brian Mandragon as well as the also very awesome Analiese Sinclaer. This was really cool cause I got in at 11pm and I got hugs and help with my bags because this is what it feels like after lugging them around for a while:

20180313 225211.jpg

Much conversation and laughter later, it is time to crash for a few hours before going to pick up others on our pilgrimage north.

Having arrived at our destination early most of the players went to play in a local pub while waiting for the time of entrance to the Tower, as it has set up residence in Gooding, Idaho this year at The University Inn.

Being on the decoration committee, some of our crew was able to arrive early and help get set up. Getting the colors hung and tables set up, candles out ... it really looked awesome! I sadly didn't get any pictures of it. :(

On with the story!

Friday night sets us up for Opening Ceremony!
This was filled with toasts from the members and from the Mother, awarding of awards and last but not least... RAISINGS!!!!
They did it to me again!
I had the pleasure of being raised to Accepted at Fall Ball last year, and this year I was raised to Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah! I also got ot be present for my sisters of JMhood
Nebka Gayln getting raised Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah!
Analiese Sinclaer getting raised to Gaidin of San d'ma Shadar!
This was by far one of the best moments for me and so much so that the rest of the weekend seems a bit of a blur, but I will see what I can recall for the rest of the time.

We held the Amyrlin's Tournament in 4 stages, each one done in honor of the Companies.
So first up we had "A Battle of Wits" Pub trivia for company DM. These were teams of 5 people duking it out over scifi and fantasy questions.
1st place went to Mewl's Angels, Which consisted of Novice Mewl, Brandon Gaidin of Dai M'Hael, Elania Sedai, Autumn Sedai, and myself, all of the Yellow Ajah

The next games were set for Saturday and would involve the brandishing of swords (wooden practice ones) to find who was the better swordsmith among us, in a "Battle of Strength" in honor of the company SDS.
1st place went to Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn (Roh) of the Green Ajah

Saturday night ended with a small play written by The Magnificent Jeffan, as part of the Glitter Catastrophe shenanigans. This was a beautiful, fun and glittery in small amounts. As well as the Costume Contest that the ever awesome Roh Sedai won with her crazy amazing dress.
Me, I was a pirate ... but that is nothing new.

20180317 193041 HDR.jpg

Sunday rolls around with "A Battle of Prowess" with Table Tennis in honor of the VC company with the winner being 1st place Elania Sedai of the Yellow Ajah.

Then following up with "A Battle of Cunning" with What do you Meme in honor of the company Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb, with the winner being 1st place Nymala Sedai of the Blue Ajah.

The culminating winner of the Amyrlin's Tournament went to Roh Sedai of the Green Ajah.
Her award was bestowed during the closing ceremonies.

There were so many games and fun times to be had at this Anni. One of the many board games played is what birthed "the Darlys."

Chants of "ONE OF US!" echoing off the walls of the building. As we learned of present attendees joining the awesomeness of this community.

So as for the title of this story....
There was a whole lot of Good,
The only bad was the stairs.... Oh My Glob... the stairs...
and then there are the Darlys.
Lots and Lots of Daryls...
And for the fond farewell...
In case I have't told you all today...
I love you!


Fern Sedai *squee!*


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Welcome Committee:

Entertainment Committee:

Decorating Committee:

Safety Committee:

Dining Committee:



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There was no raffle this year, but there was a glitter fundraiser, the proceeds of which went to the philanthropy focus.


Took a big donation of leftover unused groceries and pop tabs - Cash donation of $1500.


Amyrlin's Tournament Champion

Battle of Wits: Pub Trivia

Battle of Strength: Sword Fighting

Battle of Prowess: Table Tennis

A Battle of Cunning: "How do you Meme"

Costume Contest Champion


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