Diryk Noremaga

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Author: Taimi Vandene


Diryk is second son of Queen Ethenielle and Prince Consort Brys of Kandor. He is handsome and dark-eyed. He is 8 years old (NS, Ch. 22). He has two sisters and four brothers. Two of them, Antol and Jarene, have been named (NS, Ch. 25).


  • He fell from a balcony the same morning Lan arrived. Though the fall was fifty feet to paving stones, he didn't break a bone. Only a bruise is marring the side of his head when he meets Lan (NS, Ch. 22).
  • He is in Aesdaishar Palace when Lan arrives in Chachin. He receives Lan together with his father, Prince Brys. He wants to know everything about Lan's fighting with Aiel, as well as about wonders of southern cities like Tar Valon and Far Madding. Finally his father sends him away to Mistress Tuval and his books (NS, Ch. 22).
  • He is brought in along with Brys' other children to the audience where Moiraine meets Brys. The arrival of the children signals the end of the audience. When Moiraine asks him about his bruises, he says that it was Lan's luck that he didn't get killed. He then proceeds to praise Lan and to tell about his adventures to Moiraine, until his father motions him to silence (NS, Ch. 25).
  • Merean tricks Iselle to bring Brys and Diryk to an isolated balcony. Moiraine hears Iselle telling Merean that she could not bring Diryk there without his father. Moiraine and Lan arrive, but too late to save Brys, Diryk, and Iselle. Merean manages to drop everyone off the balcony using One Power.
  • Aesdaishar Palace mourns his and Prince Brys' death (NS, Epilogue).


He is Prince Consort Brys' second son.


"They say you've fought Aiel in the south and on the Shienaran marches, my lord," he said. "Is that true? Are they really ten feet tall? Do they really veil their faces before they kill? And eat their dead? Is the White Tower really taller than a mountain?" (New Spring, Chapter 22)

"My father says it was Lan's luck I wasn't killed, my Lady," Diryk said, brightening out of his formality. "Lan is the King of Malkier, and the luckiest man in the world, and the best swordsman. Except for my father, of course." (New Spring, Chapter 25)