Galldrian su Riatin Rie

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Author: Leora Oldessroth

GAHL-dree-ahn soo REYE-ah-tin REE


Galldrian Riatin was the late King of Cairhien (TGH, Ch. 9); he took the throne after Laman Damodred, who was killed during the Aiel War. He was assassinated, leaving many claimants to the Sun Throne, including Colavaere (TGH, Ch. 38; ACoS, Ch. 3). The sign of House Riatin is five stars (TGH, Ch. 9).

Elder Haman thought Galldrian was a disgrace (TGH, Ch. 25). Galldrian was advised by Niande Moorwyn Sedai of the Gray Ajah until his death (LoC, Ch. 25).


  • Galldrian takes the Sun Throne of Cairhien.
  • The Ogier stonemasons quit working in Cairhien and leave because Galldrian refuses to pay them (TGH, Ch. 33).
  • Galldrian sends Rand an invitation at the same time as Barthanes Damodred; Rand doesn't burn either one, in a bid for more time to figure out what to do (TGH, Ch. 30).
  • When Rand and the others figure out that they need to get inside Barthanes' manor, Verin burns the invitation from Galldrian and accepts the one from Barthanes (TGH, Ch. 31).
  • Barthanes and Rand converse, in part about Galldrian and his excavation of the Choedan Kal, at Barthanes' party (TGH, Ch. 32).
  • Galldrian sends men to question Thom about Rand; the men kill Dena in the process (TGH, Ch. 34).


"I know little of Cairhienin," Ingtar told him, "but I've heard enough of Galldrian. He would feast us and thank us for the glory we had brought to Cairhien. He would stuff our pockets with gold and heap honors on our heads. And if we tried to leave with the Horn, he'd cut our honored heads off without pausing to take a breath." (Ingtar to Rand and the others; The Great Hunt, Chapter 31).