Feros Sandulf

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Feros Sandulf
Real Name
Location USA
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Affiliation San d'ma Shadar
Rank Gaidin
Join Date October 21, 2017
Bonded to Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn
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Tower Sworn Interview

April 4, 2024

Why did you choose San d'ma Shadar?

Well I looked at each of the beliefs of each company and thought about each one and which one spoke to who I am as a person and who I want to be to the people in my life.

Do you fit the San d'ma Shadar stereotype? Are you obsessed with the female anatomy? Do you often imbibe copious amounts of alcohol?

I feel that everyone has some San d'ma Shadar in them. Yes. On occasions not all the time or at least not as much as in the past.

What male character from the novels do you think would fit best in San d'ma Shadar?

Talmanes Delovinde feel like someone that would fit in the San d'ma Shadar.​

How long have you been a fan of the Wheel of Time series?

4-5 Years

How did you first get into the series?

I was, pushed, introduced to the series by two senior members who would talk about the series, and being a fan of fantasy and adventure here I am.

Who is your favorite "hero"?


Favorite bad guy/gal?

Moridin/ Ishamael

Favorite book and scene?

What tongue do we speak blower of the horn?

If you were set down in Randland, who/what would you see yourself as? An Aes Sedai? Innkeeper? Seanchan Captain?

I would see myself as an innkeeper, I enjoy making drinks for my friends and enjoy the company of others. I also like to think that I give off a welcoming feeling.

How did you find TarValon.Net and what convinced you to stay and become Tower Sworn?

Drunk night after a Renaissance Faire.

What do you do in "real life"?

I am a Salesperson for Commercial HVAC equipment.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, I enjoy playing board games, reading, video games, and working with my hands.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

Everything but mostly alternative and rock

What are some of your favorite movies / television shows?

Movies, action, comedies, suspense. TV shows mostly sports, and British game shows.

Aside from The Wheel of Time, what are a few of your favorite books/series?

Dark Tower, Dresden Files, Mistborn, I'm sure there is more just hard to remember.

What profession did you want to have when you were a kid?

As a kid, I thought of being a Vet